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Can You Mix Formula Powders?

i have an abundance of similac formula powder but when my daughter drinks it, she spits up alot. she's 10 months old and i thought her system was advanced enough to handle the similac, but i was wrong.

she eats enfamil and has no problem with it but it's a bit more expensive and i have the similac already.

my question is, can you mix the formula powders together? i was thinking maybe she wouldn't spit up so much if i mix them together.

thank you!

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I think that the pediatricains have coupons for formula. Neither of my kids drank Similac or Emphamil, I gave them breast milk then the Parents Choice Walmart brand formula. If shes 10 mos then you only 2 more months to go until she can drink regular milk.

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I think that the pediatricains have coupons for formula. Neither of my kids drank Similac or Emphamil, I gave them breast milk then the Parents Choice Walmart brand formula. If shes 10 mos then you only 2 more months to go until she can drink regular milk.

I did it with my son and he did great. He was similac but I kept getting B1G1 coupons at the grocery store for enfimal so I wanted to save some $. I would do 1 scoop enfamil, the rest simalac. He did great with it. I also did this mixture when I switched him to milk, 2 oz milk with the rest formula. My dr told me they're all pretty much the same, you just need to do it slowly.

My daughter had problems with Similac also and was able to use Enfamil. My pediatrician had suggested that I use the Sam's Club brand because it is very similar to Emfamil and she said the same thing about Parent's Choice. My daughter was able to use either of these interchangeably and they were a lot cheaper than Enfamil.

I am not aware of any problem mixing formulas until you use up your Similac.

My son had problems with his original formula (enfamil w/iron) and we switched to Enfamil Gentlease. the doctor told us to hold onto the cans of enfamil w/iron and use them in my son's cereal when the time comes. Maybe you could use the Similac in your daughters cereal and the enfamil in her bottles. Good luck!

i mixed them when i was trying to switch my daughter from one brand to another... so it's worth a try.

they also say to do that when switching to milk... if it's an 8 oz bottle... do one scoop of the similac to 3 scoops of your other brand... and you could even up it to half and half after a few days/week, then switch to one scoop old brand to 3 scoops similac.
Some Dr's even ok whole milk after 10 months, so you could even try that. good luck!!!!!!!!

No. don't mix the formula's. Your better off seeing if you can return the similac or exchange it for the enfamil. I know it's a bit more expensive, but the cost shouldn't matter when it comes down to your babies health. Talk to your doctor to figure out the BEST formula for your baby. It could be a lot worse. The 9mo old I babysit had to use a formula that costs more than $26 a can for the powder. She is on WIC and that helps alot with the expense...if you aren't on it you should see if you qualify. Have a great Holiday!!

We used Parents Choice for my last 2 kids and they did fine with it.And my dr said it was fine to start whole milk at 9months so by a year they'd be off formula.I think by 11months they where done with formula and bottles.

But you can try to mix it,i don't think it'd hurt.Good luck to you

I don't think I would do that. Mixing different formulas may upset her little belly. Maybe you could call the pediatrician and ask just to be sure. Good luck!

I don't think it would do any harm to mix the formulas. You won't know unless you try. I'd try one bottle and see how your daughter does. If it works, go for it.

Actually, the answer to your question is yes. In fact, when switching from one formula to another, many doctors and children's books recommend a slow switch in which you mix the two formulas. The important thing to remember is using the right measurements for each. Not all of the scoops are the same size, so make sure you are using the correct scoop for each formula and not mixing the two formulas together into one can and then scooping it out. For instance, my 3 month old was having some problems with the regular formula so we had him on the gentle formula. We just recently switched him back to the regular formula. He drinks 6 ounces at a time. So when we switched him, we used one scoop of the regular and 2 scoops of the gentle for a week and then 2 scoops of the regular and 1 scoop of the gentle for a week and then all regular. Also, make sure you are using a full 2 ounces of water (given that she is 10 months, I'm sure you already know this but just in case anyone out there is new to this and reading this). Don't put the water in the bottle after the formula unless you are measuring the water in another bottle or measuring cup. If you put the formula in first, you may not be putting in enough water, otherwise.

Also, I wanted to mention that my kids had problems with the similac but not the enfamil. The Sam's Club and Walmart brands are made to be comparable to the enfamil. All formulas are regulated by the FDA. They all must follow a strict guideline as to what is in them. The store brands (Walmart, Target, Sam's Club) are all just as good and healthy for your child as the name brand. You might want to try the Walmart or Sam's Club brand if money is a problem. They are a lot cheaper and work just as well. My daughter and sons have thrived and are thriving on them. (My daughter is 8 now and my sons are 3 years and 3 months). Even though I knew they were governed by the FDA, I still compared the labels to make sure and I have to say, pretty much the same.

Good luck with your little one.

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