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Can Pregnant Moms Juice??

I have a Jack LaLane juicer and have been absolutely hooked on making a fresh "juicie" for myself in the afternoon before lunch. My juice consists of: tomatoes, carrots, apple, lemon, kale, spinach, parsley, and red, yellow, and green bell peppers. (Sometimes I juice with ginger and cabbage, and beets, too). Also, I have a fresh orange and grapefruit juicie first thing in the morning. I always wash them first.
Well, I just found out that i'm about 4 weeks pregnant, and my husband said he thought he read that pregnant women shouldn't juice.
I put a note into my doc....but does anyone know anything about this?
It's my everyday routine! That would suck if I have to quit it! I figured it would be the best thing I would be doing for my baby with all of the vitamins and nutrients that goes straight into your body from juicing fresh veggies.
I'm totally bummed....
Is there any hope for my juicing days for the next year or so?
Sincerely, S. :)

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Thank you everyone for all of your encouragement and well-rounded advice. First of all, the doc says it's ok! yippee! She says I need to stay away from my herbal tea, however; because she doesn't know what they are exactly, that i'm totally bummed about; I drink organic Mate, Green and Rooibos teas from Teavana, they're wonderful!
Anyhow, from everyone's advice i've taken this away with me: ORGANIC ORGANIC, LOCAL ORGANIC, definately, wash everything first, and to eat protein with my juices to make sure i'm gettin protein also. Which I do very regularly; i'm an avid exerciser, so protein is essential. I am going to look at a few websites that were suggested too. I got many other tidbits that i'm going to use/keep in mind; i'm just trying to keep this brief. ;)
Again, thank you so much and I do have many more questions that i'll be posting; seeing I am bringing another little one into our family and it changes the whole ballgame. I am SO thankful for this website! It beats any old googling by FAR!
ps...after my husband had told me that I googled it and a website that came up DID say that prego's should consult a doc first before juicing because certain veggies in large amounts can be toxic. ....That's when I got onto Mamasource! ;)

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Never heard of it! There might a concern of gestational diabetes with other juices because of the sugar content.

YES!!! You can juice - especially vegetable juice - that is really great for you!

The only thing that anyone should be careful of is drinking too much FRUIT juice - that can be too many concentrated sugars without fiber -

I do the same thing you do - mostly vegetable juice with a little apple and lemon or lime for flavor - you describe a great blend of juices - keep doing it-!

Good luck -

I don't see how juicing could be harmful at all. You are getting the nutrients in a highly absorbable fashion, so I would go fot it.

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never heard of such a thing! It would we great to juice when pregnant. You still need fiber so you don't get constipated though - so still eat some veggies and fruits. :-)

HI!! I juiced through both of my pregnancies and it was the only way I got the nutrients I needed with my second because i was so nauseous!! Just peel that which can be peeled and wash what can be washed.

I've heard a number of questionable things that pregnant mamas should avoid, but never fresh fruits and vegies! For sake of pesticides, try to stick with organics (as another respondent suggested); for the sake of your children's planet, try to stick with local produce. Enjoy!

as long as you're not juicing onions or something that could upset your baby-i can't think of anything healthier!don't listen to your husband.i doubt your doctor would object.

Be sure to get the seeds out of the apples ahead of time, before juicing them.

I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to juice. as long as you are not putting herbs that are energy booster type things like ginseng, it should be fine. You can eat as much veggies as you'd like and fruits, I have not been given any restrictions for veggies, or fruits. My dr. says no lunch meats unless they are thoroughly heated, and no blue cheese or soft cheeses that are not pasteurized....have to be careful with fish and shellfish, your dr. will probably give you a list of what you can and can't eat at your first appt. - mine did...Good Luck - and if I were you, I would keep juicing....

Fresh fruit and veggies are the best foods for a pregnant mom, and juicing them is great too (just don't forget to eat some whole so you get the fiber, too)!

Just a note, I noticed someone mentioned "no E. Coli or Salmonella outbreaks have occured from organic farms," which is not true. The big E. Coli outbreak in lettuce/spinach leaves last year came from an organic producer in the Salinas Valley. Organic produce actually has a slightly higher risk of pathogens such as E. Coli and salmonella because of the types of fertilizers and pest control used, so be sure to wash ALL produce before eating. Also, organic produce is not nutritionally different than conventional produce.

That said, it is great to eat fresh produce, conventional or organic, and our food system is the safest in the world! Just practice common sense and wash all fresh fruit and veggies, organic or not. Good luck with the new baby!

I am sure your MD will say it is fine. The only concern might be the natural sugar in the fruit that might spike your blood sugar. I have a juicer as well, but I also have been taking an awesome whole food product for almost 6 years now called Juice Plus+ It is 17 different fruits and veggies in a capsule for adults and a gummie or chewable for children minus the water, salt and sugar. Check it out at www.StudiesOnJuicePlus.com . I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Good luck!


