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Can Your Husband/boyfriend Feel Your IUD?

Has anyone experienced their partner feeling the string/tip of the IUD? My husband claims that he had (with a previous girlfriend) and now doesn't want me to get and IUD. I am 41 with an adorable 4 1/2 month old little girl and need to consider birth control again after many years of not using anything. (We tried for over 3 years with 3 really hard miscarriages.) I do not want to go back on the pill and the IUD seems like the most logical birth control.
Any birth control suggestions would also be appreciated.

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Thanks for all your input. Sounds like cutting the string would solve the "feeling" of the IUD. Mostly everyone likes the IUD and only a few had bad experiences-that is good news. Thanks again.

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I was told, when I got my IUD inserted, that if my husband felt my strings that I could come back in and get the strings clipped shorter. So far my husband has not felt anything and I have had it inserted for 6 months.

Hope that helps some. Good luck!


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yes. in fact he told ME when it had slipped a bit. I had the Mirena after 2 babies. He could feel it. Subsequently we removed it and decided on a vasectomy. I LOVE my hunny:)

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Never had an IUD, but if you are looking for an alternative, how about the Nuvo ring? I had great success with it.

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Does anyone use condoms any more? I know they are not a ton of fun, but for us, it's so much better than messing with either of our physiologies. The latex ones can be very unpleasant. We use lambskin. They're a little expensive, but they feel great and I know that we are not changing the hormonal balance or natural functioning of either of our bodies.

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Girl yes... when I was younger than you about in my late 20's I had tried the IUD as I gained so much weight with the Pill and I was so through with the withdrawal method so I got the IUD. I just know this was the answer to not having to worry about birth control... BUT the one I had gotten inserted was the one that many were having problems with (Dalcon Shield). So I did not have any problems with mine yet it stuck my husband on occassion when he entered. SOOOO needless to say I had it removed and went back temporarily to the pill. (maybe we could have adjusted the string but I was having it removed as it was like recalled so we did not consider any others) Used the condom before that... It was too funny as at that time condoms were behind the pharamcy counter and you had to ask for them... we were married yet shamed to ask for the condoms. So I made up a story that I was a college student taking Sexual Orientation and needed about 6 for the presentation. My husband was so embarrassed that he took our daughter to the other side of the store while I checked out. The man at the Pharmacy was very helpful... as I did not even know that they came in lubricated or non at the time-never used them. We were probably the only ones uncomfortable about it. It just goes back to how we were raised. Long story short I got back on the pill and just needed these to tide us over till I got to see the Dr. lololol.
Eventually so I could relax as it was an easier in/out surgery for him... my husband got a vasectomy. After that I was free to have uncomplicated sex!!!

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yes. in fact he told ME when it had slipped a bit. I had the Mirena after 2 babies. He could feel it. Subsequently we removed it and decided on a vasectomy. I LOVE my hunny:)

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I don't know a whole lot about IUDs, but the MAIN reason I have never chosen one is because it alters the uterine lining in order to inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg. Isn't that, in effect, and abortion????

I know there are two kinds: hormone and copper

But other methods are effective. Rhythm, Condom, VCF = Vaginal Contraceptive Film, etc.

Good Luck!

Mom of 4 wonders: 18, 11, 6, baby on the way (due 10/1)

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it's possible.. but not too common

these ladies have tons of info..

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I agree w/ Sandra. If you both know that you do not want more kids, he should get snipped. My husband did that (I didn't want to keep taking the pill, putting extra hormones in my body), and it was a quick procedure with very little recovery time.

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I would get one, and just make sure the strings are trimmed short enough that he can't feel them... I have one and my husband has never mentioned the strings.

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I have had my IUD for over 4 years now. My husband has yet to say that he has felt it. I would say that if it is felt that it is out of place or wasn't placed right to begin with and either way needs to be dealt with by the doctor (you can ask your dr. to double check my thoughts on this).
I have never had any problem with my IUD and have found it to be the best form of birth control that I could have gotten. There are other forms out there other than IUD and the pill. Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of all forms and figure out what's best for you.

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