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Canker Sore

I am hoping for some help. I will occaisionally get a canker sore in my mouth, usually I can associate it with eating too many sweets. However I got one a few days ago, and have not had many lately. This one is right at my lip line but on the inside. I have to say it is the most painful one I can remember, and I have had some bad ones. I think it is because it is constantly being rubbed by my upper lip and is exposed to more air. I need help getting rid of it or at least getting relief from the pain. I appreciate any helpful information you might have. I know it will go away, they always do, I just don't know if there is a way to make it go away quicker, and a way to take away the pain. It actually kept me up last night. Thank you.

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First determine why you get them so often. People who take too much vitamine C get cankers. Some who have a form or immune disease or STD's get them (get tested to rule it out). Is it food allergy related?

I do not get them but the person who did refered me to a mouthwash called ECO-DENT. the bottle is Eco-Dent International, Inc 3130 Spring St, Redwood City,CA 1-800-ECO-DENT. I use to get it at health food store but it may not be so readily available. It is great for healing all mouth irritants and I use it often for other quick healing. Hope this helps.

Hi K.,

L-Lysine pills and neo-sporin with pain reliever in it from the local walgreens will help.


I used to get canker sores quite often. I use Camphor-Phenique for the pain. My husband swears that salt will "kill it" and help it heal faster, but I find that extremely painful!

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Hi. I used to get canker/cold sore every month with my period. my Dr told me to start take l-lysine 1000mg/day. Its a vitamin/mineral and you can but it over the counter at Walgreens. Hope this help. I haven't had a cold sore in a year!!

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I do not have time to read the responses you have received yet, so I am sorry if someone else already suggested it. Aloe Vera Juice..I know in AZ you can pick up a small bottle for a couple of bucks to swish in your mouth at Sprouts stores. I believe whole foods also sells them, any kind of store that sells natural foods will offer it. You just swish it in your mouth like mouth wash and it will speed up the healing incredibly fast. Also taking L Lysine pills helps get rid of canker/cold sores. I am pregnant so I cannot take L Lysine, but the Aloe Vera juice is safe. It does not taste great, but so worth it. I was skeptical at first when the lady at Sprouts suggested it, but it worked very well.

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hi, my son gets these he for about 8 years the best medication is called KANKA it is a tad exspensive but it is well worth it and will last for serval years, you also need to start taking a oral vitamin caled l-lysine get the one that has the l befor the lysine not just the lysine take a pill a day, when you first get the sore take 2 then 1 aday after that, when the sore is gone keep takg them about 3-4 a week should boost your immune system so you will not get any more or if you do they will be less painful and not stay so long. good luck

First determine why you get them so often. People who take too much vitamine C get cankers. Some who have a form or immune disease or STD's get them (get tested to rule it out). Is it food allergy related?

I do not get them but the person who did refered me to a mouthwash called ECO-DENT. the bottle is Eco-Dent International, Inc 3130 Spring St, Redwood City,CA 1-800-ECO-DENT. I use to get it at health food store but it may not be so readily available. It is great for healing all mouth irritants and I use it often for other quick healing. Hope this helps.

Hi K..
Just thought you would like a bit of info on your sores. webmd.com has very valuable information for all medical problems no matter how small...Australian Tea Tree oil will work the fastest to remedy your situation...can be found at Wal Mart...but for long term prevention there is a toothpaste that will do the trick...it's called Verve Ultra...I've heard it works because it is vitamin fortified. Hope it helps. Have a great day and may you be successful in all you endeavor.

My page says my name is G. just for fun...but my name is Becky. Take care.
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I have tried products that coat the sore...they form a hard film. Feels great to have the protection. But when they some off they tend to take skin with them. Be cautious. Overseas I remember a waxy coating product...that did not rip off skin, but I have never seen it here. Orthodontists provide wax to patients with braces...maybe that would work?

I get canker sores from citrus and i use orajel for the pain-right before you eat and take it in your purse! nothing takes them away that i have found but swishing warm salt water helps too :)-K.

My mom has been doing this for years and so have I to take care of Canker sores....

You go to the store and buy yogurt... not just any yogurt though.... you have to get the yogurt that has the fruit on the bottom... not the pre-stired.

