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Can't We Just Roll That over a Bit More?

So I just got my electric bill. I have budget billing. Once a year it is "settled up", guess what month this is. So my little 143 a month is 300! Okay after a month and a half of god trying to make St Louis into jerky that isn't surprising. What is surprising is my new payment is 130. Okay couldn't we have just continued the 143 and "settled up" next year?

So how about your usage horror story. Anyone else get a crazy high bill after or because of the heat we got/are getting this summer? I tried to word that since I realize a good part of the country still has crazy heat.

Guys, just wanted to say it isn't a matter of not having the money, it was just the shock factor. I knew the bill was going to be high but I haven't seen a bill that high since I got new windows put in.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Dad this house is 20 years old, I have done all I can to hug trees, just never going to match that. I have to say I am jealous.

Bug, "settle up" means zero out your balance. Even though most of the year it is a credit when it goes positive they want it down to zero. Pretty much what it means is we went about 180 over what was predicted.

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We rarely see a utility bill under $300. This year with TWO out of three away at college could be the year!


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Got my highest bill ever in July. I have a small (less that 1500 sq ft) house that is all on on one level, have a digital therostat, increase the temp slightly in the day and typically stay around 75. In July, the electric bill (which covers strictly electricity, nothign else rolled in) was $339. I'm concerned my next bill will be even higher. Yikes.

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My water bill for this month! I was shocked it went up so much. We pay quarterly. I am really really hoping it is caused by letting the kids play in the water since it was so hot out and not because someone is wasting. Just for the water more than doubled.

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Seattle, from May-Oct not only adds a 'summer premium' on water costs (about 1/3 higher), but DOUBLES the entire bill as a 'sewer' fee under a 'No Green Lawns' bill that went through.

So our normal 250 bill changes to 400 in the summer and THEN doubles to 800.


Sometimes I HATE this city.

((No pool, no lawn watering... Heck it RAINS here all summer idiots! Sorry. It's like when I've been paged over the grocery store intercom in 65 degree weather, because someone called the cops because I left my DOG in the car... Under the theory that it's "hot" out and his brain's melting. It's like people watch the news, have NO understanding, and then just lemming/ sheeple along with whatever. Ugh. 'No green lawns' = no fresh food for 5 months for a lot of us! Grumble grumble grumble. There's no reason on earth for us to be paying that much for water, except that half of Sea-town has their collective heads up their collective bums. <grin!> rant over!!).

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hottest month EVER in my area
20 days over 100
26 days over 90
new house, just moved in - doors open alot
largish house - 3600 sq ft being air conditioned

versus geothermal air conditioning

$26 electric bill

yah treehuggers! :)
AC set at 70 most of month, turned it up to 72 to stop having to wear socks indoors
budget billing means they charge you the average of several years bills - every month, same number due. at the end of the year, you settle up

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This is exactly why I dont do budget billing. I would rather just pay what I owe when I owe it instead of getting the surprise bill at the end. My husband had this happen to him when we were dating. He owed over $400 to "settle up".

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Our home was built in 1962. Single pane windows, 9" of insulation in the attic. All electric except for the heater which is natural gas.

2000 SQ FT. August $375 in electricity. YUK ! ! ! All incandecent bulbs. They add heat and electricity. We have an electric stove and a double electic oven. My gas bill is charged the minimum from the gas company from April to October.

We changed the range and double oven from electricity to gas. We insulated the water heater and when it faile we changed to gas. The electric company arranged with Home depot and Lowes to sell the new energy-saving light bulbs for 4/$1. I changed all my lights to the new energy savers, including the 300 watt outside bulbs and the 150 watt bulbs in the bathrooms. We added insulation in the attic and added a special vapor barrier on top of that.

Then our kids and their "Its ok to leave lights on" attitude moved out on their own. I miss them. Its nice to have the money for those unneeded lights in my pocket.

BUT my electic bill and my gas bill has dropped about $300 per month.

I'm planting grape vines on the south and west sides of my home so the sun heats the grape leaves instead of my home.

Good luck to you and yours.

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We rarely see a utility bill under $300. This year with TWO out of three away at college could be the year!


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I would love a 143.00 electric bill during the summer.

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I am not familiar with the settle up deal. We are on a contract with Champion for a low rate. I just paid $298 for this past month's bill and I was happy with that. It is the highest so far this year but before we ripped all the ac/pumps, furnace, etc out and put in more insulation it was $700 a month and not even in the middle of summer.

We're a bit over 4000SF and we built this house 12 yrs ago.

My water bill is another story. It topped out at over $700 for 2 months last year. So far this year it has stayed below $300.

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Thank goodness here in !00 degree land, as long as you are paying per month, they will keep your electricity going..

One summer our bill was over $500..- 900 sq ft home. I almost had a stroke.. Started paying $200. per month until we caught up.. the electric company said to just do what we could do, but keep paying per month,..

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