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Cake and Cake Frosting Recipe WITHOUT Milk Ingredients

Hi Moms,

We just found out that my 10 1/2 mo. old son is highly allergic to milk. This is affecting his ability to absorb calories/nutrients and therefore his weight gain. SO, I am making huge changes to my diet as I still nurse him so we can see how he does from here.

My question- his birthday is in a month and a half and I of course want to give him the traditional cake/cupcake with frosting for him to dive into- who doesn't want that?! Well now I need some ideas/recipes for "frosting" his cupcake that contain NO milk- not even a hint of it. I don't even know if box cake mix has milk in it- it probably does with my luck! I do still need to run to the store and just see what's out there, but I just thought I would see what you all had to say, too.

ANY ideas and suggestions for dealing with a milk allergy PERIOD would help- but especially ideas/recipes to still make the big ONE a fun day would be greatly appreciated! THANKS SO MUCH! :)

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go to Whole Foods, they have cake mixes and premade dairy free frosting, you can even just have them bake the cake for you!

Is he only allergic to cow milk? If so, soy and almond milks are great alternatives, and I would imagine that substituting with a vanilla soy or an almond milk would make a cake and its frosting taste great.

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jewel in Highland Park makes Kosher cakes w/o milk

i highly recommend www.kidswithfoodallergies.org!!!!!! fab resource, support, recipes etc

for dd's 1st bday, we used a banana w/ a candle :)

cherrybrook has chocolate and vanilla frosting - they have coupons on their site

there's brownies too that are really good, dr. oetker - I add chocolate chips from Enjoy Life Foods

Is it an IgE allergy (hives, swelling, breathing etc) or non IgE like FPIES (enterocolitis) or eosinophillic? I ask b/c you mention weight gain issues. Kidswithfoodallergies.org (KFA) has support and info for all of that!

you probably will have to remove all dairy from your diet w/ nursing

I made a "chef card" with this info for restaurants etc (using FAAN and KFA resources):


In order for me to avoid a life-threatening reaction, I must avoid all foods that contain these ingredients:

milk in all forms including all animal milk (cow/goat/sheep etc), acidophilus milk,
condensed, cultured, derivative, dry, evaporated, malted, milkfat, pasteurized, powder,
protein, skimmed, solids, sour, skim, non-fat, fat-free, low-fat, whole, 1%, 2%, lactose-free

liquid bakers bright
artificial butter flavor
butter, butter fat, butter oil
casein (in all forms)
caseinates (in all forms)
cheese, cheese flavor
cottage cheese, cream cheese
dairy product solids
half & half
ice cream
lactalbumin (all forms)
lactose, lactate
rennet casein
simplesse (fat replacer)
sour cream (and solids)
sour milk solids
tagatose (naturlose)
whey (in all forms)
whipped cream
whipped butter

These may contain the presence of milk protein: non-dairy products, soy and rice cheese, caramel candies, chocolate, flavorings (natural and artificial), high protein flour, lactic acid starter culture, luncheon meat, hotdogs, sausages, margarine, sherbet.

Please ensure that my food does not contain any of these ingredients, and that any utensils and equipment used to prepare my meal, as well as prep surfaces, are thoroughly cleaned prior to use. Thank you for your cooperation!


good luck!!!!!!!!

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my daughter is also allergic to milk and milk by products. Since MANY food additives are milk based this will be difficult to detect in some items (No canned pastas, most canned soups, some brands of soda pop, etc)
As for baked goods....there is a fairly easy way to see if cookies etc have animal products in them.....look for the word "parve"....if this is printed on the packaging it means it is free of all animal products ( milk and its by products, lard or other animal fat and also eggs)

Most of the Duncan Hines cake mixes are "safe" and you can use applesauce and vegetable oil in place of the butter and eggs (there are instructions on the box how to make the substitution).....frosting is also easy if you remember to use vegetable based oils. I have been watching a program on VEGAN eating on PBS out of Gary Indiana.....the woman on the show offers quite a few interesting suggestions as to how to use soy cheeses, coconut oil and tofu so that they "mimic" butter, eggs and cheese.

I'm sure this will impact your whole families eating habits, but its not impossible. Think simple VEGAN(as oppossed to vegetarian which relies heavily on dairy products) eating and everyone should benefit. Good Luck!

Also, as your child begins to move from breast milk to other options, there are plenty of soy and rice "milk" alternatives to choose from as you introduce the cup. Be careful with "calcium" enriched juices as many of them use milk by products to add the calcium.

Hi A. -
I am so sorry to hear your precious little one has food allergies. Here is our story www.ak94kate.com. I did two years on an elimination diet for dairy, eggs, peanuts and peas while nursing. Not easy but doable. We do lots of substituting but on a budget (ie no fancy substitutes). Everything written below is right on. I make icing with powdered sugar, Smart Balance Light margarine and rice milk.

There is a really cool new program in the Chicago area (and in some other areas). It is PAC (Protect Allergic Children). I just trained to be a PAC consultant along with 50 others. I am certain that there is a consultant in your area.. since 25 of the trainees were from Chicago area. Basically, a consultant can come into your home and teach you all the ins and outs of food prep, reading labels, recognizing symptoms and treating, keeping a safe home, etc... PAC consultants also go to schools, etc... and train care takers. There are some that are dieticians and can teach you how to handle dietary concerns. The program is a partnership with Eat, Learn, Live Foundation and ____@____.com Partners. You can request a consultant here: http://ellfoundation.org/join-our-consultant-network/trai...

