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Can You Sue Paraguard IUD Makers If You Get Pregnant While Using the IUD ?

I was wondering if you could sue Paraguard IUD makers if you get pregnant while using it?

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This really irritates me that every time you ask a question on this site anymore you get criticized. This is a site for moms to seek advice and get information, not to get hit every time they ask a question.
If I'm asking a question, I'm looking for an answer not for some smart ass to criticize me or others. I think some people just come here for that reason only.

I had the IUD put in beginning of September and just found out I am pregnant. I already have 3 kid and was not expecting this. Yes the IUD was still in place. Yes I see it as a blessing and maybe meant to be, I love my kids more then anything, but it's just a little overwhelming at this point.....

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This is the second post in two days about suing if birth control fails! Didn't anyone have sex education? Sex = potential pregnancy. Period. Even vascetomies aren't always 100%.

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Technically...yes. You can sue anyone, for anything. It would cost you a lot of money and you wouldn't win. No birth control, is 100% effective and it says that right on the prescription. They have much better lawyers then you could ever get and you will be throwing money, at a lawsuit you could never win.
I'm not saying this to be rude. Just trying to save you from loosing money!

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No birth control is 100% effective except abstinence. Getting pregnant while using any form of birth control is not grounds for law suit. If using the product caused non-disclosed harm then you would possibly.

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Where does this mindset even come from....is it because we live in such a 'sue happy' society? Is that what you would want to do with your precious time is sue a company manufacturing birth control over getting pregnant?

And are you pregnant now while using the IUD? If so, I'd look at it as a miracle, not a lawsuit.

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Haha, I'm sure not. I believe ALL birth control has the small print stating they are not responsible for creation.... That would by OUR responsibility wouldnt it? If you arent ready for kids "dont screw cuz you cant sue".

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Ah no and why would you even think such a thing. It is the most effective if inserted properly. Do you check every month after your period to make sure it is still properly in place?
Really appreciate the miracle.
Or maybe develop the concept of personal responisbility

added after what happened ah now i do feel compelled to get a little testy in my answer. Didn't your mother teach you ask a stupid question get a testy response?

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This is the second post in two days about suing if birth control fails! Didn't anyone have sex education? Sex = potential pregnancy. Period. Even vascetomies aren't always 100%.

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Can you sue the manufactorer if the condom breaks? Nope. Why in the world? When are people going to take responsability for their own actions.....if you have sex then you CAN get pregnant. Yes, there are things out there to "prevent" it but its not 100% ...abstinence is the only 100% method. I'm sorry if I sound harsh but it absolutely irritates me to hear people suing over such stupid things when in actuality its their own responsability not the company or anyone else's. If you suffered because of something the company's product did and they could have prevented it or something then suing them I can understand.........

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NO -this is the 2nd question on here this week about people wanting to sue because their birth control method didn't work. It sucks, I guess, but NO birth control is 100% and that is clearly defined and explained in the information you are given with it. Even tubals and vasectomies have some failures. The ONLY way to absolutely, positively not get pregnant is to completely abstain from sex or have a hysterectomy.

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It does not claim to be 100% effective.
99.4%, to be exact, with "perfect usage". Believe me, during a pregnancy scare earlier this year, I examined those stats very closely. Not because I wanted to sue, but because I needed to know probabilities.

I don't know where people get off feeling like they can sue for everything these days. Nothing is guaranteed.

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I am quite positive Paraguard does not advertise to be 100% effective, and I'm sure you were provided with information stating as such. So no.

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