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Can I Paint My 2 Year Old's Nails?

Hi! My daugter turned 2 back in July. I like painting my finger nails and toe nails at home and so my daughter thinks she should have her nails done too. Is 2 to young? Or do you think i could use a lite pink color or something bold? Are they too toxic for her? Thats my main concern.... Please Help! Thanks

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I've decided not to paint her nails. I tell her when she gets a little bigger like mommy she can have hers done. now i just wait until naptime or bedtime to paint my nails.

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i would love to know this answer too. my daughter eats it sometimes off her nails so I do not like that.

Hi H.,

I remember seeing a post about this a few months ago. One mom pointed out, a 2 year old will frequently put her fingers in her mouth. Remember polish tends to flake off... do you really want her to have it in her mouth?

Another thing I was told is that the "quick drying" type is very toxic and should not be used with children.

Something else you may want to consider... finger nail polish smells, do you want her breathing in those fumes?

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I think the age is a personal choice, I think it is too young. Yes, nailpolish just like, soap, toothpaste, cleaners and everything else you buy from the store is toxic. Unless you buy a non-toxic water based brand from a health food store (be prepared to pay about $8) for a safe version. The water based only stays on for a day or two but at least you can have peace of mind.

If you are looking for personal care or other non-toxic items, let me know. My house is toxic free!

Once in a while if I took my daughter to nail salon with me (if no sitter, for instance), I'd let her get her nails done too at that age. Typically, I'd let her get a bright pink color. Like hot pink. It's cute. Just stay away from red, which looks tacky at that age. My daughter is now 6. She picked out blue the other day!!

Does your daughter put her hands (or toes) in her mouth? Or chew on her nails? If not, then go ahead and paint them. If you aren't sure, then try it once and see how she does with it. If you see her chewing the polish off then tell her she has to wait till she gets older and doesn't do that anymore. Or get a more "child friendly" polish just for her.

My 2 year olds toe nails were painted the entire summer...I just didn't let her do her finger nails yet because I still see her put her hands in her mouth...but if your child doesn't why not? ANd you can always take it off if there's a problem.

I think if it is a special occasion, like her birthday, etc it's ok, but it should not be a regular occurence. You don't want a young child to become focused on her appearance. As far as the toxins, there are nail polishes out there that are natural. One that is good is from Priti Organic Spa in Manhattan. The spa has since closed but they sell the polish online. http://pritinyc.3dcartstores.com/index.html

Hi - check out piggypaints.com. no harsh chemicals. my girls love them!

Mamasita has the correct response...It is NOT something that a 2yr old should be exposed...


I've been painting my daughter's toe nails since she was 18 months. Since I have funky patterns on my toes (different colors per toe or such) and change them often, everyone was surprised I hadn't done hers sooner. And I've never done muted colors unless she asked for it .... letting her decide makes for amusing 'pamper' sessions.

Good luck and enjoy being a girl with your girl ...

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