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Hey ladies! I was curious to see how many of you have used a "Rug Doctor" carpet cleaning machine, have useful tips to share, and how you may have sped up the drying time. I have 3 kids so I want to be time-efficient but also want to get my money's worth for the machine rental. My areas of concern are the high-traffic areas as well as the pet "oops" areas. (We have an 11-year old male cat, who, unfortunately, chooses alternative locations than the good 'ole litter box). I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice you have to offer. I thank you in advance!

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Thank you, ladies! Your advice and suggestions are so appreciated. I wish I would have asked you BEFORE I brought the BEHEMOUTH home and sweat bullets half the day away! I don't feel my money and time was worth the results. The high traffic areas are only a "lighter shade of grey" and although some of the pet areas show improvement, the others have only resurfaced the lovely urine smell and barely changed the carpet apprearance. Blah...

Needless to say, next time I'll happily be making a phone call to a dude who cleans carpets professionally. And he can toil away at my dirty rug while I'm out and about having a fabulous time with my kiddos! Thanks again for all of your help! (^_^)

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We haven't used that kind of carpet cleaner, but the one piece of advice I can give is to clean the carpets right before you go to bed. Then it'll be dry in the morning when you wake.

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Quite honestly, I've done the Rug Doctor thing and also the professional route. I can't remember how much the cost was to rent, but I think it was close to $45??? then you have to buy all the cleaning supplies (solutions, anti-foam, etc.) then tax on top of that. Add to it all the time it takes (it is not a quick, easy task with the having to slowly go over the traffic areas and then back again to suck up all the water, then to pour out the dirty water, add new water, add solution, reinstall the water bucket, blah blah blah.) To me it is sooooooo worth the extra $50 or so to get it professionally cleaned. So many companies are having specials and running coupons - and you don't have to do the entire room... they can just clean the areas of concern if you'd like to save money. And you can take the saved time and spend it doing something you enjoy. Like sharing it with your kids.
One word of advice... if you do choose to have a professional do it... only go with a company that does Chem Dry. All other companies that use steam and such will result in ruining the stain resistance of your carpet and will wind up getting dirtier faster. Not worth the initial savings and will cost you more in the long run.

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We haven't used that kind of carpet cleaner, but the one piece of advice I can give is to clean the carpets right before you go to bed. Then it'll be dry in the morning when you wake.

The best thing we ever did is to buy a carpet cleaning machine 15 years ago, in fact, we're on our second machine (wore the 1st one out). It costs some $ up front, but in the long run it's the best value. We found with pet "oops" and kids, we needed to clean the carpet several times a year, and purchasing a cleaner quickly paid for itself.

I've tried it myself in the past and would never again. It's a very big, awkward piece of equipment. Unless you are strong and in great shape I wouldn't try it. I hurt my back, and for all the work, I didn't even get the stains out of the carpet. I used too much soap and it took forever to dry.
For all the trouble, you are probably better off calling a professional and just get your high traffic and trouble spots cleaned. You will probably spend in the mid-$100's depending on how big an area you get done.
I'm not sure where you live, but I know of 2 very good, honest companies in San Diego. Cannon Carpets ###-###-#### is who I have used for many years, they are a family owned company. Christian Brothers is another good company that I am familiar with through work ###-###-####.
Another FYI: my sister's 12 year old cat recently decided to use a closet as a litter box. She found out he was having a hairball problem and hairball medicine solved the problem. From what I understand, hairballs are basically constipation...

Hi, i feel rug doc is the best. I purchased 2 very expensive carpet cleaners that did not measure up to rug doc. I was sorry i wasted my $$$ & continue to rent the doc. Easier to use also, much less complicated. The trick is to use hot water & suck out as much as you can. This is good weather for it since the heat will dry your carpet fast! C.

Girl save your money and your sanity and hire a professional. I use a company called Circle N Carpet Cleaning, they are great and only charge about 100 for my entire house and spot clean prior to actually cleaning, dry time is fairly fast I would recommend taking your kids out for a few hours and you would be fine. I got mine done yesterday at 11 and the carpet was pretty much dry at 2:00. Request Robert or ____@____.com't worry about your location I think they go everywhere. Hope it helps hun.

J.A. - If you have pet stains it is better to hire a professional. Plus, when you add the cost of the machine, all the cleaning products...and factor in YOUR TIME, you are really saving money, time, and your sanity by hiring someone. I have had tremendous success with Jesse at A Done Right Carpet Service. ###-###-####. He works miracles with carpets! I have a home-based preschool, so most of my home is a high-traffic area, and Jesse keeps our carpets looking spectacular!

I use Mobile Joe - he is AWESOME. We've been using him for 5 years now. He loves what he does and is AMAZING at it. He cleans my couches, carpeting, chairs, rugs and I also have him come and clean my office every 3 months.

He's efficient and well worth the small amount of money. You could never do the quality that he does. I swear, I've never been so excited about carpet cleaners, but he's the best. I've referred him to everyone and they all love him like I do.

Mobile Joe ###-###-####

I use the Rug Doctor frequently. I usually rent from Raley's because it's cheaper than anywhere else (and they don't require a deposit). I have tried both the extra wide and regular. IF you are doing the cleaning, the regular is much lighter and easier to manuver. Rug Doctor makes a pet urine cleaner that works really great for pet odors and also for mattresses/furniture if you have little ones who have had accidents. I use the hand attachment and can get the mattresses extremely clean with no urine ordor at all. Mattresses I do in the morning so they have several hours during the day to dry before I make the beds. Floors I also do at night so they can dry while the kids are sleeping (and off the floors).
Good luck!

I chose to purchase a steam cleaner it saves money in the long run. If you want to do it yourself, here are some suggestions. Choose a day that you will have plenty of time. Vacuum the carpet first. Use spot cleaner on the heavily soiled areas and go over them with the cleaner several times if needed. Do the cleaning in the morning and take everyone out for a few hours. To help the drying time don't over saturate the carpet and make sure you try to suck up as much of the solution as possible. You can also place fans on the floor facing the carpet to help it dry quicker. To keep it cleaner longer have everyone take their shoes off before walking on the carpet. Folex is a great spot cleaner for accidents.

Hi. I am sure you're going to get a load of answers to your request of info. I'd recommend that you clean the carpets right before bed time. We place our occilating fan on high and let it blow on the damp carpet over night. Be sure to go over the carpet several times to get the excess wetness out of the fabric. We do this, and it's always dry by morning! Also, get the anti-foam stuff they sell to cut down on sudsing up. Good luck and have fun! ;)

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