I also am pregnant and just invested in an amazing juicer so I have also been doing some research on the topic. I did find this one site, www.juicingbook.com that states that it is not advised to juice while pregnant. This is what they say:

"(Juicing) This can actually lead to a nutritional deficiency in your child.

Studies have found, as an example, women who take vitamin C while pregnant or nursing can actually create a vitamin C deficient child once the nursing stops. Why? Well, the child was used to getting a certain amount of vitamin C while still a fetus and while nursing. But once this all stops, the vitamin C intake drops and now, the body is not getting the vitamin C is what used to getting. This leads to a vitamin C deficiency in your child and then leads to the health problems associated with a vitamin C deficiency. This principle applies to all nutrients, not just vitamin C which was used as an example.

It's for this reason, that if you want to juice while nursing or pregnant, then I would definitely suggest you consult a naturopath to get individualized and customized support. But I suspect you will find that most naturopaths will suggest that you do not juice while breastfeeding or pregnant.

I realize that some infomercials selling juice machines have promoted juicing while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is unfortunate even though their intentions may be truly genuine. But this is also why I am a strong advocate of responsible juicing.

Personally, the best thing to do in my opinion, is to eat a wholesome and healthy diet along with a good prenatal / postnatal supplement. Then once the nursing stops, then start your juicing program."

So, what I have decided to do is have one glass every other day, just to be on the safe side.
Hope this helps,

It is great for you and your baby. Keep doing it as long as you are also eating plenty of other Nut's, legumes, vegie's, fruits, whole grains etc... You should read the book- Skinny BITC... Bun in the oven. I think you will enjoy it. It is very informative and lists all of the pros for fresh fruits and vegie's. You will get all of the vitamins and minerals you and your baby need. Again as long as you are not juicing exclusively.

P.S. There are plenty of protein's and fiber in the green veggie's, nut's and legumes so do not worry about the carbs to protein hype. We americans take in to many proteins as it is. These are not simple carbs any way so the carbs will not effect you the same way as if you were only eating sugary fruit dairy smoothies. If you want to add a little protein, then through some almond milk or Almond butter into your blender then add your fresh juice and blend them together. You can also add an avocado or some tofu or Plain soy yogart.

P.S Organic produce is always best when possible.


Dear S.,
You can still ask your doctor, but I don't know for the life of me why a pregnant mom couldn't juice. The only thing I can think of is that depending on how many vitamins you get daily from your juicing, you may not need pre-natal vitamin supplements on top of it. I have always loved all fruits and vegetables, but when I was pregnant, I ate at least a dozen oranges a day and a dozen of the sourest plums I could find...every single day. I craved them! I couldn't help myself. Thank goodness I wasn't craving a gallon of Ben and Jerry's ice cream every day.
I don't think there's any reason for you to give up juicing. I've never heard of such a thing.
Please let us know what your doctor tells you about it, okay?
Best wishes to you and your new baby!

I am preggo as well and this is my second and I have never heard of pregnant women not being able to juice. I would say it would be beneficial! I have craved juices and smoothies and have drank my fair share of them! I wouldn't worry about juicing at all. You are adding a ton of nutrients to your diet! Good luck w/ the rest of the pregnancy.

Congratualtions on your pregnancy!!!

I read the other responses and love the advice. My only concern is that none of us should be eating or drinking so many carbs without also taking in protein at the same time. Eating or drinking carbs alone can cause your blood sugar to spike eventually resulting in insulin resistance (a.k.a Metabolic Syndrome)then diabetes. You can read about this online.

This article mentions eating protein at EVERY meal.

My nutritionist has always told me this and I have really improved my health my doing this.

Here are a few more articles:



You may want to consider eating a handful of nuts or seeds along with your healthy juice just to get a little boost of protein in there.

Take care.

Hi, congrats! That's probably one of the best things you can do for your baby and you. Someone mentioned E Coli or Salmanella..or cost..I would consider growing my own anything if I were you, it would also teach your daughter about food and where it comes from. Also I think some of the farmers don't use pesticides, so you could go to a U Pick,(ask if they use anything) then go home and juice it. Have fun with it!! It's so nice to hear that someone juices, that's so healthy. Good Luck with your food and family :)

HOOORAY For JUICING! I juiced my whole pregnancy and my little girl is as healthy as can be. Just beware of too many carrots because too much Vitamin A can make your skin yellow but other than that juicing made me feel great while prego! You are definitely doing the right thing! Sure beats the majority of the population who eat more junk food than ever while pregnant. You are also lucky you can get protein down i had a very hard time with that. :) Good luck with your pregnancy!

