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Can Laxative Hurt Baby?

i am breastfeeding my 2 months old boy. i am having difficulties with using the bathroom. wanted to know if i take laxative will it effect my baby anyhow? did anybody had this problem? and what did you do?

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Thank you all very much. I am very glad that i found this cite and i am getting so much of information here. When i had a baby i was very overwhelmed and was confused a little. Now i now where i can find help. It is very nice that there are so many moms who are willing to help others.... I feel much better now, i started drinking lots of water. Thank you!

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Stay hydrated for you. My son required laxatives when he was months old too and the doctor recommend how much and how often. Their little systems are sensitive. He grew out of it and is doing fine now. Good luck! Hope he feels better!

I had that problem when I was pregnant, but not after. I recommend benefiber. It's just extra fiber, so it won't be harmful at all, it's good for you. And it really does dissolve completely like the say, it's not noticeable. They did give me a laxative the day after I had my babies because they said it could be really hard to go otherwise. I didn't need it though, so once I learned what it was I refused to take it.

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You would need to look at the package but most likely it will say to consult with your doc if you are. breastfeeding. I had the same problem early in my 1st pregnancy. Try increasing your fluid intake, pears, fiber one cereal, raisin bran, prune juice are all more natural ways to get your body going again. Congrats on the new bebe and breastfeeding!

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You can always use metamucil. It is just psillium (fiber). It can help soften your stool so that it will pass better. Also, the other comments about getting enough fluids and exercise (walking) are right on target. Most americans do not consume enough fiber in their diets, either, though. So try adding some metamucil once a day and also foods that are naturally high in fiber (celery, carrots, apples, bran, oatmeal, beans, etc). And try to stay away from the highly refined foods (donuts, white bread, etc) as they have virtually NO fiber. A lot of the breakfast cereals are starting to add fiber to their content. You can even buy POP-Tarts that have added fiber now. So if you don't want apples, try one of the new "fiber added" foods on the market! :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Eat a prune/dried plum followed by hot tea. Good luck -

I took one when my baby was first born b/c it was a LONG time before I could go after delivery. The hospital gave me one, but I can't remember which one. Ask your local pharmacist to recommend one that is safe for breastfeeding moms - they are a great resource for your and your baby when you have questions about drugs.

I did not take even a Tylenol while I was nursing so I am of no help to you that way. It seems silly to me for you t take something because he is not going to the bathroom though. My oldest daughter, now 14 had a really hard time at about 6 weeks. A couple of things that helped me was they make, or atleast did then, a glycerine based liquid suppository. I would give it to her and she would go with in minutes. It was in an enema type packaging. I also started to give her gripe water a couple of times a day. I think she just needed a little more liquid to soften her up.

my OB gave me laxatives to take home after the birth since i had stitches couldn't have any pushing, so yes, there are safe ones for breastfeeding. ask your doc. make SURE you are drinking enough water and not trying to do too much.

I know that a lot of hospitals give laxatives to breastfeeding moms after they have their babies b/c it can be quite painful to "go" after just giving birth.

If you are worried, you can call your doctor's office. They should be able to reassure you over the phone and/or recommend a brand.

You can also take psyllium fiber (Metamucil), which is not a medication. That can help with constipation.

Good luck and congratulations on bfing your new baby!

No, it won't hurt the baby. Doctors actualy recomend that you take a gentle laxative and it's also important that you keep taking your prenatal vitamins. Also, make sure you drink plenty of fluids, that will also help.

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