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Can I Give My 3 Year Old an Antacid?

okay this might seem like a dumb question, but i am really certain my son has had heartburn a couple times lately. once he just started crying hysterically for seemingly no reason, and when i questioned him he said his "mouth" hurt (he says the same thing when he has a sore throat), and then he said when he burped "it came up and hurt me". sounds like heartburn for sure, right? the first time it happened i gave him a drink of whole milk and that helped (i am a longtime heartburn sufferer as well, so i know some tricks). but this last time i felt that was what was going on, we were out of milk, so i gave him one antacid tablet, the old fashioned chalky kind. he perked right up and said he felt much better. i do wonder if that wasn't because they basically taste like candy, but is there any harm in giving him one every once in awhile? i know they're okay for pregnant women and my dr. has never told me about any limitations on them for myself. i see them as pretty harmless. any thoughts? thanks!

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thanks ladies! mama's instinct was ok on this one lol. i didn't think there was any harm...but you never know sometimes there are things out there i haven't heard of...! thanks again!

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Try Brioschi....It work for my child. You have to give him smaller dosage although I think they came out with a children version. Anyway, a friend recommended it because it was all natural so i tried it and it worked wonders. Hope it works for you

I agree that you should always check with the pediatrician, especially since I am not one!
We do give our 20 month son Mylanta Cherry Supreme occasionally. He used to get 1/2 millimeter of of 3 times per day with his acid reflux meds when he was an infant. Every now and them, he smells like "barf" and hiccups, which usually means some heartburn.
Now, I give him 3-5 millimeters (1/2 to 1 teaspoon) and it is fixed pronto!
We use Mylanta Cherry Supreme b/c it does not have aluminum.

You could give him prilosec if you want. I read the insert that came with mine once and it said they have given it in doses of up to 1000 times the dosage to mice and never hurt them. My daughter has acid reflux as well. Her Ped prescribed prevacid. That's just another version of prilosec. I've tried all the over the counter stuff that came before prilosec and prevacid. None of them work nearly as well.


Yes!, our dr said we could give our 3 year old pepcid, one a day... Just make sure it's not the "pepcid complete".

I would contact his pediatrician to be sure.

Pepto makes an antacid for kids. It's active ingredient is calcium carbonate, just like Tums. In tums, each tablet has 500 mgs. The Children's Pepto has 400 mgs in each tablet (the dosage is 1 tablet for 2-5 year olds). Sooo.. there's not much of a difference between the two dosage wise, but I still think you should check with your doc.

Our 3 yo son loves tums, and whenever he see's mommy or daddy taking one, he always wants one. Most of the time we give him one since all they are, are calcium tablets that taste like fruit.

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