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Can Children Have Heartburn?

I have a 9 year old beautiful girl. And lately she has complained of chest problems. One time it was after a spicey meal so I gave her a Rolaide and she went off and didn't complain. The other day she ate a weight watcher meal that wasn't spicey but again complained of chest pains right away. Is this normal at the age of nine. She eats hot sauce at resturants and doesn't complain. Are Rolaides ok for children?

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Yes my daughter gets it with certain type of food. I keep a bottle of tums for kids or rolaids for kids in the house.

Yes but it could be reflux.My son has been dianosed with reflux for a few years now he is 9 almost 10.I would call her Dr and see what he says and he will probably refer you to a gastroenterologist.I use Cook childrens and we see Dr Ongumola he is great.Hope this helps ! Good Luck

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Yes, they can have heartburn and if it's only on occasion, I wouldn't be too concerned. Just try to keep track of what she's eaten so you might be able to pinpoint the culprit. But, if it starts happening more frequently, it could be a sign of something more severe. I'd take her to see a doctor if that's the case.

My daughter had acid reflux starting at around 2 weeks old. They weren't able to treat her until she was around 6 months, but they did give her prevecid. It was prescription so i am not sure about things over the counter. I would take her to the doc just to be sure of whats going on. It may even be indigestion. Good luck!

I suggest having your daughter keep a food journal...because if this is relatively new it may just be diet related and before you go through expenisve testing and doctor visits you might check to see if its treatable by improving her diet. A High-fat diet can pose alot of gastro-intestinal problems. And making sure she's drinking plenty of water can help too! People are so quick to medicate every symptom! But I would look for patterns in her eating as to when she has the heartburn.

They can have heartburn, especially if you or the hubby has a history of it. I'm almost 31 and I remember having heartburn back when Dynasty used to be on TV. And I'm a firm believer that it's inherited. My grandfather, mom, brother, and I have gastro problems. I'd talk to her pedi, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't give her Rolaids, most of them have calcium in them which is good for her.

Sorry I wasn't much help, but I am a true testiment that kids her age can get it.

I add a small amount of baking soda to my children drinks when they have acid. They are 3 & 5.

For an adult it is 1 tsp in warm water especially at night. They is no way my kids will take that so I put like a 1/4 tsp in juice or milk and they drink that.. I I keep doing it until they're not having trouble. There is a certain point when you can't really taste it.

Yes my daughter gets it with certain type of food. I keep a bottle of tums for kids or rolaids for kids in the house.

You should make an appt with your daughter's pediatrician. It's best not to diagnose over the internet with laypeople. Good luck!

My 7 year old takes prilosec for heartburn, so yes. Also, you can buy children's tums at any pharmacy. Hope this answers your question. However, make sure that you are not overlooking any true chest pain. But, it does sound like heartburn!

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