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Car Seat on Plane?

Hi Moms! My husband and I are taking our 3 year old son to Disney World in a couple of days and this will be his first time on an airplane. Can anyone tell me if I need to bring his car seat to use on the plane? I think he's old enough and big enough that he doesn't need to have it, but I don't want to get there and find out that he DOES. I've tried calling the airline to ask, but I just keep getting put on hold and I don't have time to sit and wait for someone to pick up the phone. :) I thought I would check with the "mom experts"! Thanks for your help!

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Thank you everyone for your great advice and help!! I talked to a friend of mine who is a stewardess for United Airlines and she said we wouldn't need one. She told me to just put a pillow or blanket behind his back on take off and landing and that will make him more secure in the seatbelt. My son is REALLY SUPER good at staying still for a good period of time, so I'm not worried about him wanting to wander around. I'm going to bring plenty of activities for us to do on the 2 hour ride so that will help. We are driving ourselves to the airport and taking only buses and shuttles around Disney, so we won't need one for a car. So, we have discussed it and decided not to bring one. Thank you all again for your help!!! Have a good week!

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Hi, I didn't have time to read the responses, but one thing that I would STRONGLY recommend is to bring a Booster Seat. (Law requires that anyway, and then you won't have to "rent" one with the car rental. Kids are used to sitting still when in car seats. BUT if you don't have one, they will want to get out of their seat (Trust Me)!!!!
Good luck, and have fun. My daughter was 3-1/2 when we went, and she had a ball!!!! We bought a few disney shirts at home, so we wouldn't have to spend a fortune there, and when we were going to the Mickey breakfast, she wore that shirt, the princess shirt, when we saw the princess dinner, etc., etc.... We bought disney postcards and every morning, one of the characters wrote to her and said they had such a fun time meeting her, etc., etc., it was a great big hit!!!! Have fun!!!

We just went to Disneyland last week- by plane. The airline does not allow car seats to be used on planes anymore. Both my 2 year old and my 5 year old sat on the regular seats. I ended up carrying a booster seat through the airport (for my 5 year old). My advice- don't bring one. If you are renting a car, just get the seat through them- that is what we did for a seat for my 2 year old. Have fun!

Hi G.:
My sister got an official FAA seat belt for her 2 1/2 year old. You can order online I think from the FAA website - it's like a regular seat belt but it wraps around the seat and straps them in. So far, not one flight attendant has ever seen one or even heard of them! Good luck and have a fun vacation!

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Try calling a travel agent, they know all the info.

It depends on the airline - some require it, some merely suggest it is used. We flew with our 3 year old recently and brought her car seat - we needed it anyway since we were renting a car. We brought it on the plane for her to sit in since it would be considered "extra baggage" and we would have to pay for it to be checked-in. Most of the airline websites have their restrictions and policies for you to view. I would go to the airline website rather than getting frustrated trying to call them, and check it out. If it is required, then you have you answer. If they only suggest it, then I would say - if you don't need it once you get there - leave it home. If you will need it when you get there (for car rental or someone else's car) then it is better to have them sit in it on the plane than check it - besides, When you are traveling with small children, they always let you board the plane first thus allowing you time to put the seat in. Hope this helps!

We went to St. Thomas when our oldest was 15 months. We took his car seat because we had to rent a vehical there and drove quite a bit. I don't think you have to have one though. Have fun! We went to Disney World last Christmas, my 5 year old had a blast, we also had our 6 month old son, he was not yet mobile yet, so he just would watch everyhing and was in his stroller a lot, he loved it too! We liked Animal Kingdom more than Disney World.

Take the car seat, at least you can strap him in. It keeps them in the seat for longer... We've traveled alot and believe me it can get really bad... take alot of toys and get something he really wants and give it to him for the first time on the plane, take it away when you get there, so that it's "new" again on your way back! Good luck!

We brought our car seat on the plane until my daughter was 4. It is safer, but a pain to carry around the terminal. Not sure your plans while on vacation, but if there are any taxi rides or a car rental, it is nice to have your childs own car seat as well.

We just flew out of STL on Delta Wednesday and we did not need a car seat for our 3 year old daughter.

Yes, take your carseat. In the event of turbulence or a crash landing, you will want him in the most secure situation. He's much too little to sit in the airplane in just a lap belt. You will need it when you land to get to your destination anyway.

Hi G.,

We flew on American last year (my son was 3) and didn't use his car seat.
Have fun!!

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