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Can Strawberries Cause a Toddler to Get a Rash?

My mother in law the other day saw me feeding my 22 month old daughter strawberries and told me not to give her to much cause it can cause her to break out in a rash. Has this happened to anyone or has anyone ever heard of this to be true?

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Hi. Yes, I have heard that strawberries can cause an allergic reaction. I think though that it's more of an old wives tale because both of my kids have successfully eaten them when they were babies.

My daughter and son both experienced a rash after indulging in strawberries. It looked bad, on the legs, arms, and torso but was NOT harmful. It didn't even bother them. I asked the doctor and he said, yes, kids can get rashes but strawberries do not cause full on anaphylactic reactions. Just the rash, and they usually grow out of it.

They are a very common allergy in children, this I do know. I've been told the same thing before. And honestly I've noticed my children do get a rash even now after eating some things, but I think it's due to allergies more than a reaction to the particular food..My kids have excema too so they get rashes easily so I think it also depends on the child.

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I get rashes from strawberries. It isn't very uncommon but if your child hasn't had a problem with it so far, I wouldn't worry about it.

she sould only beak out if she is Allergic to it & benadryl http://www.drugstore.com/templates/brand/default.asp?bran... & http://www.allergyadvice.co.uk/ are 2 websites you can check out but not all kids are alergic, mostly if it runs in the family then the child will have a chance to be alegic to it, but thigs show up at difrent ties n ages it just depends on the child..P.

The amount doesn't matter. If she has eaten it before without a reaction of any sort, she is just fine.

Never heard of such a thing! May be an old wives tale.

some kids can be allergic to strawberries which may cause a rash or other allergic reactions so do watch your little one, more likely is a reaction to the methyl-bromide pesticide that is sprayed on strawberry plants that can cause a reaction. try to buy organic strawberries- they are sweeter too, or wash non- organic strawberries thoroughly. Watch your little one for any allergic reaction after tasting a new food, if no reaction she is probably okay
take care and enjoy the upcoming spring and summer fruit season

Yes, I took my son into emergency a few weeks ago, he had broken out in a rash allover his face and stomach, the doctor said more than likely it was because of the strawberries. Apparently strawberries are high in acidic. For toddlers, it gives the reaction of a rash. My son is 18 months old.

Strawberries are one of those foods that you can be highly allergic to. Be careful with mangos and kiwi too. They are in the same family.

Berry allergies are very common and usually cause a rash or hives. They are also one of the few allergies that has a pretty high rate of dissappearing. My best friend in HS would get hives from strawberries and raspberries when she was a kid but she still ate them when her mom wasn't looking. by the end of HS she got almost no reaction at all.

So it happens but it's very treatable and usually not a big deal.

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