Can I Mix Breastmilk and Formula Together?

Updated on December 01, 2009
M.V. asks from Hoffman Estates, IL
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Hi Moms,

I am almost done breastfeeding and would like to start formula. I have a few bags of breastmilk left that I would like to use and was wondering if I can mix it with the formula or not. I was thinking of mixing 2oz of breastmilk with 2oz of formula...not sure if it's a good idea or not. Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the quick responses. I'll try it and see how she reacts to it.

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i would do 2 oz in 2 bottles
if she doesn't drink it you have to throw it away
i would never want to throw away breast milk
and formula goes bad faster than milk
give her the milk and if stillhungry do formula



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You can mix it without having problems. I would jsut suggest you watch for changes that are really out of the ordinary since formula will be new to her. I mixed breastmilk with formula when needed, and later with milk since my d hated formula. The ratio of milik to formula does't have to be equal. She was about 8 or 9 months when I added an ounce of milk to 4 ounces of formula.



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I did, and there was no problem. However, since I wanted my baby to drink my "liquid gold" first, I used to do 2 separate bottles and feed him the breastmilk first, then a bottle of formula to supplement.



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When my twins were in the NICU they mixed the formula w/breastmilk. The only issue my children was they weren't drinking it. We later learned it was because they did not like the two mixed together. Like someone mentioned earlier just watch your child closely.



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Sure, I did. So that my daughter still had the taste of my breast milk and she had formula also. I did that for about three days to five and switched her to formula. I did use water also, like if your were to mix it up reg. & then put it with my milk. Are you switching your one week old baby?
You do have to watch there stool, formula sometimes makes then bound up. Good luck!



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Hi, I grew up in Hoffman Estates. Neat to see that location. Anyway, go for it! That's a great idea, getting the little one ready for the taste of formula, but not 100%. You don't mention how old the baby is, but there is toddler formula for 9 months and up, depending on what brand you get.
Just make sure she/he drinks it and it does not sit around, since it's thawed milk.

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