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Candle Wax on Wood Floor

Alright moms out there. I need your help. I spilled hot candle wax on our wooden floor. It splattered everywhere. What can I use to get it off the floor without scratching or ruining the floor?? Any proven suggestions are deeply appreciated!

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Thanks to everyone who replied with your wonderful ideas to remove candle wax from my wood floor. I just got around to doing it last night and I wanted to tell all of you that I tried the hair dryer method and it worked very well. It was so easy to clean up. If you ever happen to spill candle wax on your floor, this is the method I highly recommend. Kudos go out to Sarah for her suggestion!
Thanks again, moms. You saved me, again!

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I would rub Ice on it and peel off the big pieces then their is a cleaner called goo gone made of citrus oil that removes sticker glue etc that should work on hard wood.

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A hair dryer!!!! All you do is heat up the wax and wipe it off- you may need to really keep heating it and then wiping after it looks like its already gone, but it should come right off! Good Luck!

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Have you tried using an iron? Put a rag between the floor and the iron, and just heat the wax again and it will melt into the rag.

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I agree with Andrea, but plastic is even less likely to scratch than metal in terms of scraping it off. Good luck!

I spilled hot wax all over a wooden computer desk once. Yea it's not a pretty sight. But I found that if you rub an ice cube over it until it's really cold it comes off pretty easy. I was still really careful not to scratch the wood cause I used a butter knife to loosen the wax but I did it without any damage to the wood. Good luck!

I would think if it were cold it will scrape off easily. If not, use a cloth over the wax, with an iron on the other side of the cloth. The heat from the iron pulls the wax into the cloth.

Rub it with ice and it will crack off the floor easily. Then wipe away the excess water. Good luck.

Try using WD40. I know it works to take waxy crayon marks off of hard wood tables, so it should work on floors too.

I would rub Ice on it and peel off the big pieces then their is a cleaner called goo gone made of citrus oil that removes sticker glue etc that should work on hard wood.

HI Mary,
Get some brown paper bags. Cut yourself off a piece so its a single layer and you're not going through the whole bag. But place the piece you cut off onto the wax and put a warm iron on it. The iron should reheat and melt the wax and the bag should soak it up. Have a rag handy to wipe uo anything the bag didn't get. Do this for all the spots and you should be fine. Good luck.


I was going to suggest the iron too, and you could try it with paper towels. just set it at a lower heat so you don't burn them.

I sell Scentsy and I've spilled hot wax on the counter top and floors you name it. What I've found that works is to take your blow dryer to it. Melt the wax and wipe it away with a paper towel as you go. It's good as gone and no scratching involved. So simple!

I was watching a Martha Stewart program once and she said to put ice in a plastic bag and then place it on top of the wax area. It freezes it so well it just slides away from wood surfaces. Something to try anyway.

I've always used heat. A bucket of very hot water and some soft rags work well on wood floors. Dip rags in water, ring out, lay on top of wax and let sit for about a minute, then wipe and repeat. I've found this to be gentlest.

Ice also works on wax, but you still generally have to scrape the wax off once it's frozen (it does come off much easier when cold though).

Brown paper bag and medium iron (not too hot!). Works on wood floors and carpet too! Just did it last night on my stairs after we had lost power this weekend and I spilled red candle wax on white carpet. Worked like a dream!
Good luck!

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