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Can Not Get Baby to Take Formula

My baby is 8 months old and I will have to look for new employment in the coming weeks and will not be able to pump for daycare feeding. What can I do to get him to drink formula, he doesn't like the taste is the only problem. Has any one tried the pedia sure for children under a year? Thanks for your help!

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Well, I think all these responses are very helpful. I guess my concern is that I don't like pumping and I think it would take me about a half hour or more just to get a few ounces (past experience). I considered trying different brands but was shocked by the cost of one can, 14 dollars! I do like the idea of mixing with breastmilk, but again the getting enough out issue. I will of course continue to breastfeed in the morning and after work. He does drink water/juice in a cup and bottle and he does eat solids, but I am not sure if that will be enough to supplement him while at work. I will confer with the pediatrician as well, but wanted to hear from other moms so thank you so much. I heard what one mom's baby liked to drink, but would like to hear what other babies like to drink for formula as well. Thanks again for the great responses!

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Have you tried different brands? The premix vs powder. My daughter also did not care for formula when she weened herself at 6 months. I tried about 4 differnt brands till I found one that she would drink. It ended up being a soyed based formula.
Good luck

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I'm starting to lose my milk so I had to start giving him the bottle. It took me awhile to find a bottle that he would take (Avent). I would start out with breastmilk and then moved to half breastmilk and half formula. Now he will drink the formula if I don't have to fix a half and half.
I hope this helps you! Good Luck!

I think you've gotten great responses so far. Mixing the two until he gradually gets used to it is probably easiest.

But, I wanted to say that going back to work doesn't mean you HAVE to stop breastfeeding. By law employers are required to give you a place and time to pump for your baby. Don't give up. Breastfeeding is one of the best things we can do for our little ones for so many reasons. Any employer worth working for will make accomodations for you. If they aren't, you don't want to work there. What happens when one of your kids is sick? Daycare won't take them and that means time off for you. Take your time and look for a family friendly company to work for. You won't be sorry if you do.
Also, remember that nursing your baby in the mornings and evenings is the perfect way to stay connected and close once you are working out of the home.

Good luck with everything! This mom job sure is a lot of work, isn't it? :)

Your son is too young for pediasure... he really needs the nutrients that only formula or breast milk can supply.

In my experience with my own children and my nieces and nephews I have cared for, some babies just won't take it until they have to. Try leaving him with your husband for an entire day, and he'll take one by the end of the day. By the next day, he won't protest unless he feels the breast is an alternative. He will probably go on a feeding strike and refuse to take it, but after a couple hours of that, he will get hungry enough to drink it. A baby will not starve himself.

If you feel like a slower more gradual approach would work better for your family, then start diluting bottles of breast milk with a little bit of formula. Gradually increase the amount of formula in the bottle, and gradually decrease the amount of breast milk.

I've only tried 2 different formulas - Both were Good Start - 1 was DHA/ARA and the other was the soy version. We stuck with the regular version because my dd drank two bottles of the soy and refused the rest. She was also a breast milk and formula baby. I think that Good Start is very similar tasting to breastmilk (sweet) - it smells and tastes much better than some of the other formulas that I've smelled/tasted (my niece and nephews drank Enfamil). Perhaps Enfamil has changed its formula since then, but a few years back it was not as palatable, IMO.

HTH! Good luck!


Have you tried doing half breast/half formular for a week or so, then slowly takign out more and more of the breast milk? Worked for me. Good luck!

Have you tried different brands? The premix vs powder. My daughter also did not care for formula when she weened herself at 6 months. I tried about 4 differnt brands till I found one that she would drink. It ended up being a soyed based formula.
Good luck

Hi T.,
Try goats milk. You can buy it in a store, depending on where you live, or perhaps a goat person living in your area. Goat milk is close to human milk in perfect protein ratios. Our "kids" are similar in size. I know many children who grew and excelled in life who drank goats milk from 3-4 weeks old on up. Good luck to you, it'll work out. Best, M. M.

Hi T.!!

Try mixing pumped breast milk and formula. Start with mostly breast milk and add a little more formula each day. Watch to see how the baby handles the formula. some formula may upset his system. You might have to try differnt kinds. But if you slowly increase the amount of formula he shouldn't fight the change. Make sure to keep the temperature the same. Mine always liked their bottles warmed up.
Good luck,

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