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Can You Get Pregnant After Missing a Period but Not Pregnant?

My husband and I are trying to conceive another child. I have missed my period and am not pregnant. I would like to know if we will still be able to conceive this month or do I need to wait for my period to start for the next month?

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I also tested to early and got a negative when I was positive, I am at the end of my 6th month of pregnancy. I also used fertilityfriend.com, I have PCOS and you can get pregnant after a missed period. I have never been regular so tracking mine was difficult. Hang in there youll get it.


You could be testing too early. I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and the first 3 or 4 tests I took were negative, but my period wasn't showing up so I waited a few days and the next test I took couldn't have been more positive. Good luck!

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Ok, from a nurse's (and mom of 2 who was told she'd never have children) stand point...Wait until your next period. On the last day of your period, count forward 10-14 days. These are your "target" days. Women's bodies and cycles are all different but, you are most likely to be ovulating during the 10th-14th day after your period. So, on those days you and your husband get to have unlimited fun!:) Then, see what happens. Some women will test positive if they are 1 day late (me) others won't test positive until 4-6 weeks after they are pregnant. Just be patient and help your body out by drinking lots of orange juice, milk, eating plenty of GOOD foods and using a multi-vitamin never hurt anything either. Get plenty of rest and most of all DO NOT STRESS OUT ABOUT IT! Stress alone can keep a woman from conceiving. That's the best I have to offer. Oh, and...in my experience a little white wine never hurt during days 10-14 either. :D Good luck!

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You still have a chance. You can still be ovulating. I know lots of people that got pregnant after missed periods or even months after having a last period. (without any medical intervention)

My first preg. didn't show a positive test until a week after I was late. Wait another week and take another test. If it's still neg., then you may check w/your doc (occasionally a missed period may be a sign of a more serious symptom; but you may be pregnant and it's not showing up yet; if you're normally irregular, then it's probably just that). You can also check out www.naprotechnology.com for more info on the female cycle and hormones and all that. Stress can delay ovulation, and delayed ovulation delays either conception or your period. If you ovulated & conceived late, then you may very well be pregnant but just not showing up yet.

you can go to baby center.com and in the tool section it will tell you when you are ovulating and alot of advice for you, i hope this helps.

Are you sure you are not testing to early?? It took until I was almost 2 months pregnant with both of my children before I could get a test to say I was pregnant.
But onto your question, yes you can keep trying to conceive even though you haven't gotten your period. Your period happens to get rid of the unwanted egg after ovulation. So you might not have ovulated yet or maybe it's stress from trying to conceive. Just relax and have fun!

Keep trying! lol. I am currently about 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and was trying to get pregnant for about a 6 months before. I too kept missing periods but not being pregnant. All you can do is to keep trying. Don't let it consume you, start taking your folic acid supplements (I wish I would have!) and it will happen. Good luck!

Well, I don't know if you can get pregnant or not.. BUT It sure don't hurt to try!!! And just remember more pregnancies occur when the parents-to-be are relaxed and enjoying themselves than following a strict schedule. My advice? relax, enjoy, have some fun and even if you don't wind up preggo this month... you enjoyed each other, and probably spent some much-needed time with each other!

I am not sure about that, but let me tell you what worked for me. Try a home ovulation test. I tried one of those and got pregnant right away. You might ovulate,but not have a period. Especially if your body feels stress.

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