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Can You Store Formula???

My son is still breastfed however I supplement 2 oz of formula once a day. Today he still had an ounce of breast milk leftover so I added the 2 oz of formula to it and he ate only half before dozing off. With breastmilk, I am aware of the storing procedure but am not sure about formula. I use the pre made Soy formula and it says to discard 1 hr after use. Does that mean it cannot be put in the fridge for his next feeding? I'd hate to waste the breast milk I mixed it with but will do so if the formula will go bad.

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He drank out of the mixture so i decided to throw it out. Next time, I won't mix the formula with breatmilk just incase!!! Thank u.:)

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No, you have to discard after an hour. It will go bad. You can store the breastmilk for up to 3 days in the fridge it is is pumped, you can freeze is for up to a year is what all of my stuff says, but thawed breastmilk you have to use wintin 24 hours of thawing. I know how it goes trying to remember all of this. I made me a little "cheat sheet" for the fridge with my first baby.

This is a great place for advice, so ask away when you need to.

I used to do that when I was still breastfeeding (supplementing with a little formula). I found the powder to be easier to store - a can lasts a month. Mixed, I think you can keep it for up to 24 hours. But, if the milk (BM or formula) had been sitting out for an hour or so, I would get rid of it.

On a separate note...I empathize how you feel about not knowing a lot of young moms. And, staying at home with a young infant can get pretty lonely at times. Have you checked to see if there are any playgroups in your area? I know there's a Mothers and More chapter in Lewisville...I'm not sure where you live and if that would make sense for you to join. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a Mommies group in Lantana (where we live now), which has definitely helped my transition here - we moved here 7 months ago. Still, it's tough to build that network.

But, if you do a web search for a playgroup in your area, you may find one. Or, if not, perhaps you can start your own.

Good luck, and hang in there...it does get easier (I promise!).


It should be fine in the refrigerator for 24 hours. I mix a day's worth of formula at a time for my son (using the powdered kind). When we used ready-to-feed I also kept it in bottles or the container in the fridge 24 hours.

I usually mix formula, whether it be milk base or soy, by the quart and store it in the fridge for a day's worth of feedings for the infants in my care (more, if necessary). I've never had a problem with it.

As for the lack of experience....relax and do what comes naturally. There are no set rules. It just takes common sense along with love. And don't take things too seriously. Keep your sense of humor. Everyone makes mistakes and babies aren't that breakable. Mostly, they want to be loved and feel closeness. At least for the first several weeks. Before you know it that streak of independence begins to shine through. Enjoy each stage they go through. And, always remember, "This, too, shall pass." Some of it passes much too quickly.



The reason the formula says to discard an hour after use is that bateria introduced to the formula from your baby's mouth begin to grow right away, as the formula has no preservatives or anything else that would inhibit growth (bm has "built-in" inhibitors that help for a bit longer). Starting after 4mo or so, though, with my daughter, I would stretch that 1hour to 2 or so (mostly because she required the most expensive formula and I hated to wasted any of it!) and found that 2 hours in the fridge was fine... I was too nervous to go beyond that.

To be safe, though, I wouldn't save it longer that the hour suggested.

It's a bummer, but I hope that helped.


If he's drank out of that mixture, then throw it away.

Yes, You can store formula up to 24 hrs if it has not been sitting out. You CAN NOT store if it has been sitting out more than and hour.
Formula (powered) can sit out more than an hour it will go bad and I learned the hard way not knowing my son spit up a lot and made him sick.
I used the soy powdered formula and I think premade formula is different than powered.

Good Luck and i hope this helps.

Any formula or expressed breast milk that is in a bottle that the baby has taken part of should be discarded. The milk is contaminated by the bacteria in the mouth after the bottle has been sucked on.

Pediatric/Neonatal Nurse

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