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Can You Give a 7Mo Old Children's Cough Meds????

I have a 7mo old whom has been at dr. office 2 times in 2 weeks first visit he had an ear infection and the prescribed some omni.. something.. and a week later hes no better and so I take him back to dr. and he now has 2 ear infections and a dry cough.. they give the antibotic shot.. dr. says this will help his ears not his cough..dr didnt want to give meds for cough just yet.. but the cough is keeping him up at night!! Can I give him childrens cough meds??? (over the counter) He has eczema and they had at one time recomended children's bendryl 1/2 tsp .. so would it not be the same to give 1/2 a tsp of some cough meds??

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My Son's cough got worse.. the dr. called him in some zythrmicn.. it is not working.. something is more wrong with my child I belive.. his ears arent getting better. and now this terrible cough and runny nose and all my dr. can do is keep perscribing medication that my son is not responding too.. Im not sure what to do.. I think I am going to have to get a second opinion...

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I would say if the pedi didn't give you any, not to give any to the baby. Your best bet is a cool mist humidifier, and maybe a little vicks vaporub on the OUTSIDE of the babys sleeper (don't put it directly on skin as it may irritate on a baby) to help clear the mucous. I wouldn't give anything your dr hasn't told you to give them.

Call your doctor and ask this, but I think the safe answer is no. Do you have a humidifier running and the you have him sleeping upright in his car seat? I hope this helps and that he is better soon - you probably need the sleep as much as he does!


Yes and No. My pedi has allowed us to give my daughter cough meds at that age - however due to the level of controversy about it I would not suggest it without talking to your pedi about it.

It's your call but keep the dosage low. I would give him Delysum, maybe start out with 1/4 of a teaspoon and see if that helps. You won't find the dosage on the chart because he is too young but it is nothing but a cough suppressant and it's works great! If you don't want to do that you could try to put vicks on his feet and put socks on as well as on his chest, it helps and I have tried it, but nothing works like delsyum. Benadryl is also ok for him, I don't think it is possible to O.D. on it so you could start out with 1/2 tsp and work up to 3/4, this will make him sleepy and stop the drainage from running down his throat, causing him to cough, helping him sleep better. I am no doctor, just a mom that has been through this with my own kids and this is what works for me. My kids are 5 & 6 now, but we have been in daycare for a long time and I know how frustrating it can be when no one gets any sleep because of a cough. Good luck.

I would do what your pedi says; however, my pedi did prescribe my 7 month old some cough and conjestion. It wasn't over the counter.

I wouldn't give anything unless the doctor prescribes it and then be very careful. You also have to allow their immune system develop. They say it's good for a baby to cry when they are born to clear their lungs, of course we don't like to hear them cry but it's good for them, it makes them stronger. Now if the cough last more than 3 days and seems to be getting worse, go see the doctor.
God Bless

I put vicks on the bottom of my daughter's feet when she has a cough and she sleeps through the night. Not sure why it works, but it does.

Ask your doctor. I would say no, though. Benadryl is not the same as cough medicine. A lot of doctors say cough medicine doesn't really work and is risky to give to infants and toddlers. A cool mist humidifier ALWAYS helped calm (if not totally relieve) my kids nighttime coughs. Another thing that helps is slightly elevating the head of the bed (or crib). My husband and I used to put a couple of large, heavy books under the crib mattress. It helped a lot. Just make sure whatever you use won't move around or slide. I also used Vicks Vapo Rub on my kids chests at night when they had a cough and it was very helpful, but ask your doctor about using that first.
Good luck.

My hubby is in healthcare and he says that it's not a great idea and isn't likely to help. The only thing worth giving is something like Mucinex to dampen/loosen the phlegm to get it up but if it's a dry cough, that's not going to help much. Most cold meds have not proven to be very affective for kiddos that age. I would just keep the baby comfy...have a humidifier in the room for sure and lots of fluids...give some orange juice too for the vitamin C. As for the ears, many kids have this issue because the eustachian tubes are at more of a horizontal line than when they pass the age of 5 or so, so the best thing for that is probably to have the baby sleep a little propped up if you can...maybe just have him sleep with you until he gets better...and that way the mucous will not be draining to the ears...good luck!!!

I would not give a child anything without the pedi's ok. You never know the correct dosage or about the drug interaction. Call the pedi first and try a humidifier in your child's room at night. They really help.

Can you? If your doctor tells you to. Why pay for the advice if you won't listen? Vaposteam, Vapo Rub - both work.


Hello A.,

here is something you can do: on a tissue/kleenex put
5 drops peppermint oil + 2 drops rosemary oil + 1 drop basil oil

put the tissue in the bedroom (where the kids cannot get to it) that will help with the cough.

Have your son tested for allergies. he could be allergic to soy/wheat, etc. and as a precaution, keep him away from latex. (just in case he's allergic) my daughter never tested positive but she started by getting colds and then the colds became ear infections and then asthma. it was the latex. good luck! ~C.~

No! Listen to your doctor.

This is basically why the government has removed so many of the children's medications from the market - because they are being used inappropriately.

Try the baby's vapor rub (on chest only - not on face). Also, a humidifier will make a HUGE difference. Definitley use a humidifier.


Are you willing to try homeopathy? Go to a place like Whole Foods or Herb Mart and be prepared to answer questions like is it better in cold or heat...morning or evening...dry or wet...and there should be someone there to help or a book to find your answer: and the little container costs about $7 - $8 @.

I gave my son a tiny dose of Children's Triaminic for cough and cold when he was that age and he responded well and did much better afterwards. I also used Vicks vapor rub on his chest at night after his bath and that worked great too. I would ask your pediatrician if a small dose for your infant is okay or not first though. I hope he feel better soon!

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