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Can You Really Get Pregnant 2 Weeks After Stopping the Pill?

Hi moms, here's my story... About 3 months ago we had found out that my husband was diagnosed with cancer and would have to undergo chemotherapy. the treatment they were going to use was the agressive treatment which would mean that my husband would become steril after treatment. He has already stored some sprem already for future use. But about 3 weeks before he started treatment I decided to stop using hte pill-only b/ cit was getting too expensive to keep buying! anyways. my husband had decided that it would be a great time to try again for another child "naturally". Well it has been about 3 weeks since I had my last full menstral cycle. and just this past monday I had gotten It agin onyl the first day it was a bit heavy and so far the rest of the week it's been nothing but spotty. my body has been known to release more than one egg each month. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else and if so what was the outcome? I did attempt a pregnancy test which came out negative and I do know that if it is too soon to tell the result will come back negative everytime? My quetion is how long should I wait to attempt the pregnancy test again?

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Hi to all who gave me their advise. thanks for all the information. unfortunatlly i didn't get pregnant. it was a false alarm. but on the up side I have a bit more time to spend with my husband and daughter. In fact we are getting ready for her 1st birthday this weekend! wish me luck! thanks again for all who helped! =)

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Dear M.,

I don't know anything about answering your question, but I just had to send my greetings, and I do love your husband's immediate decision to try again. What a love he must be. Good luck with the challenges ahead, and let the Mommies know how your family is doing. Hope for babies. C. N.

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hi M.,

I am sorry to hear about your husband. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

I have 3 children ages 5, 3 and 5 months. When I tried to get pregnant with the 2 older children, I stopped the pill in August and tried in September to get pregnant to no avail..so, we tried again in October and got pregnant. My oldest 2 children both were born in July. When we decided to have another child, we thought the same routine would work. So, I went off the pill in May thinking we would try in June and it wouldn't work and then try again in July with success and have an April baby....We started anticipating my period in June, so we could count the days all that to make sure we timed it right to try to get pregnant...I should have started on Monday...NOTHING...Tuesday...NOTHING...in my back of my mind I thought maybe I was pregnant, but thought that would be QUICK!! I took a test JUST to be sure and a VERY faint line came...I thought maybe something was wrong with the test and I would get my period on Wednesday..NOTHING....When Thursday came still with no period, I started to REALLY think that I was pregnant, so I took another test and the same FAINT line came, so I went to the doctor..They said to call around noon, and it was only about 9am...20 minutes later the nurse called to say that it was positive!! I was SHOCKED!! She asked if this was a good thing and I said yes, just a very QUICK thing..she asked how long we had been trying for and I said that I JUST stopped taking the pill in May..she was SHOCKED that it happened SOO quick....My little girl is 5 months old now and a CUTIE!!

So, good luck..there is hope!!

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My daughter was conceived in a way that is very pertinent to your situation. My husband was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and upon finding out, we ended up flying out to Las Vegas to deliver the bad news to my father in law in person. At this point in time, we had not been thinking about having children, but with the diagnoses of cancer, my husband ran down to the sperm bank before treatments in order to save some of his sperm ..... turns out, we didn't need it! While we were in Las Vegas, while he had cancer, and while I was still on birth control and hadn't had a real period in over a year - unbeknownst to us, we conceived. Without wishing or trying - and the funny thing is, I continued to use birth control for another two months before I discovered I was pregnant! I had taken a pregnancy test shortly after I conceived, and it was negative, so there was no way I could be pregnant ---- surprise! I didnt discover I was pregnant until I was nearly 3 months along. SO, don't gauge your fertility on how long or how many periods you have or have not had. Go off the birth control if you want to conceive, and just let it happen. Give it 6 months - and often, a pregnancy test will not be able to detect that pregnancy hormone until you are anywhere from 6-9 weeks pregnant - even longer. Take a test in another couple of weeks, and it its still negative and you still feel "normal" as in not preggo, just let things happen as they happen. TRUST me, you'll get pregnant when you are least expecting it!

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I got pregnant right away after stopping the pill...and I actually have found out since then, that you are at your most fertile the first 2 weeks after stopping the pill, contrary to popular belief. We thought it would take a few months, then wa-la! So it definitely is possible!

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It is really hard to make decisions in the throes of dealing with cancer. I've had it, and I know. If you prove not to be pregnant -- which I would guess -- given that you can store semen and get pregnant later, please think about what you want...being pregnant, with a baby, and a husband undergoing chemo, is taking on a lot.

Good luck with your husband's illness.

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I think it could just be your body adjusting to the fact that you are no longer taking the pill.

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In my experience after you take the pill your cycles will be irregular. I would wait another 2-3 weeks till the next pregnancy test.

Wishing you good health,

menstral cycles are highly irregular after coming off the pill. I doubt you're pregnant, however it CAN happen as soon as you ovulate, which could occur anytime after you stop with the pills.

I'd wait a couple of days an try the test again. t sounds like your period came early but things can be prett wacky after the pill.

It can happen I got off the pill the end of November and was pregnant within 2 weeks I got off so we can try and I was hoping it would be 2 months or so to get it all out of my system but it didn't work that way. Good luck and yes you can be I am living proof....


I had a roomate in college who was divorced. Her and her ex husband had all three kids while she was on the pill. I was shocked, but I guess it can happen.

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