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Car Seat vs Booster - Aurora,CO

My 4 1/2 year old son threw up in the car yesterday. I tried cleaning out his car seat but it still smells - he's been in a Britax Roundabout for the last 2 1/2 years. He is not a very big kid - 41" tall and around 36 lbs.

My question: do I take this one apart, clean the heck out of it and keep using, or should I use this time to switch him to a booster.

If booster, I know the Graco TurboBooster is very popular, but I'm thinkng of the Britax Regent or Frontier - only issue: COST! But they are top of the line with respect to safety.

thanks for your advice.

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Thanks for all your responses. I ended up getting a Graco Nautilus convertible seat/booster. For now, he's in the 5 point harness, just like he's been for the last 3 1/2 years. When he's older AND bigger, I will take the harness out but keep the high back and he'll use that as a booster. Then, when he's much older and bigger, the back comes off and he can use the seat as a backless booster.

I took it to the fire department and they installed it for me as I can never get it in as tightly as they can.

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I would switch to a booster if it was me. If nothing else, than just because it is easy load kids if all you have to do is buckle a seat belt, rather than the 5pont harness, and if you ever have to switch back and forth between cars, you don't have to buckle the booster to the car, and then buckle the kid. Just one easy step.

You can take the seat cover off and wash it. It seems kind of hard, but once you do it for the first time, it's pretty easy. Just can be time consuming at first. I would keep them in the 5 pt harnest for as long as you can. Safer.

Good Luck!!

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Hi L.,
I would urge you to consult Consumer Reports, you'd be amazed how many products that are the most expensive are not alway's the best or safest. I would ask your pediatritian about the height/weight requirements for the car seats. Good luck!

L., it shouldn't matter what type of booster seat you get with regard to safety. The purpose of a booster is just to lift him up high enough so that the seat belt can protect him. Just make sure he meets the height and weight requirements for being in a booster.

Here's a link to recommended seats from a safety view point. Maybe it will help. http://www.iihs.org/news/rss/pr100108.html We have our son in the high-backed Graco (on the good list) and like it a lot. We travel, so he needed headrests. We've been pleased with it. Like your son, he was tall enough but didn't meet the weight requirements. He did fit the seat properly, though, so we went ahead and switched him. Since we travel so much, he was much happier in the booster for long trips. Since the belt is positioned properly, we don't have a problem with his moving the belts. If we didn't travel so much, and he would have tolerated it, I probably would have left him in the car seat longer. All my research says seats are good for 6 years from manufacture date. If it doesn't have a manufacture date, it's probably older than 6 years. GL making your decision!

Hi L.. I would go with a booster seat that has a high safety rating no matter the cost. There was a report on I think it was the Today Show about booster seat safety. There were many booster seats that, because of their design, did not thread the seat belt correctly across the correct parts of a childs body. I bet if you check the Today Show website you could still find this story.

I'd go with a booster. He's probably big enough. And he can start buckling himself! (fun for him, just make sure to double check it for a correct and snug positioning) Take him with you to shop for one and have him sit in the different models they have. Find one that's comfortable and will position the seat belt on his lap and shoulder correctly (some are even adjustable to grow with him). The most expensive is not necessarily the best.

I am not sure about the car seat rules since it has been awhile for me...my daughter is 7 years old. However, the product (Sol-u-mel) I mentioned earier about getting the marker out of your fireplace tile is also a natural deoderizer. My dog decided to pee on our BRAND NEW furniture and I don't know if you have animals but that smells bad...especially if it goes undetected for a few days. I used Sol-u-mel and you would never know he peed even when you get your nose right down to it and sniff hard! It is a wonderful product! Let me know if you want information about how to get it at a discount or free from the manufacturer!


He is still below the recommended weight of a booster. My daughter is seven and just now went in one because of her size.
You can get him a highback booster that converts when he weighs more and is taller.
There was a study out not so long ago that even big named boosters were not safe. I go the no back Graco and it was NOT on the list.
Check out the safety and the recalls on the websites.
A seat is not good to use after five years, which is a big reason I moved my daughter. If you cannot clean your sons well, try lysol, clorox disinfecting wipes and just let it sit in the sun to air out. My daughter threw up in our van and the smell lingered for three months, even after shampooing the carpet. So give it time. Sounds like he should just stay in his seat for now.

hi. Well some of that desision would depend on your states rules. some states reguire that children be a certain age or hight before you switch them to a booster seast. Sorry caint help much more than that. I would put him in a booster seat.

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