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Can a Child Have Two Godfathers?

We are blessing our third child and we have no good choice for a godmother. Both me and my husband have a brother who has not yet been asked to stand up for our children as a godparent. Both of whom would be very hurt if not asked. We have strong feelings about godparents being blood related and not married into the family. Our choices for godmother would be one of my cousins, but that would leave us to choose only one brother. We are not catholic, we are non-denominational . What are your thoughts?

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Thanks for all the input ladies! I have suceeded in putting my husbands fears to rest. Our baby boy will have two god-fathers.

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We are Catholic and in our religion, one can only have one Godfather and one Godmother (together), for Baptism and for First Communion, if it's a boy then a Godfather and for a girl, well a Godmother. And all parties must be practicing Catholics! :j

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My daughter has 2 godmothers. It's a very common practice.

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There is nothing wrong with 2 godfathers. Seriously, what does a godparent do? They should be someone who can share their religion with your child if something were to happen to you. That doesn't have to be a woman and a man.
My husband is Catholic and his church does NOT demand one of each or that both are Catholic. It depends on your specific church.

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I think it is totally fine. My sister chose me and my sister to be godmothers for our niece. My other niece has two godfathers. I see no reason why you should pick someone to fill the roll just to have a godmother and a godfather. It should be who you would like to be the godparents.

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Do what is best for your child, how can you go wrong?

My goddaughter has 2 godmothers - myself and another family friend. I don't see that there should be any problem. Maybe just check with your pastor to verify.

I am sure it would be fine to have two godfathers.

I am actually more amused by the previous responses because there seems to be different opinions on what Catholics do. I am Catholic too and I am scheduling the baptism my baby girl currently so I have just taken the required classes. I have never heard of godparents chosen for First Communion. For a Baptism, people usually choose two godparents and usually one is a female and the other is a man.

It would be interesting to see what the Pope would say is the 'right ' thing.

We are catholic & my priest will allow 2 Godfathers or 2 Godmothers. He feels that the baby having 2 great role models who will help the parents teach the baby the ways of the faith is more important. Yes there are some Catholic priest who won't allow it-like our old priest @ our old church in another state. I agree that you should pick who you want! My best friend is in a non denominational church & his pastor allowed him to baptise his children w/ either 2 Godmother, 2 Godfathers & 3 Godparents. Talk w/ your pastor & explain how your brother & brother in law are the best suited for your baby & how they will help you raise the baby in your faith & I'm sure your pastor will understand!

Godparents are to provide religious guidance to the child. As long as your church doesn't have any guidelines restricting it, there is no reason that you can not have two Godfathers. My son has one Godmother and two Godfathers.

Absolutely. There are some guidelines for female/male pairings (like a girl would have a godmother and 2 godfathers, a boy would have a godfather and 2 godmothers) but these days nothing is really written in stone it was explained to me that as long as the godparents are someone you would WANT to be in charge of your child's spiritual learning as they are growing up (if something happens to you).

It doesn't matter 2 godfathers, 2 godmothers, 1, 4, I really wouldn't go beyond 4 unless age is a factor with the asking of the blessing of presence (ie: beloved grandparent who is getting on in years).


Sure! My daughter has 2 Godmothers and 2 Godfathers. We couldn't decide so we made them both the Godparents. They are not related to us. The one set decided not to have children of their own but they are fantastic with children. They spoil my daughter. The other is my husbands best friend since they were 7. Choose your cousin for Godmother and have both brothers for Godfathers. That would be awesome for them. Good Luck! And Congrats!

Dear D., Why don't you ask at your church? Although I have not heard of this it is not a bad idea. I am Catholic and the reason for a Godparent is to see to the religious education of the child in the event something happens to the parents. In short, a good example of faith. If your brothers fit the bill, why not? Grandma Mary

I'm not sure how it works in other faiths, but if you were Catholic it would be fine as long as they were both in good standings with the church.

Absolutely! My son has 2 Godfathers and one Godmother.

I know you got tons of answers already but wanted to share our experience. We are catholic and I had two brothers that I couldn't choose between so we had two godparents. No problems at all or any raised eyebrows from attendees or the priest- everyone loved that my brothers both got to share the honor. My one brother did like making jokes about how two men couldn't get married at the alter but they can be godparents!

Yes! I'm one of two God mothers :o)

I dont see why you couldnt.

