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Can I Have Your Cleaning Schedule

Hello wonderful mom's,
I am wondering if you have a cleaning schedule, like on monday's you clean the bathrooms and tuesdays you clean something else. I need to have a cleaning schedule because my house is so out of control so i am wondering if I can have your? This will at least give me a start on taking control of my house.
Thank you in advance

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Try the FLy Lady. She is totally awesome. She helped me finally get my schedule in control. You can find her at flylady.net It's totally free, and you can sign up for emails from her to remind you of what to do, what's important, and to inspire. Plus it's so nice to know you are not the only one out there.

go to flylady.com IT will help you out tremendously. that is what it is all about. Helping people take control of not only their homes, but theri whole life.

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I am a single mom with two kids, 4 and 7, one in school part time and the other in 2nd grade. I do part time during the day child care and before/after school care.
I have to be on a schedule or this house would be insane and very dirty! :) I have a dog and three cats too so I vacuum daily.
Mondays- clean litter box, pick up dog poop in backyard, do laundry for the day, clean up kitchen, trash out, vacuum downstairs.
Tuesdays- dust downstairs, clean bathroom downstairs, vacuum downstairs, trash out, load of laundry and kitchen as needed
Wednesdays- do daily stuff, laundy, kitchen and trash.
Thursdays-trash has to go out to curb, dust upstairs, change sheets upsairs and clean upstairs bathroom, vacuum down and up and one load of laundry, kitchen accordingly.
Friday-change litter box, load of laundry, kitchen, trash out and vacuum downstairs, give the bathroom downstairs a wipe down with clorox wipes.
Saturday and Sunday are free days, just the daily stuff.

I vacuum every day downstairs, do one load of laundry each day so I don't spend a whole day doing laundry, I take the trash out daily and keep the kitchen organized and clean daily.
I do not spend more then 40 minutes each day on cleaning, I just don't have the time. Doing this schedule is my life saver and keeps the house clean.
Daily the kids have to pick up the playroom and put their own clothes away after I have done laundry. They are to pick up the living room of their stuff before bedtime.
Good lcuk, I am sure you will find your groove! :)

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Hi C.... Here is my cleaning schedule.

Mondays: Master bath and bedroom, water plants
Tuesday: Upstairs bathroom and laundry room
Wednesday: Downstairs Bathroom (Wednesday tends to be a crazy day at our house, this is the easiest to clean)
Thursday: Playroom and Grocery shopping
Friday: Family Room and baby's room
Saturday: Kitchen and my kids clean their rooms

I also do 2 or 3 loads of laundry everday which really helps me stay on top of it. If I miss a day, I skip it that week and move on to the next day. Over two weeks it doesn't get TOO bad. I also love the disinfecting wipes. They save a ton of time and are so easy to clean with!

Life can get so crazy sometimes! Sometimes it helps to have a little schedule. It doesn't feel like your cleaning all day long and getting nothing done. This way you know that everything gets done at least once a week.

good luck! Also, don't be too hard on yourself. You're a mom, not a housekeeper...

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Can I just say I can't believe all the cleaning other people are doing!! I know I should do better but does your house really need to be vacuumed every other day? and windows??? i hire someone every 3 years to do my windows!

I try to do all my laundry on Mondays, groceries on Wed. If I can get a schedule where I'm cleaning the bathrooms once a month I'll be doing good!

Before I had kids I did bathrooms on one day, floors (kitchen & vacuum carpets) on another, laundry on another, dusting on another.

I guess I'm lazier than many but I enjoy my kids and don't do much when they are asleep for two reasons. . . I think its important that they see when things get done and the house isn't magically tidied up and also. . . when they are asleep is my time to relax! and go to bed early myself.

Finally, there is a famous, old quote about cleaning and motherhood:

I hope my children will look back on today
And see a mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
But children grow up while we're not looking.
Dusting and scrubbing can wait 'till tomorrow
For babies grow fast we learn to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

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I work full time, 12 hour day 5 days a week,so I had to have a cleaning schedule. This is what I do. Every day I clean a different room in the house. My children are in charge of Keeping their own Bed Rooms and Bath Room clean. I check it on the day I do my own. Here is a example of what I do

Day off
Crock Pot Day for cooking supper
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Front Room
Clean under Counch Cushions, Under if needed
Pick up floor, Vacuum
Take out Garbage
Dust what needed
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Wipe down Cabinets, Fridge, ect
Pick Up Floor, Vacuum
Take Out Garbage
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Dining Room
Wipe down Chairs, Table
Pick Up Floor, Vacuum
Take Out Garbage
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Bed Rooms
Make Beds with Fresh Bedding
Pick Up Floor, Vacuum
Take Out Garbage
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Bath Rooms
Pick Up Floor, Vacuum
Take Out Garbage
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

Pick Up Floor, Vacuum
Take Out Garbage
Groceries, Shopping if needed
Hair Cuts, ect.
Load Dishes in Dish Washer (Start at 10pm when I go to bed)

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I didn't read the other responses, but have you heard of Flylady? She has a website with tons of helpful hints on housecleaning. It's helped me. Check out www.flylady.net.


i make a list in my mind of most important to the least. I start with the most important and work my way down. if I don't get anything done, i did the best i could for that day.

Hi C.! I never really had a schedule. But a few things I do daily. I first do all of my kitchen. Let me explain. No dishes left over, I wipe down the surfaces and put the clean ones away. Next I go to the trash I make sure nothing is overflowing. I take what is, put into a larger trash bag and put outside. When I empty the one int the kitchen I always clean the inner can, I have one like that, with a small amount of bleach and Mr Clean and cold water and allow to air dry. When I see my laundry baskets getting full I do the clothes right then. I don't wait. I hate to have loads and loads of clothes to be doing. small is better than the monster ones. I do my bathrooms at least 3 days a week, just as I see the yuk building I do it. Just pick any 3 and do this. When I do the bathrooms I do the vacuuming and dusting. I am also graced I don't have alot of carpet. I have to do hard wood though. This will become a habit.

"YES" Having a daily schedule is exactly what i do. I'm Up at 5 make lunch for the family breakfast for the kids start cleaning the every day stuff, dish are done after meals, Morning routine {this is as I do.} Every day I sweep, ( hardwood floors) I vacuum the edges of all the 9 rooms. Laundry On Sundays, The kids help. Monday is Mop day, Clean Bathroom head to toe in & Out have a washable curtain I bleach, etc. Wed. I dust. and sanitize toys, Thursdays, Family fun day so I do my normal floors dishes but I don't extent my clean I like to work out on this day. Friday Is Bedding, a Fresh weekend calls for fresh linings. The house is not usaly tip top with 5 kids on a daily so Fridays are a rearrange put it in it's place kinda day I browse over my weeks chores if needed.Weekends are full outside the home so its almost untouched. I seasonal clean the windows. Clean in the spring b4 opening, and fall when we lock them. My home is always hectic, But I am a strong clean dedicated stay at home mom. Have fun with it You will notice if your on schedule things seem to go a lot more smoothly! My Kids help with chores go to working moms.com for some ideas. I have two children I care for three children, I live with My Mother in law who's a nurse, and My Husband who's a Carpenter. Cleaning fairy to the rescue! Have fun be clean. Love & Faith & Blessings

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