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Can You Mix Formula and Breastmilk

I am trying to get my daughter to take a bit of formula but she hates it. Can I slowly introduce it by mixing it with a bit of breastmilk?

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She hates it? Have you tried it? When my kids say they don't like something, I try it. Maybe it tastes bad? Looks like you've got plenty of good advice here on mixing the two. sorry, I'm really no help here.
Good luck,

I breast fed both my children but at about 6 months I started to dry up (joys of pumping at the office). So I started to mix in the formula. In the beginning I just added a small amount and gradually increased the amount until it was mostly formula. It took about a month or so to completely switch it over but it worked very well for me. Try adding just an ounce and work up from there. Also, have you tasted breast milk and formula? I did taste comparisons on a few formulas and found that Enfamil tasted the closest to my milk (sweeter than Similac) so that brand worked best for me.
Good luck - hopefully it works as well for you as it did for me.

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Yes R., I am an LVN and Lactation Counselor and I always suggest to my moms to mix formula with breast milk if they need to introduce it into their babies life. It gets them used to the taste slowly and also I believe is easier on their tummies to digest if mixed . Same goes for when she reaches a yr and you start giving her whole milk, if mixed it is easier on her system and her taste buds to get used to it. Good Luck, C. BestFedBreastfeedingCenter.com or ____@____.com

YES!!!!! please thats the best you can do instead of formula, breastmilk is sacred, use it well!!! it will work!!

There is nothing wrong with mixing breastmilk and formula as long as you know your baby can tolerate the formula. I'm curious what has led you to the decision to add formula? Is your daughter under 12 months? Just wondering. Good luck!

I did this with my first born and it worked well. I gradually added bit by bit until he would drink half formula/ half b. milk. This method also works well when you are trying to get them to drink cow's milk. We had to mix the cow milk with formula to transition him. I also would mix in a scoop of formula into his rice cereal when he started eating that. I did that immediately so he would never know the difference.

My question is why do you want to introduce formula. Once you start supplimenting with formula, your milk production will slow down. Are you planning on weaning soon? If you still have questions, you can call Loving Support 1-888-451-2499. I call there every now and then if I have a question regarding breastfeeding.

Absolutely, I did it with both my boys and it worked perfectly!

My daughter was born 13 wks before her due date. Her doctor put her on breastmilk and formula. She was on both until I ran out of breastmilk. Of course you could call her doctor and make sure it's ok for your daughter.


If you can successfully breastfeed your daughter, why would you ever want to give her formula? Your daughter knows what is good for her. You can freeze your breast milk if you are going to be away from your baby.

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