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Can OJ Cause a Rash??

My 22mo old daughter recently has broken out in a rash on her cheeks and near her mouth (red, raised skin). My daycare provider and mother suggested it could be due to her drinking orange juice in the morning. Normally I would think this an odd coorelation, but as a teen I would break out in hives if I drank too much OJ (the problem has since gone away). Any suggestions? Also, any suggestion on what to apply to the rash to reduce the redness? She doesn't itch or scratch it ever and I usually put on Cetephal before bed.

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I stopped giving her OJ right away and within three days her face was clear along with her diaper rash. I switched to another juice (she loves V8 Fusion) and after a few days the rash came back. I have stopped that juice too and am trying Motts Tots Apple white grape/apple juice with some water. I hope to see some relief in a few days. If not, I will seek dr advice. Thanks for all your inputs!!

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My daughter can't eat raw apples. She got a rash. Processed apples are OK. I'd try not giving the OJ and see what happens. I think the acid can certainly cause problems in sensitive people.

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This is a common allergic reaction. I disagree with the advice of another post to take her to a Dr. OJ is very acidic. Try apple juice or another less acidic option if you want to give her juice.
I don't use standard over the counter or Rx in our home. So, all the suggestions I have are either herbal or homeopathic.
First thing would be topical calendula gel or ointment. That is perfect for this rash. You can apply aloe vera gel as well. Internally, homeopathic urtica urens. That is from the nettle plant. Very safe for little ones.
Hope this helps.
L. M

My son and daughter when they were younger both couldn't drink oj. it made them have a terrible diaper rash and they also broke out on their cheeks. I switched them to white grape juice and also watered it down. Ask your doctor if she /he can prescribe or recommend something for the redness. Good luck!

Too acidic! Switch to pear or white grape juice.

My daughter can't eat raw apples. She got a rash. Processed apples are OK. I'd try not giving the OJ and see what happens. I think the acid can certainly cause problems in sensitive people.

Take her to the doctor!

At around the same age, my son had a similar reaction to strawberries. Maybe it is the acidic nature of those fruits. We had to go very sparingly or not at all with strawberries until he outgrew it. Which wasn't long. Maybe by 3.5 to 4 y.o. What helped us was diaper cream.

I think it can. My dad had a rash for YEARS and finally found a Dr. who told him to stop citrus. It worked. Now my son has the same situation and we don't give him OJ, but he can tolerate tomatoes. I have a friend who's son has behavior problems with OJ, Tomatoes, etc. Sounds strange, but it's amazing what can affect our bodies. My friend's is anecdotal, but my son and dad, it's true. Sorry, don't know what to tell you to put on it. Good luck!

Hi - I also get hives if I have too much OJ. I avoid OJ for my son (he has other allergies), and for my daughter I dilute it a lot. You might watch out for strawberries, peaches and tomatoes as well. The rash goes away on its own (or at least it does for me), but Benadryl might help if your pediatrician says it's ok.

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