The reason for this is there is enzymes or special features (sorry brain is not working so can not think of the right words) that are in the fruit on the bottom yogurt.



Hi K.,

I have had the same problems before. I have used Anbesol (sp?) and it does work. Yes, it stings a little bit, but the canker sore went away fairly quick. I hope that his helps!


I used to get canker sores quite often. I use Camphor-Phenique for the pain. My husband swears that salt will "kill it" and help it heal faster, but I find that extremely painful!

Hi K.!

My daughter had a canker sore last month. We had heard about Kanka, but couldn't find it. I looked online and heard about using the Benedryl as others had mentioned. She used it as a mouth rinse and then spit it out. It really worked for her. I see that some of your responses mixes Mylanta or Maalox with the Benedryl. We will try that next time and see how that works! Good luck!!

swish warm salt water in your mouth 3-4 times a day if it is real bad and less or more depending on how miserable you are. That helps it heal quicker.

Hi K., you should try lysine pills. You can buy them at Hi-health stores or any health food stores. I usually take twice the recommended daily dose while I have the canker sores. This seems to shorten the healing time. I also reccomend gargling with salt water. This seems to help me with the pain.

S. t.

One good thing to do that I do is to take Lysine on a regular basis. I take it daily because mine are stress induced and it can help keep them in check. If you can stand it, you can chew up the tablets to help it get in your system faster if you don’t take it daily. The other thing that works really well for me is the OTC medication Kanka. It's a little expensive but totally worth it. It basically is like a liquid Band-Aid for the inside of your mouth. The 3rd thing I do is to go to the dollar store and buy liquid children's Benadryl and liquid Mylanta, preferably in the same flavor or in complementary flavors. Mix these 50/50 in something like an old travel mouthwash bottle. Then swish with it for several seconds and spit it out. It will take away the pain and help dry the canker sore up. It's actually also good on facial acne. I got this tip from an RN who worked with a dermatologist. Sounds crazy but when I get them on the inside of my lip, it's a life saver.

Hi K.,

L-Lysine pills and neo-sporin with pain reliever in it from the local walgreens will help.


My daughter and I get them from nuts and I have my daughter rinse with Peroxyl. It is mostly peroxide, so you can even dab on some hydrogen peroxide with a cutetip and that will help the pain and also clean the sore so it will heal faster. I found if I rinse with Peroxyl 2 times per day, the sore goes away in 2-3 days rather than 2 weeks. it is expensive so that is why sometimes I use cheap hydrogen peroxide.

I've been getting them for my whole life, and now 2 of my sons get them. There seems to be no way to make them go away quicker, but you can ease the pain. If you rinse your mouth, and try to hold it on the spot of the canker sore, with hydrogen peroxide, the swelling and irritation will ease up. You can do this a few times a day. Do not rinse with water after the peroxide rinse. It will bubble and taste funny after you spit it out, but it truly does help.

My boys can't stand the bubbling sensation, so they rinse with salt water, or even pour straight salt right on the canker sore. That hurts and will bring tear to your eyes, but again, it eventually eases the swelling and irritation.

My canker sores are solely stress related. There are not any foods that cause them to occur for me. So, learning a way to cut down and handle your stress may help stop their occurrence in the future, too. Yes, I know, that is nearly impossible, but it is probably true for you, too!

Good luck!

HI K.,
I work with a company that has homeopathic toothpaste, many people who tend to get cankers change over to this brand along with the rest of the dental care line and they stop getting canker sores at all.
Contact me for more information.
C. W

Hello K. K! I am not sure if you have ever tried this, but it seems to work for my family. I don't think it will help with the much with the pain, but it will heal the canker sore faster. The product is Gentian Violet and you should be able to pick it up at any drug store. You should hold your lip out and try to get it as dry as possible before you apply the Gentian Violet. Before releasing your lip try to let it dry as much as possible. The product should stay on a day or two and then you may want to reapply it. This stuff will strain anything it gets on including your teeth. That is why it is best to get it as dry as possible. I hope this helps.
Good luck! "T"

looks like you have a lot of answers here... I am an acupuncturist, and canker sores are usually a sign that your body is too acidic. Diet, stress, hormones, etc can make you this way. You need to get it more alkaline, and to do that in a hurry, take a green drink from the health food store. Or there is a product called Willards Water that is helpful. Also eating more greens in general will help. Also look for a homeopathic blend for canker sores. Those work really well.