I agree that the mainlining of whole food nutrients would be great for your babe. I think you can continue this with some precautions. I haven't heard about any E Coli or Salmanella contaminations from organic, small family farms. It's really a problem when you're dealing with a large industrial processor, where they throw every thing in one vat to wash and it all mixes together before being bagged, where it sits on a shelf in a closed environment reproducing. Appetizing thought, no? Plus, organic farms are less likely to be adjacent to industrial meat producers, where those contaminants originate. If you use local, organic raw fruits and veggies you should be fine. Congratulations on your pregnancy BTW!

Hi S.:
I've never heard of not being able to drink fresh juice while pregnant. It sounds like a wonderful idea to me. The only thing is if you have a tendency to have nausea at any point, you'll probably want to avoid the citrusy/acidic fruits like orange/grapefruit/lemon/lime since those are the hardest on your stomach. Otherwise, have at it, girl!
God bless.

Can't imagine why not. Your juicing sounds lovely.Could you recommend a juicer? I was thinking of a vitamix.

YES!!! You can juice - especially vegetable juice - that is really great for you!

The only thing that anyone should be careful of is drinking too much FRUIT juice - that can be too many concentrated sugars without fiber -

I do the same thing you do - mostly vegetable juice with a little apple and lemon or lime for flavor - you describe a great blend of juices - keep doing it-!

Good luck -

Never heard of it! There might a concern of gestational diabetes with other juices because of the sugar content.

I would use organic veggies, so as to avoid the concentrations of pesticide residues, etc. you would other wise get juicing, but I would juice away. Make sure you get plenty of protein and vitamin D (sunshine without sunscreen!!), too, and your doctor/midwife will be proud of you, and your baby will benefit. Your nursling will benefit from the juicing after he's born, too, I should think.

Of course you can juice!! That is the BEST thing you could do while pregnant!!!
The onnly things to avoid are all large fish (due to mercury) but you should try to eat salmon and also avoid sushi and certain cheeses (blue cheese and roqufert). OTher then that you can eat everything and I am very impressed that you juice so much! Lucky baby!!!

You should juice it is very healthy for u and baby. The only bad side is u might develop heart burn.

Hi S.

As far as I am aware, it is better to juice than taking synthetic supplements! Use organic fruits and vegetables if possible. If buying organic stretches your budget too much, then try and buy organic fruits and veggies with thin skins, i.e where you eat the skin as well. If your doc prescribes supplements during your pregnancy, check out different brands because my suggestion would be to go with a company that produces organic supplements and also uses pharmaceutical level practices, like Nutrilite. There are no standards in the dietary supplement industry and companies set their own, if any!

The other thing is to make sure that you get enough Omega 3 DHA in your diet. You can get this from consuming cold water, oily fish, 3 times a week, e.g. wild salmon, sea bass, herring, mackerel. The average person needs 850mg Omega 3 a day, so pregnant women may need more. Again, if you go the supplement route for this, make sure that you check out the company that produces the fish oils. Nutrilite do an excellent DHA supplement called Brain Health and each capsule contains 500mg of DHA from small cold water fish (e.g, sardines) from deep in the Arctic Ocean. The also use a six step process to purify the fish oil and apply pharmaceutical level standards.

All the best.


Um I'm 8 weeks pregnant with my second and I've never heard anything about not being about to juice. That seems completely backwards to me just like you. Why would all those fresh extremely high in vitamins be bad for you? I haven't looked it up or anythung but my guess is your husband heard wrong and your juicies are fine!

Hi S.,
I GUESS I COULD BE WRONG BUT....that sounded like the stupidest things I have ever heard. It seems to me that it would be healthier to drink fresh juice, than anything bottled...but I'm no doctor.I will say my doctors always said"stick to anything you would normally do".....changing your regular schedule will upset you & the baby more....
The only thing I could think of was maybe it should be pasturized?? I know there are certain things like "honey" that should not be used tilll your child is over a year of age.Maybe that's what "they" are reffering to??????
If you figure out why...let us all know...I asked a couple other ladies here in my office & they had never heard that before either...Good Luck, & congrats

I don't see how juicing could be harmful at all. You are getting the nutrients in a highly absorbable fashion, so I would go fot it.

Not drinking juiced foods while you're pregnant???!?!? I'd make your DH find that article and SHOW you. Most likely I am thinking it is because maybe the foods weren't washed and there's been some botulism or e coli found on foods that were subsequently ingested by a pregnant woman who was then adversely affected - but really! If you wash your foods, inspect them for any bad spots, you're doing far far better than a pregnant mom who doesnt juice!

Go ahead and enjoy!

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