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Can My 1 Month Old Be Teething Already?

She's started crying inconsolably for several hours at a time. During these crying fests, she will root like she wants to eat and when I put her to the breast she will try to suckle, then clamp down, let go and start all over. Sometimes she'll get a few good sucks in and then start gnawing away at my breast. She also wants to switch from breast to breast a lot. She also will drool a lot when I'm just cradling her and will chew on her fingers. I can see the white through her gums on the top row. Are first teeth usual top or bottom? I thought it might be digestive problems, but usually laying her on her stomach fixes gassiness and helps her bowl movements. She just screams like she's in the most pain ever and then after a few hours, quiets down, nurses, and sleeps for at least 4 hours. Is this how teething starts and can it happen so early?

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Thanks for all the advice. I was hoping to avoid taking her to the pediatrician, but I did anyway. She is perfectly fine. The doctor did not believe it was colic, because it isn't regular enough for him to think its colic. He believed it was gas and advised me to burp her differently and more frequently during feedings. This has seemingly solved the problem so it was just gas. He said he did think that she'd be one of the children that cuts her first teeth around 4 months, but that for now she is just a typical baby. Thankfully, we are back to our normal peaceful routine. Again, thanks for all the help ladies, and my little on thanks you too.

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Teething usually starts a few months before a tooth makes its actual appearance. And some babies do get teeth really early--my nephew got his first tooth at 4.5 mos! Usually the bottom center teeth come in first, but it's possible she's getting her first tooth on top. It's so hard when they teethe this young, cause they can't hold a teether, etc. themselves. Try holding a cold teether to her mouth for her & let her gum it for awhile.

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It is extremely unlikely that she is teething--3 months is about the earliest a baby starts and 6 months is average. And it is normal to see that white in their gums and the drooling will start because of a reflex and not just because they are teething. Babies will chew on their fingers--or anything else as a soothing technique--again starting around 1 month--but it does not necessarily mean then are teething.
When they really start to cut their teeth, their gums turn red at the area where they pop out...
It is probably more gas/tummy related. You can try gas drops or gripe water, and gentle tummy massages.But if it persists I would check with your pediatrician because it could also be reflux or some other digestive issue.

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Hi C.,
I have a 3 month old too and my son drools like crazy and omg he used to cry like crazy and had difficulty eating too (well, he was bottle feed) and we ended up understanding it was just gas he was retaining. He started feeling better when he turned almost 2 1/2 months.

My oldest son , drooled like crazy too but he started teething when he was almost 5 or 6 months. It was sooooo bad those months. But I would suggest you to talk to her doctor u never know! Good luck! and hey u never know, my cousin's baby was born w/a tooth almost out. Believe me it wasn't fun for them!

again good luck!

Yes she really could be teething already. Rubbing her gums with feel good to her and then you'll know she's teething. You'll need those teething toys so she can chew on them instead of you. It's best to keep them in the fridge so there cool and feel good on her gums. Also a cool wet rag for her to suck and chew on is good too. Next time you go to the docotrs for her check up make sure to let them know. They can help with any other ideas too.
As for which come in first well it's all different. I can say that when a moler starts to come in it's tougher to break through the gum. The Oral Gel you can get over the counter can make the gums tough and hard for the teeth to come in without much pain so I used it only when I was desparate. Talk to the doc about if she could use that yet though.
Good luck and welcome to the world.


Get some of the teething tablets, they are homeopathic so they will not do any harm to her. See if they make a difference, if so, you have your answer. If not, call her pediatrician and have her checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. The sooner the better!

Take Care,
T. (mom of 4)

I am not sure if she could be teething already but I do now some things to ease her pain. I would definately continue nursing her, that has been shown to help ease pain. I would also put a wet washcloth in the freezer and let it get pretty cold (not hard) and let her knaw on that. You will have to call the doctor and ask about teething tablets since she is still so little. She should get her bottom 2 teeth first. This is fine since her tongue will be between her teeth and your nipple so she won't bite you very easily. Good luck!

Teething usually starts a few months before a tooth makes its actual appearance. And some babies do get teeth really early--my nephew got his first tooth at 4.5 mos! Usually the bottom center teeth come in first, but it's possible she's getting her first tooth on top. It's so hard when they teethe this young, cause they can't hold a teether, etc. themselves. Try holding a cold teether to her mouth for her & let her gum it for awhile.

Well, it is "possible" that she is teething that young, but it is not the most likely cause of her discomfort. Teething at that age is very rare. It is normal for a baby's gums to look whitish, but teething generally cases them to look more red and inflamed. Most babies drool a lot long before they start cutting teeth. Also, the chewing on the hand is normal, with or without teething. Something that concerns me is that teething does cause discomfort, but it would not cause her to scream inconsolably for several hours, especially when a tooth is not even cutting the gum yet. Sounds more like she is colicky. Try some of the colic remedies already mentioned and talk to your pediatrician if you can.

Sounds like she has colic...My oldest daughter did the same thing. She would scream for about an hour and a half every day at the same time for about 4 to 6 weeks. I'll pray for you as you walk through this.
V. A

Hi, I had this same problem with my son and his pediatrician told me to go to the pharmacy and ask for teething tablets-they also help with colic. He said they are safe to use but I would check with your pediatrician frst. They just dissolve in the mouth and they are used for teething and for colic. They only cost about four dollars and they were a lifesaver. Let me know what you find out. I actually have used them for my 4 yr old when she has alot of gas. I am off to prepare for the hurricane. Take Care!! S.

It's possible for your 1 month old to be teething. My youngest daughter started teething at 2 1/2 months. Try putting a toy in the freezer and letting her chew on it. If it seems to relieve her pain and discomfort, you know what to look for.

Please check with your pediatrician. Your baby could have reflux. My son's started at the same age with the same symptoms you are describing. It was horrible pain for him that ultimately required medication to control.

Your baby may be teething, but reflux at this age is much more likely. Please take her to the doctor.

Given her age, teething is extremely unlikely. If you are seeing white in her mouth it could be thrush. It is painful for babies so her response would be typical if she does have thrush. Take her to either the lactation consultant, if you like the one associated with your hospital, or to the pediatrician. If she has thrush, you need to treat your nipples too, which the pediatrician might not mention, so it's a good idea to go to the lactation consultant for yourself.
The solution is relatively simple if that is what she has: two weeks of nipple cream for you and a few days of swabbing her mouth with nystatin or gentian violet. It clears up very quickly and there are no long term effects.
I had thrush myself a few times although my baby never got it. Nursing was excruciatingly painful until it cleared up a bit.
Going to the lactation consultant will also let you check to make sure she is eating enough at a feeding, with all of her trouble nursing. Good luck.

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