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Camo Hunting Birthday Party

Hi Moms!
I am trying to plan a camo hunting theme birthday party for my son who will be turning 6. I am in desperate need of ideas to pull this birthday theme off. I need ideas for games, food, decorations, goodie bags, etc.. Thanks Moms!

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We made marshmallow guns out of pvc and spray painted them camo. The boys had a blast "shooting" things. We had a "map" they had to follow to find the best hunting areas.

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We made marshmallow guns out of pvc and spray painted them camo. The boys had a blast "shooting" things. We had a "map" they had to follow to find the best hunting areas.

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play find it and hide everything in the camo. you can get the cake decorated camo. use leaves and twigs and stuff like that. your hubby should be able to give more ideas on this. go to bass pro shops or i cant remeber the name of the company but it starts with a c and sells lots of hunting fishing stuff your hubby will know the name of it. and see what they have. i think this would be fun. let the kids make their own camo pictures. like on poster board or something all you need is brown black and green paint. and a few leaves you find laying around. or twigs grass etc. use your imagination. and have fun. get the hunting face paint and have everyone camo their face when they arrive. if you have a laser tag place in town get everyone camod up and go play laser tag.

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Goody bags/hunting packs:
Beef jerky
combo snacks
juice boxes
orange bandanas

Plastic archery - get 1 - 2 target, pin them to a tree
Deer paint ball - have someone make a wood cutout of a deer or bear
fill water guns with paint/colored water.
Egg hunt - fill orange, green, and camo eggs with fun and surprises!

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Party City has camo themed party supplies, and stuff for the goodie bags.

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Cabella's has a party room and will do a scavenger hunt for the kids (in the store) all the kids could dress in camo and you could have the party there if you didn't want to have a party at your home. I would assume Bass Pro would do the same thing but I don't know. Cabella's also has Pizza available to purchase but I don't think you can bring in outside food other than the cake.

but it looks like you have a lot of good ideas for a party at home too!

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My friend had a camping birthday party, so here are some of the things she did...water bottles, wrapped in burlap tied at the top with a string and then make the string long like a strap so they can strap on their canteen. They started the party around dusk and they kids slept in a tent in the yard. They played flashlight tag in the yard. Get nerf guns and let the kids hide in the yard and shoot each other, or, set up targets like empty cans, and let them use nerf guns to shoot them. Have a "gun safety lesson" where you show them the rules of a gun like a be-be gun (wear safety goggles, make sure the safety is on, only shoot at things you would eat or being used for target practice, etc.) Grill hotdogs over a fire and make smores or some other camp type food (you can also use a fire pit for this). Last idea, my friend got a canoe and put it in the pool and let the kids paddle around the pool.

Someone mentioned the marshmallow shooters...I've made these before...very easy. My friend actually put all the pieces in a zip lock, let the kids assemble them, then had stickers and sharpies for them to decorate their gun. She also had baggies full of ammo (marshmallows). and had the kids make a sheild out of paper plates. You can find the directions online, I think at familyfun.com, but if not, google homemade marshmallow guns.

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You could do an obstacle course for a game-- I am sure there are suggestions online. And I agree-- those marshmallow guns are super fun if you can find/make some. Go to an Army surplus store and find stuff for the goodie bags... they have all kinds of camo stuff. And they have camo nets that would make GREAT decorations. You could also get some MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) there for fun snacks. Or hunting snacks at outdoor stores-- things like beef jerky or dried/canned food.

remember, you can use the bright orange, too:)
Also, I would water gun skeet shoot. Take paper plates and toss them in the air. Let the kids use super soakers to hit their "skeet" take points and give a prize for the winner:)
Other great ideas already given, too!
Love that there is a party room at Cabela's!! Who knew?

Did you know that Cabelas does Bday parties for like 25 dollars...call and talk to them. We loved our party!

This sounds like so much fun, what a creative idea! I do invitations, party favor tags, cupcake toppers, cake toppers and birthday banners all for custom themes. You can check out some of my stuff here :


If you are interested I would love to help :)

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