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Can I Mix Soy & Milk Based Formula?

We thought that my daughter was lactose intolerant when she was about a month old (it turned out to be reflux), so we put her on soy formula. She's been on soy since then, but because she is nearing a year old and cow's milk will become a part of her diet, I thought I would try her on milk based formula. I gave her a bottle of it, and she didn't like it at all. Does anyone know if I can I mix her soy with the milk based to ease her into the new flavor?

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Many thanks to you all for your thoughts and suggestions. My picky eater (it's struggle to get anything other than store-bought purees in her- she won't eat the fresh stuff I make) will probably need a decent amount of time to adjust, so I will make a big effort to go slow and gradually introduce her to something- I haven't figured out whether to go with milk-based formula or cow's milk or soy milk. She's a little one at only the 5th percentile for weight, so it's really important to me that she gets the nutrition she needs.

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Definitely !!! You are a smart lady. Start out with mostly soy and a little milk - by the way, she is nine months old and you don't need formula anymore. Then gradually add more and more milk. If you aren't comfortable with going to milk, then use milk-based formula. If you do it VERY gradually, there should be no problem! Besides, when she is really hungry, she'll take it anyway.

Good Luck!


Why not continue with soy milk? I know my 10 year old wishes I had never switched her to cow milk, but now she has the taste for it. Eventually drinking milk should be occasional, not every day, anyway. As we grow we move towards just water, hopefully, with juice & milk being once in a while. The soy is a bit more expensive but it will only be for a year or two.

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You can mix them, but why not just have her drink soy milk instead of cows milk?

We did the same thing with our daughter and she too hated cows milk. We tried to mix the soy formula with cows milk, which is fine to do, but she rejected that as well and now we just give her organic soy milk from Trader Joes.

Have you tried to give her soy milk yet to see how she responds to that? It fulfills all the nutritional needs....but is definitely more costly than cows milk.

My son was lactose intolerant and I had him on sy formula for the first year. When he turned 1 we switched him to regular cows milk and he didn't have a problem. I don't know if you can mix the soy with the regular formula but you could ask your doctor about it or just try giving your daughter the cows milk.
Hope this helps and good luck.


i wouldn't think there'd be any problem as long as she'd drink it.

Why don't you try organic rice milk? It also comes in vanilla. It's better for children than soy which is high in estrogen. The longer you can avoid dairy the better. If you must, go organic there too to avoid the growth hormone and antibiotics.

Yes, you can mix. My daughter had lactose intolernace around 6 months. SO she was on breastmilk and soy formula. At 1 year I would give her soy milk. Then I started mixing soy milk with regular milk until she was eventually on regular milk 100%. Her allergy was only temporary. She has had no problems since.

I would not mix. You could overload her with one or more ingredient. Also, I would take her off the soy. Studies show that soy is not good for children. Small amounts from time to time is fine. Soy had natural hormones that can cause early development in children. I personally am not an advocate of cows milk. I believe cows milk is for baby cows. There are other options. Good luck.

Hmm. I've never heard that mixing formulas is an issue. It is commonly recommended to combine two liquids when trying to make the transition from one to the other. I would have done it without even thinking to ask the doctor, but if you'd feel better, have your doctor OK it.

P.S. Two of my children have food allergies. I would recommend going very slowly with the introduction of dairy and watching carefully for rashes, diarrhea, fussiness, etc. Our third child tolerated Good Start formula (which is partially hydrolyzed dairy) and tolerated occasional servings of yogurt without any noticable reaction, so I thought he was not allergic to dairy. But from 12-14 months he got very fussy and developed a bad rash on his face. When I switched him from whole milk back to the formula, the rash and fussiness went away.

Also, our second child had silent reflux as an infant and toddler that turned out to be triggered by food allergies. Reflux meds had no impact. But once we identified his allergies and removed them from his diet, the reflux (and all his other symptoms) went away.

It's quite possible that she was sensitive to dairy and it was contributing to her reflux, but that she has outgrown it. Most babies outgrow their allergies.

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