An over the counter canker sore medicine called "Kanka" will heal it faster than anything else. When my Mom went through chemotherapy, she ended up with several canker sores that were extremely painful (they're usually caused by a low immune system, which is why some people get them during a cold). We tried everything we could find, including several home remedies I looked up online.

"Kanka" has a numbing agent to stop the pain, and a topical antibiotic to actually heal the sore. It stings for about a second when you first apply it, but the pain is eliminated just as fast.

Good luck!

K.- I agree with the Hydrogen peroxide people. But, I always put it on a Q-tip and then hold it to the sore. Then it doesn't spread the cancer sore medicine.

i agree with the tea tree oil. try changing your toothpaste, too, some of the name brand ones have a product called SLM or SLD (can't remember exactly...) that causes canker sores. Tom's has a toothpaste with tea tree oil and Melaleuca has one as well (we use Melaleuca's...i like the taste better).

good luck!

You could try KankAid at the store. When I'm out, I do something that seems odd, but it works for me: I put a lot of salt on it and hold it there until it "burns" it out. I do the same for sunburns (on myself, only). I take a hot shower and "burn" it out. Neither one hurts me after I do this and it goes away a lot quicker. Good luck! I prayed for you on your 2nd child.

I got this from my husband - whenever you get a canker sore, put some salt on your finger and grind it into the sore. It hurts alot when you do it - you have to be a soldier - but he says that you will never get a sore in the same spot again. I have done this. It hurts for a few seconds - then goes away quickly - the pain and the sore. We have been together for about 5 years and I can say that I have never gotten one in the same spot twice. Good luck!

I get canker sores every so often also, but my husband get them all the time. I make sure to use Listeren (SP?), the mouthwash, at least twice a day. I have noticed that although it burns it helps it clear up faster. Then after I use that, I put Kanka on it. You can buy it over the counter. When you put it on it creates like a sort of scab over it and numbs it at the same time. I have not found anything that works better! Good Luck


Baking soda will help it. It dosn't taste well, but it will go away quicker. I have always gotten them.
Good luck and my God Bless

I used to get them so bad and on a regular basis but a few years ago I read in like Cosmo that it's something in your toothpaste and to try Rembrant. Since then I think I've had one and I sware it was when I used my husbands toothpaste on vacation!! Rembrant is on the pricey side but well worth it! To try to hurry up the healing process try Tea Tree oil on the sore, it relieves the pain and seemed to have hurried the healing. Also, next time you see your doctor have them prescribe Valtrex you take it when you feel it coming on for a day and it doesn't get as bad. But the toothpaste thing worked for me!! Good Luck!

Hi! I used to get cankers all the time,(usually more than one at a time!) They were caused my wisdom teeth not being pulled yet,(the dentist said they were ulcers from the pressure of my wisdoms trying to come in) anyway before i had the top ones removed i would use alum and also pouring salt directly on them. they both hurt like the dickens but worked!

When I get one I use that ambisol or a generic which is cheaper. I found at walmart equate orasol gel. It nums the area for awhile. At night I would put it on and I could sleep just fine. the pain would come back in the morning after I dring or brush. not sure if it heals it quicker but it sure helps with the pain.
Get the gel not the cream. Good luck

I used to get them all the time and boy was I happy when my mother told me to get some powdered alum (from the spice isle and the grocery store) and just put a little on the sore. It was pretty much gone the next day. It tastes horrible and burns a bit, but the best cure I can recommend.

Hope this helps

Mix equal parts of Benadryl and Maalox and swish it in your mouth...don't swallow it. It works great!

I can understand how it feels as i was suffering from a sore in my mouth last month. I made search on google and tried baking soda on the sore. It pains initially but numbs the pain for sometime. Was not enough for me then i tried another idea which said change your toothpaste. I purchased Sensodine which has tartar into it. It also irritates the sore initially because of tartar but it heals in the end. It worked for me. One suggestion was that scratch the sore with your toothbrush and then apply baking soda. I tried that also. But it really pains. So try what suites you best. Good luck!

