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Can Thrush Cause a Blister on Baby's Mouth?

My son (almost 11 months) has thrush...at the same time we noticed the white spots in his mouth, he developed a blister on his lip and right above his lip? Could thrush cause this? Or sun exposure? We don't have him outside too much - it is so hot here - and we use sunscreen, but I never put sunscreen on his lips (and might have missed the area right above his lip. Or could this be a fever blister????

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Yes thrush can cause blisters my oldest son had it when he was younger he is now 15. Can i ask what you are treating him with?

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I am sorry i do not know about thrush, however, i just wanted to say that you are sooooooooooooo fortunate that bryston is such a wonderful little boy & the laughter & good spirit must be a reflection of you & your family :) i hope you can work less in time & enjoy that time with bryston :)

blessings to bryston, you & your family. :)

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Hi B. W., I've had thrush so many times I can't count any more.Absolutely sounds like and appears to be thrush. Antibiotic use and mold and/or mildew can cause thrush.In the home(mold/mildew) somewhere or possibly a contaminated object the child is perhaps being exposed to.Not a doctor,of course,just a couple of things that can happen. I ,as an adult,of course, have been given the nyastatin treatment .I can't recommend a treatment,only for you to get the child to a doctor.God Bless. S. L.

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Yes thrush can cause blisters my oldest son had it when he was younger he is now 15. Can i ask what you are treating him with?

if it looks like thrush i would say thats what it is. but if it doesnt call your doc asap

If he's using a paci (or sucking on something else alot), could be a "suck blister". Usually occur near center of upper lip. Good luck with the thrush.

yes, it can cause the mouth to break out, it can move to the skin. http://health.discovery.com/encyclopedias/illnesses.html?...

Two of my babies had thrush. We tried everything to get rid of it. What worked the best was feeding them plain yogurt three times a day. Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to have the thrush looked at again.

Oral thrush usually only involves the inside of the mouth, from my understanding. If you have herpes simplex A, or he has been exposed to it, then the blisters outside of his mouth could be a cold sore. Often times, if our immune system is compromised-especially around the mouth, then you are more likely to develope a cold sore. Is the sore crusted looking and oozing? Or is it just a clear fluid filled blister? The first is classic symptoms of a cold sore and can be treated with a topical application of L-Lysine. If its a smooth fluid filled blister it could be from the sun or even the thrush, but as I said I do believe that usually presents inside the mouth. If it doesnt seem to be better by Tuesday you should take him to the doctor.

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