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Candle Wax Removal

Anyone know how to remove candle wax from tile floors, shoes, clothing, etc.? Please help! Thanks!

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Place a cloth over the area and use a hot iron over the cloth. The heat will remove gum and wax. Good luck.

A brown paper bag and an iron. Put the brown bag over the wax and slide the iron over and it will start melting onto the bag.
Works on anything..

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Hi T.,
As far as tile floors, the wax should just peal off. For clothing, this is what I was taught as a kid:
Step 1

Wait for the wax to dry as much as possble before trying to remove it.
This shouldn't take to long, wax dries pretty quickly.
Step 2

Scrape as much of the wax as possible from the clothing with a knife or spoon (Note: be careful not to stretch or deform the fabric).

Step 3
Slip a piece of paper grocery bag under the stain, then put another piece over it. Now, using a hot iron, iron the stain through the paper bag. This should cause the wax to transfer from the fabric article to the paper bag. Contiune to move the paper bag to a new wax-stained spot and iron it again. Continue the process until the wax stops transferring to the paper.
If you have extended staining, begin the process again with new pieces of grocery bag.

Step 4
At the point where no more wax transfers to the bag, fill a basin with warm to hot water and dissolve a scoop of Oxi Clean or some other oxygen based cleaner into the warm water. After soaking for a few minutes, work at the stain for 10 to 15 minutes, then let stand overnight.

Step 5
Once this is completed, wash the item or items as usual.
Important Note: Do not put the items in the drier until you are ABSOLUTELY sure there is no wax on them.
If after retrieving the article there is a vestige of wax repeat the process until there is no sign of wax.

I just saw candle wax remover (a liquid) for sale yesterday at Michaels Craft store on Colorado in Pasadena yesterday. I know you can put ice on it and that usually hardens it quickly, use a thin non serrated knife to scrape it up, but that item was the first I have seen to remove wax. Good luck.

I agree that ironing the stain works really well however I always use a white ONLY paper towel, anything with dye on it will transfer onto the surface you are trying to remove the wax from.

I also like a product called De-Solve It or Desolve It. It gets off any sticky residue like sap, adhesive, chewing gum, crayons, etc. It works wonders! Definitely a must have product for moms.

A brown paper bag and an iron. Put the brown bag over the wax and slide the iron over and it will start melting onto the bag.
Works on anything..

try liquifying it with a birthday candle lighter and then soaking it up with a paper towel.

hey candle wax is easily removable the more warmed it is. After you've removed what you can with your fingers or using something like a paddle-pop stick, you can also use a hair dryer or warm water to soften the wax as you work. Don't use knives or other sharp metal objects. When you've done what you can, clean the waxy residue with white spirits or mineral turpentine. Dab it onto a soft cloth and rub the wax spots until they're gone. Its worked for me on many an occasion, good luck!

not sure on the tile floors, but on carpet, clothing - iron it away! Place a brown paper bag (grocery store kind) over the wax and the warmth of the iron will pull it up and into the bag- just keep moving it around. Good luck! curious, how did the spill happen?

For the floors, you'll need to scrape it off. You can probably do it with a plastic scraper that would normally be intended for pots and pans.

I've never tried getting it off clothes, but when it sticks to my candlesticks, putting them in the freezer works. It hardens the wax enough to make it easy to scrape off. Not sure if the different texture of clothes would make that work or not, but it might be worth trying.

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Hi T.,

Getting wax off of surfaces is pretty easy. Turn your iron on. Take a brown paper grocery bag and tear the seams so that you have a flat sheet of the paper. Put the paper over the wax you want to remove. Iron over the paper where the wax is. You will see the melted wax soaking into the paper.
Good luck!

Be well,
G. Brown

Easy! Take a brown paper grocery bag and place it over the area with the candle wax. Heat up an iron, and iron the other side of the bag while it is over the wax. The wax will soak up into the bag. Works like a charm!


If an iron is too hot and can possibly damage some of the surfaces you can always use a blow dryer on high heat then use a bag or cloth to wipe up the heated wax. Good luck!

Hi T.,

I sell Wax Candle Remover through Gold Canyon Candles on my website, www.mygc.com/tolvera. It works great!

T. O.

Wax is removed with cold water. Put some cold water in a bowl and ice to make if very cold. Pour it on the wax and let it set. It will come off. Don't use heat, it will only make it worse.

Try a blow dryer.

God Bless!


Freeze it and then it pops right off.

Freeze it. If it's small enough to go in the freezer that's a breeze. It flakes right off.

place a paper towel or brown paper bag over the wax and iron it (start with the iron on low). It should come right up!

Place a cloth over the area and use a hot iron over the cloth. The heat will remove gum and wax. Good luck.

Ice. It will solidify it, and you can peel it off

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