Hi K., Now this little bugger I do know about.
A cure all for any inside mouth "thing" like that is a hydrogen peroxide and water mix rinse. About 1 to 4 parts.
Just about half a dixie cup full. Give your mouth three or four rinses several times a day until it goes away. It doesn't take long. I know that junk can and 9 times out of ten is very painful. Dont swallow the rinse. And you will feel the peroxide do its job.
Happy Days
T. T

My whole life I suffered from terrible canker sores that would last weeks. Since switching to a traditional foods diet, I never get them. I can even bite my mouth and they don't turn into the huge, painful ulcers anymore! The biggest factor in this way of eating is cod liver oil. If I take that consistently, no problems. Another big factor is real yogurt and other probiotics. You can read more about this approach to food at

I can't tell you what a wonderful improvement it's been not to have to deal with them anymore!

I get them too...take extra strengh tylenol to help with the pain. Go to your dr and for next time...get something what they call a 'magic mouthwash'...it's a mix of 4 different things, but I can't remember what it is. (one ingredient is maalox of all things...)

It is also a strain of herpes so talk to your dr also if you should get a perscription of valtrex to take when you feel it coming on. There are a lot of herbal things you can do, but unless you are doing it constantly it might not work (at least it didn't for me).

my husbands doctor told him that it was a lack of vitamin b! so maybe you should try more b vitamins! we started ordering them from trivita.com
good luck

My husband is the cold sore/ cancer sore king. We keep a bottle of L-Lysine on hand because that ALWAYS helps get rid of them faster. Oragel medicine will help with the pain for a time too although it doesn't help heal it, it's nice to have relief even if for a short while. Good luck!

I haven't read the other responses, so don't know if anyone said this, but swishing with hydrogen peroxide daily will keep them from coming back. Do not swallow it though. Use in place of mouthwash and it will also help naturally whiten your teeth too. It is so inexpensive, and that is a plus!

Hey there. Sprouts (I'm sure other health food stores carry it too) carries a product called "Super Lysine" By Quantum Health. It is a Cold Sore Treatment and it is Natural. It works wonderfully!! It relieves the pain and the sores go away quickly with this product too.

The best thing you could put on it is called Sangre de Drago - it is an all natural herbal extract - sap from a tree in the Amazon rainforest - it contains the alkaloid taspine that increases the migration of human fibroblast cells which are responsible for skin and tissue regeneration - it repairs tissue at an extremely fast rate, is antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and would actually be the most excellent thing to have on hand when you get these mouth sores - or any cut or sore or bite - it may burn for a second but then the pain will be gone and it will heal the sore - I use it daily now when I brush my teeth and never have canker sores anymore. When you eat a lot of sweets you acidify the body which could be why you break out in sores like you described. You need to eat a lot of alkaline foods to balance your pH. I have a table that shows foods that are alkaline to foods that are acidic and where on the scale they fall so you know what is more or less of either. If you want I could email it to you and you could use it as a guide for helping to balance your diet. As for the Sangre de Drago - you can't get it at the drug store - but I can give you a website link where you can buy it if you are interested. The proceeds from the purchase go to benefit the indigenous people of the upper Amazon basin and support their efforts to have a sustainable eco-enterprise by harvesting and marketing this herb instead of cutting or burning down the rainforest. The product is the most pure and excellent quality available and 100% satisfaction guaranteed for a full year.

I don't know about making it go away quicker...but a product called Orabase (made by Colgate) will numb the pain immediately and does not burn like some of the other suggestions.

I have been getting canker sores since I was a kid. They're awful! I agree with the other ladies that recommended Kanka. It works really well. To help it make a better seal over the sore, first dry the area with a Q-tip then apply a small amount of the tincture directly onto the sore. Once a day, you might try to clean the sore with some Listerine or hyrdogen peroxide. It might bring tears to your eyes, but it will help to heal it up faster paired with the Kanka product.

I have to say the only thing to help me is collidial silver. I just put a little on the sore and it goes away fast. You could try tea tree oil which I know works for some people. I used to use hydrogen peroxide, but I really like the silver solution.

for me and my family we use warm water mixed with about a tablespoon of salt. swish around your mouth for about a minute then rinse. do this a couple of times a day and it will be gone before you know it.

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