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Can a 1 Year Old Overeat?

I watch a little boy for my friends during the day. He just turned a year old. I have NEVER seen a kid eat like he does! He eats ANYTHING you give him. He can out eat my 7 year old, my 3 year olds and even me and then cry for more! He has eaten until he threw up before and will cram food in his mouth so fast he gags on it. He acts like he has never eaten before everytime he eats. I am concerned for him, he is 27lbs(90% for weight and 50% for height) a month ago, so he is very chunky. His parents are not small people and since he is a first child I don't think they think there is anything wrong with him. I have mentioned to them that it is odd he eats that way but they just laugh saying "he is going to eat them out of house and home." Does anyone know a kid this young who eats like this? Oh, and he is still not walking yet, so he is not burning that many calories yet. In fact, he just started crawling 2 months ago. Thanks!

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Yes, kids can overeat... I watched a kid just like this, only for a few days, but it was shocking. This kid ate and ate, and when he wasn't eating, he was sleeping! His parents only allowed healthy foods, but even too much of a healthy food diet can cause obesity. Even so, it isn't our place to say anything-- it is up to the parents!

My 1 year old eats like this!! No one believes me until they see him in action, then they are amazed by how much he eats. He has no problem sitting for an hour meal ... and eating the whole time. He is very active, and he probably inherited his dad's high metabolism (the one and ONLY time in my life I had to try to put on weight was when I was pregnant with him). He is 65% weight and 45% height. I asked the doctor about whether we should try to limit his food, and she said that one year olds, as long as they are given healthy food, won't over eat. So, I keep his selections as healthy as possible, with no juices or other empty calories. Also, when I KNOW he's had enough but he still wants more, I either give him food that he doesn't like that much or I give him something that takes a long time to eat, like a large chunk of apple.

Good to know mine isn't the only crazy eater out there!

My daughter ate like this, right before she had a big growth spurt around age 1, but she was always in the 95th for height and 25th for weight. Right after she was weaned from the bottle, she went on an eating binge that was truly amazing! I would give my doctor a heads up just to be sure since he isn't very active.

K., there is a condition where the brain doesn't signal when the body is full. Overeating like that can also be a sign of an out-of-whack thyroid. It could be nothing, but the parents should probably have some tests run. I think most doctors would be concerned if a child ate to the point of throwing up. Be aware, the parents may not react to well to this....especially if they think the overeating is funny. Good luck with this.

Yes! I don't think there is much you could do about it unless you stock there fridge and pantry.

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