I think there is nothing wrong with it. I have 2 brothers and 3 kids. I have no sisters and my husband only has 1 sister, so My #1 child has my 1 brother and his sister and god parents, and #2 has my other brother and a girlfriend of mine, and #3 has both of my brothers as god fathers and my closest girl friend. I see nothing wrong with it at all.

Of course you can have 2 godfathers, that is a great idea, your brother and brother-in-law will both be honored. I was born and raised catholic but my husband is protestant, we were married in the congregational church because the catholic 2 churches I was affiliated with turned us away because of him not being catholic and I had just lost my baby. Anyway our kids are baptized but my last one has 3 godparents, his sister and 2 oldest brothers, and my next youngest has 2 godmothers (my cousin and his sister) and a godfather. Is this nontraditional, very much so. Do I care, nope and neither should you. So again I say go for it with both your brother and brother-in-law, they deserve the honor.

Sure they can. Mine do! My twin girls each have 2 Godfathers and 2 Godmothers.

Episcopal tradition is two godfathers and one godmother for a boy and two godmothers and one godfather for a girl. You didn't say if you had a son or daughter. Both my boys had two godfathers and one godmother as that is who we wanted and it worked out with the first in the Episcopal church and the United Church of Christ didn't seem to care how many we had with our second son. A godparent is a close friend or relative who swears to help guide the child in religious education. The basic meaning of god parent says you can have whomever you want in whatever number you want.

If you are Catholic, a lot of the answers given regarding "Catholic" godparents is incorrect. Referencing the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and canon law, you will find that only one godparent is required, but if a child has two godparents, they MUST be of different genders. You could have one be an official "godparent", and the other one an official "witness" (same as if you have one who is a practicing Catholic and one who is not. You can call them whatever you like, but they won't both be official godparents). If you are not Catholic, I suppose this is irrelevant. There are other requirements for who qualifies (or doesn't) to serve as a godparent. For more information, consult Canon laws #873 and 874, and the CCC. I hope this helps!

Well my religion had requirements that did not match the people we had chosen. So we re-evaluated and did this: we chose a person that matched the church requirements and whom we know will guide our child through learning about our chosen faith. The other people selected were present, but we didn't submit their names to our church. We have asked them to be participants in our child's life. They take him on small outings, visit with our family, and are establishing a relationship so that they can be two trusted adults my son can go to for advice. We are all happy with this arrangement, and simply call all godmother or godfather. Their names are not all on the church's documents, but as I explaioned, the two are not going to be involved with faith formation. I guess it depends on how comfortable your family is with being creative. Good luck!

I'm not sure where everyone get the idea that Godparents have to be related. Anyway, my daughter has two Godmothers and one Godfather...none are blood related.

The whole purpose is to find someone, in the event of your death, who will raise the child the way you want it to be raised. Someone who shares your values, morals, ethics, and loves your child unconditionally. At least that's how it was explained to me when we got her Dedicated.

Check with who will be overseeing the baptism. I am Catholic and my church would not allow two same-gender Godparents and both had to be Catholic. It seems to depend on the Church or region. Hope you are allowed to choose who you want to choose!

I have 2 Godmothers and so does one of my sons, so I don't think there is anything wrong with having 2 Godfathers. The question is will the people you are choosing be there for your child or are you making the choice so that person will not be hurt? Choose the people who will be there if and when your child needs them. Good luck and God Bless your little one!

Pretty funny how different churches do different things. I'm Catholic and my church requires that at least one Godparent be Catholic. I don't feel like you should be "forced" to choose Godparents for your child based on religion, but that's just my opinion. I don't see anything wrong with having 2 Godfathers. I think it's wonderful that you have two brothers that I'm sure would LOVE to be your child's Godfathers. I myself am getting ready to baptise our twin daughters, but NOT in the Catholic church!! HTH :)

We are catholic, and my son has two godfathers. We were in a similar situation as yourself. I checked with my pastor first, but he was totally fine with our decision. Good luck!

If you are non-denominational then your church isn't really setting the teachings on it - so it seems you can do whatever. In our tradition the roll of the godparents is to help raise the child in the faith and if the parents die, to raise the child in their home. Congratulations on #3!

I would check with the church you are blessing him in. They would be the
ones to tell you. My gut feeling is that you can have two. However, not

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