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Can't Afford Thyroid Meds and Gained 40 Lbs in 2 Months

Hi, I gained 40 lbs in 2 months due to my underactive thyroid. I eat like I'm suppose to and stay fairly busy but the weight is bothering me. Any suggestions since I cannot affod to see the doctor, (no medical insurance at the moment = no meds).

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Thank you all for your responses. I went to Sprouts and I'm taking Thyroid Support and Iodine for now till some things fall into place. Thank you agian.

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Meds for hypo-thyroid are pretty inexpensive. Find a free or reduced clinic. Do what you can to make it happen. You will feel sooooo much better.

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When my brother was down on his luck he went to Parkland and got very good care. It was worth the long wait. You may qualify for free or reduced medical care. Good luck.

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Not sure about paying to see a dr but once you get a prescription you can take synthroid's generic which is Levothyroxin and it is one on the list at Walmart(and several other places now) for $4 a month or $10 every 3 months. Much cheaper than the real Synthroid. I hope that helps at least a little.

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I very much trust Dr. Mercola's advice on his website.
He says to stay away from Bromides (which is in a lot of different foods & drinks, he goes into what to stay away from) and to make sure you're getting enough iodine. This article is a good one and there's a bunch more on his site as well as diet suggestions:

"Avoid This if You Want to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy"


He also says if you do end up taking meds, opt for the more natural ones like Armour Thyroid.

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Meds for hypo-thyroid are pretty inexpensive. Find a free or reduced clinic. Do what you can to make it happen. You will feel sooooo much better.

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Have you looked into the Health Center Program run by the government? Here is the website to find participating health centers - http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/

When I put in my zip code, it came up with 2 in Fort Worth, 2 in Grand Prairie, 4 in Dallas, 1 in Waxahachie and 1 center in McKinney.

I think you basically pay based on how much you make. Maybe a reduced doctor's visit through them, plus the $10/3 months worth of meds at Walmart will help you afford your thyroid care.

I would suggest you get the meds if you can. I have hypothyroidism and I didn't realize how much difference the meds made until I went off of them for about 9 months and gained about 70 pounds. :-(


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I offer an affordable prescription drug plan that I'll be happy to speak to you about. You can enjoy over 80 benefits including Rx plan, cash benefits for hospital stay, injury and more. I am a licensed health insurance agent in Dallas.
Please feel free to call me at ###-###-#### for more information.
J. Pajakowski, Agent
Alliance for Affordable Services

According to some research I did on the internet: Some Dr.s believe thyroid problems are caused by too much insulin (not enough to cause diabetes, you are just sensitive). A book I have says NO sugar. Sugar for you is a drug: so NO fruit, NO grains, NO potatoes or corn! NO artificial sweeteners!! If you have to have some, limit to 1/4 - 1/2 cup grain (1/2 - 1 slice w/w bread) and NO caffeine (tea or coffee)or a LITTLE bit of raspberry (real not the flavored) tea. I also take spirolina. after having said all that: YOU NEED THE MEDICINE, this diet is so restrictive you can't stay on it in this culture, and even at certain times of the year I still have problems. (P.S. I DO take meds as well as, the best I can, diet.) This is only to hold you over until you can find a way to get tested and GET THE MEDS - and don't expect to lose your weight, just keep working at being healthy. Be cautious, be pro-active, we are just giving you personal advise that has worked for us. (many Dr.s will give you a financial break if you ask so negotiate)

I don't have advice on seeing a doctor, but Synthroid (and maybe some other thyroid meds) is $4/mo at Walmart. Plus, Walmart is rolling out their 90 mail order plan is well (I think $10 for 90 days). Also, you should call your county to see what resources they know about. I know the Collin County Assistance Center just spoke at our work telling us about how many people they help (with United Way funds). http://www.assistancecenter.org/ If you are not in Collin County, perhaps they can tell you who to call.

It is so important to take this medicine! You've been given some great advice on how to get it already. I just wanted to mention that the full price of my armour thyroid is about $15 and it works for me when Synthroid did nothing.
If you want to learn more about thryroid health, listen to this call "Strategies for Thyroid Health" archived at http://www.shakword.com, username and password are "shaklee."

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