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Can't Stop Congestion and Drainage

I have this problem every year and I just am not sure what the solution is. Around this time every year I start to get congested and my sinuses start to act up. I have tons of drainage. I used to take Clariten D, but now I take zyrtec and muccinex. But i've had this for over a week and I am not getting better. Usually what happens is i eventually develop a sinus infection, get antibiotics and then finally relief!! My question is: is there something I can do before it turns into a sinus infection? It seems like the only way to get better is to get worse. should i go to a doctor and get my allergies diagnosed?
Will that help any?

The second part of my question has to do with my daughters, (2 and 1/2 and 10 months) They also have had runny noses and drainage for over a week. THey are on zyrtec and muccinex also. I toke them to the doctor last week and she gave them something a little bit stronger than zyrtec but we have run out and they still have runny noses! It is getting so old. I don't want to spend all winter like this! I'm tired of not feeling good and having my kids not feel good!
Please any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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If it happens about the same time every year, it's likely (but not necessarily) allergies. I know that this area (DFW) has had a severely high pollen count for Cedar/Juniper in the last couple of weeks. My family has been plagued with severe drainage and congestion. The doctor gave me RX for Allegra (OTC Zertex might be equivalent) with Nasonex (also an RX and VERY helpful) and tells me to also take 24-hr Sudafed for congestion relief. This combination worked wonders.

You might ask the doctor about Rhinocort, a nasal steroid. It is low dose and really has dropped my sinus infections from like monthly to maybe one a season. It is definately worth looking into. Saline nasal spray is another thing I swear by.
Good luck,

I was always told there nothing over the counter that works for children I always had to have my dr give me a perscribtion. I have take AllegraD And 8 year old takes Allegra and a red sudafed pill. Talk to you dr he should be able to give you a year round meds

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After years of dealing with the same symptoms as yours, my doctor (who is definitely an enigma in the field of medicine) put me on Probiotic Sinus Ease, by Nature's Life. I take 2 TBLS a day and have no problems with my allergies/sinuses anymore. It's great stuff!!! You might have to get a health food store to order it for you. It has to be refrigerated after opening, and doesn't have a long shelf life, so notice the Exp.date. I looked it up on the Internet, but couldn't find a way to order it direct from the manuf. I've recommended it to several friends, and all report wonderful results.

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There's a great article in the most recent Good Housekeeping magazine about preventing sinus infections, and one of the things the doctors quoted in the article say is to do whatever you can to keep your sinuses draining (it's when they stop that the infection gets going). You might also consider running a cool mist humidifier in your (and your kids') bedroom at night since the dry winter air dries out your mucus membranes which forces your body to produce more mucus. Good luck!

For yourself I would purchase a Netti Pot. (walgreens or a health food store will carry it.) It is a little pot that you mix saline and water in and you tilt your head and pour it into one nostril and it flows out of the other one. (They have demonstrated this on Oprah.) It will help clear out your sinuses so it does not sit in there and turn into an infection.

For your babies I would purchase "Liquid Light- Sinus Minus" they are herbal drops that taste sweet. We use this with my 15 month old and it works wonders to clear up their snot and help them feel better. You can get it at the Sunflower Shoppe and probably Whole Foods.

My husband finally bought a "netty pot" (I think that is how you spell it.) and he swears by it! I think it would be difficult to do at first..if you have never seen it, it is a small tea pot looking thing, that you mix a saline solution in, and then pour it through your nostrils...it is hard to explain, but the design is to clean out your sinuses. I dont have a real problem with congestion unless I am pregnant,but he does, and tells anyone he can that they should get one. It is worth a try, esp. if you can avoid more drugs. I will add that one time I did have a sinus infection, and the dr. prescribed entex, and that dried me up..so much so that I had to drink a ton of water, but the congestion was gone!! Best of luck, this is a tough time of year for lots of people!! ~A.~

I could have typed that post not too long ago! Since then, I've discovered the wonders of my "routine" at the first sign of sinus trouble or drainage (what I often call an allergy attack):
1) avoid dairy and carbs like you're on a mission; i.e. eat plenty of vegetables, lean meats, and nuts & **avoid** cheese, milk, yogurt, fruits (and fruit juices), candy, cereal, bread, pasta, tomato sauce, etc.
2) get as much sleep as possible and try to avoid stress whenever possible
3) take a half teaspoon or so of sodium ascorbate* when you wake in the morning, before you go to bed at night, and 2-3 times per day
4) saline spray in the nose whenever it feels dry or you're in a heated environment
5) inhale hot steam (cool mist doesn't work for me) for about 10-20 minutes, 2-3 times per day

I have only had to go to the doc for antibiotics twice in the last 5 years - instead of the 2-3 times **per year** like before...so hopefully "the routine" can help you & yours too!

*Sodium Ascorbate is a powdered, buffered, bioavailable form of vitamin C suitable for therapeutic dosing; you can find it at most health food stores, Central Market, Whole Foods, etc. Other sodium salts are NOT the same (calcium ascorbate, for example), nor is ascorbic acid. SA SA SA SA SA SA SA!! ;D

The netty pot is very good as well as a nasal rinse. The same company sells the netty pot and nasal rinse in the pharmacy section with sinus meds.

We got the rinse and it makes a world of difference.

Good luck!

I think everyone experiences some kind of allegies this time of year since the houses are closed up and the furnaces are running. unforunately germs are everywhere and more people are shopping and spreading them around! I have 3 daughters and it seems we were always fighting a cold or something until we started taking Nutriferon from Shaklee. All of us have interferon in our bodies and to put it short these ars the antibodies that fight off infections. When our system gets weak and run down from stress the amount of interferon is low, by taking Nutriferon it boosts these levels and will take care of the infections with out having to take antibiotics. Here is the link to my website with lots more information www.shaklee.net/getcleanlivegreen/prodNuFeronHome
another culprit we are finding more and more people are getting asthma and breathing disorders from everyday household cleaners that are loaded with toxic chemicals that the EPA has banned! Shaklee has a wonderful line of biodegradeable non toxic cleaners that really work! I suggest you look into these as well here is that link www.shaklee.net/getcleanlivegreen/prodHou

Hello V.,

definitely sounds like allergies. have you been tested? get tested before you keep taking meds (well, at least after this particular episode is done because you need to be off allergy meds for about 10 days before you can get tested).

anyways, get off milk products --milk makes you produce more phlem. I don't think zyrtec has a decongestant. so what the doctor gave your daughter probably had a decongestant and that helped to dry her runny nose.

question everything... from xmas tree to flowers, plants in the house, plants outside the house, air freshener, shampoo, lotions, cleaner, etc.

the netti pot is a great suggestion. also, try and use chemical-free cleaners.

get tested for allergies so you know what to avoid. just taking allergy meds is not the answer. After I stopped eating lettuce, sunflower seeds/oil and safflower oil I only have to take allergy meds/decongestant every few weeks sometimes months go by and I don't need it. you see, I'm allergic to ragweeds and in that family you'll find lettuce, artichokes, sunflower, safflower, daisies (my favorite flowers), dandelions, echinacea, chamomile, etc. now that companies are trying to get away from soy oil... they're using sunflower and safflower oil for everything. That's making it very difficult for me to enjoy snacks and many other prepared food products. I'm not saying that's your problem, but just wanted to show that avoiding a few things can have a big impact in your everyday life. Good luck! and get yourself and your daughter tested. ~C.~

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