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Cannot Get Rid of My UTI !!!!

Help! For the past week and a half, I've had a uti (bladder infection). I called my doc who put me on the antibiotic cipro. When a few days later I called him to say that it wasn't working, he then called in a script of sulfamethoxazole (a different antibiotic). On Friday, I called him and he wanted to see me since I was still feeling the same. He did a urine sample, and said I still had white cells, meaning that there was bacteria in my urine causing me the discomfort. He sent my sample to the lab for cultures and now I'm playing the "wait and see" game. He called in a different script to my pharmacy, this one nitrofurantoin-macro. I still feel exactly the same:( I asked him if my bladder has moved due to my numerous pregnancies (I have five), and all he said was "good question". I think I'll ask for a referral to a urologist SOON! Has anyone else experienced this? I take AZO-Standard to help with the discomfort, drink plenty of water, and take cranberry supplements. Help!!!

What can I do next?

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This might help try cranberry vitamins you can get them from wal-mart. It won't get rid of it by itself but it might help it did with mine.

A. G

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I had a bladder infection one time. I was away from home and went to a clinic and they gave me some sort of antibiotic and it didn't work. I got back home called my doctor and she prescribed penicillin (spelling????). It was gone by the next day. If you're not allergic to penicillin and you haven't tried that yet, that probably should be your next move.

This might help try cranberry vitamins you can get them from wal-mart. It won't get rid of it by itself but it might help it did with mine.

A. G

K. ~
Why did he give you cipro first? Bactrim or macrobid work the best (I didn't look it up, but I think the nitrofurantoin-macro is one of those.) It will take a few days for it to start working. The culture will test the urine to see which antibiotic is the right one for your infection. Probiotics are for the bowel, so they won't help with this. Definitely drink cranberry juice - not just take the pills - you need the juice to filter through the kidneys and bladder. Also, lots of water, and when you go to the bathroom make sure to wipe from front to back.
hope you feel better soon!

I'm sorry to hear you're still suffering after a week and a half.
Your doctor actually should have FIRST sent your urin for a lab test to know which germ causes the infection and to which antibiotic the germ is resistant.

THEN only he should have given you an antibiotic and after having the answer from the cultures he would have known if he needed to switch to another treatment.

Now that you have taken several different antibiotics it's harder to know what the germ is and what antibiotic to use...it will probably take more than the usual 48hours to have the answer from the cultures.

It does not mean you have any trouble with your bladder being "in her place" or not, especially if it's the first time you have a UTI. So far it just means that you doctor gave you antibiotics and the germ is resistant to those. Or that the dosage was not strong enough (did your doctor take your weight into account ?).

Hang in there and wait for the lab results to eventually get the rigth antibiotic for your infection... and if you get another UTI don't take any antibiotic before giving a urin sample ;-)
For the pain, you can take tylenol or motrin it should help and drink a lot it will flush some of the germs out of your system which is good....

Don't wait, get the referal. I had UTI's over and over again when I was a teenager and they didn't go away until I went to a urologist and he actually looked in my bladder to see that all the urine wasn't draining completly when I went to the bathroom.

Now I'm not saying you have this problem but a urologist sees these different problems all the time and knows more about what causes stubborn cases.

If you wait too long you might get a "sensitive" bladder where if the ph of the urine is off at all it feels like an infection. No Fun, speaking from experience.

God Bless

Thats really horrible. you dont want it to move to a kidney infection so i would go to a health food store like harvest health and get the herb uva ursi. you can get it in pill form or tea form. if you get the tea, brew a bath and drink it all day. literally. just keep drinking it. if you get the pill form take the recommended dose on the back. its a diuretic so it will flush out your bladder. keep drinking water! when i had one it moved to the kidneys and the antibiotics didnt help so i sat on my couch all day (not an option after kids) and just lined up waters and drank them one after the other. you have to flush it out!

I was like that when I was pregnant...and they put me on bactrim EVERYNIGHT...everyday until I delivered and once I delevered they never came back.. I used to get them alot before kids too... I was getting them FROM my tampons I'm very sensitve...and I would get them right after periods from tampon use...


If doc sent your urine to the lab, they likely sent it for a culture/sensitivity. Which means they grow the bacteria and then find out what meds best treat it. You should be on the right meds now and should feel better soon. A bladder that has moved due to childbirth isn't necessarily going to cause symptoms. There is a chance that your bladder can be retaining urine, which is then becoming infected, and if you are not better in a few days, you should ask for a referral to a urologist.


Kim-I would go to a different doctor. Try Tri-County Urologist. http://www.tcurology.com/ These doctors are great. They have helped with all of my kiney stones, my sons retractable testies, and did my husbands vasectomy. They are all very nice and willing to help. I hope this helps you.

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