There are also some great online support groups. No Nutz Mamas on Meetup, Terrific Kids with Food Allergies on Yahoo and Dairy-Free on Yahoo. Hope that helps. As you will hear often " Welcome to Holland". Feel free to use me as a resource too : )


My son has a milk allergy among many other food allergies. The vanilla icing for the Funfetti cookies is milk free. It's from Pillsbury I've used it to decorate his birthday cake also by just adding food coloring. I always have a regular birthday cake for everybody else, and one for him that is allergen friendly, decorated exactly the same. Ex: Wal-Mart will sell you the cake toppers for $5 for their different themes so you can decorate your homeade cake the same as the regular cake. He might not be old enought to notice now, but as my son has gotten older, he wants what everybody else is having. He usually only eats the icing anyway.

Hope that helps!


My daughter is also allergic to milk and I prefer the Dunkin Hines cake mix over the Cherry Brooke. You have to read the box it is not all of the Dunkin Hines mixes only certain ones are milk free. The frosting is the same way mist of them contain soybean instead if milk. I think these cakes taste better and have a better consistancy to them. Not to mention you do not have to go to a specaility store for them. Good luck, we have been dealing with the milk allergy for three years and it is just our "normal" no big deal any more. We are still hopeful she will out grow it. Let me know if I can be any more help.

I would go ahead and try the recipe that the other mom sent you but I can tell that in the future you are going to need a lot of other things/ideas for recipes :) Believe me, my daughter is milk, egg, peanut (anaphylactic) and fish allergic! I found a few awesome recipes on dairy free cooking at about.com
Here is one of the ones I have used lately (I added meat because we aren't vegan) -- it was WONDERFUL -- one of the best lasagnas I have ever had...not just best milk-free but best of ANY)

Good luck -- I feel your pain! For our now 2 year old's birthday (the allergy girl, I also have a 9mo boy with no allergies YET - had him tested at 6mos) we baked pies. I made apple pie, including the crust, from scratch and scratch blueberry pie. Something to think about in the future!

Private message me if you need any other suggestions or brands of food/alternatives, etc.

Try looking for Vegan recipes. We made my son a 1st birthday cake that was quite good with a vegan recipes. If you shop at Whole Foods I used to buy cake mixes, etc there that were vegan.

go to Whole Foods, they have cake mixes and premade dairy free frosting, you can even just have them bake the cake for you!

Cherrybrook Kitchen makes cake mixes and frosting and I think they are dairy free. Look for them at Jewel or Whole Foods. :)

Is he only allergic to cow milk? If so, soy and almond milks are great alternatives, and I would imagine that substituting with a vanilla soy or an almond milk would make a cake and its frosting taste great.

Dairy Free Frosting:

1/2 cup Margarine, 1/2 cup shortening, 4 cup powdered sugar, 4 teaspoons powdered vanilla


Check the margarine--I think some have milk but I believe the Fleshmann's doesn't.

I have never tried this one but got it from the Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook that I happened to have checked out from the library. (We have egg and nut allergies.) There is probably also a cookbook for only milk free. (I have the Baking without Eggs one for my family.) Good luck. Read labels. And don't worry.

G. S.

Hi A. -

There is a great cake recipe that I use to make my son cakes and cupcakes for his birthday. It tastes just like a regular chocolate cake and when I make batches of cupcakes for parties no one can tell they're milk-free. Here's the link:


Also, Pillsbury frosting in a can is milk-free.


i am also allerigic to milk but they have the lactose intolerant milk and the soy bean products and i have had no problems with them at all so maybe try this or ask your doctor, and you can always make the unbaked cookies with peanut butter there is no milk in these and make him a large one with candles on it and decorate it. i know if you go on line there are recipes out there with out milk so try that too .

Hi there! My 2 yr old daughter also has food allergies & I have found a great recipe book for milk free diets. Its called "The Milk-Free Kitchen" by Beth Kidder. It has more than 450 recipes for everything. But dont give up on store mixes & icings because there are several that come milk free!! Good luck :)

You can use Fleischman's unsalted stick margarine in place of butter (both the tub and the salted contain dairy). We had to do the same thing for our daughter's 1st birthday (of course we found out a couple of weeks later that she had grown out of her allergy that she'd had since 6 weeks old!). We made a tofu cream cheese frosting too and it was delicious. No-one would have guessed it was soy, not milk based. Happy birthday to your son and have a wonderful day!

Duncan hines has box mixes that do not have milk. I know the marble cake does not nor does one of their chocolate frostings. My sisters son has milk allergies and make those for him all the time. They will list on the ingredients at the end of the list no milk, so I would just look for that and of course check the ingredient list in case one of the milk by products have been included. He tells me the cakes/cupcakes are yummy too!

It is easy and quick. Happy early birthday. We just celebrated our first too!

I will write more later, but just wanted to pass along the link to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, if you don't already know it.


There is a ton of great info and even a section for "newly diagnosed."

If you are local, there are several Chicagoland parent support groups: POCHA (Oak Park) POCA of Dupage, MOCHA (north chicago/north shore) and more. Just google

"Food allergy support group" + Chicago.

Good luck!

check out http://godairyfree.org My husband also cannot have dairy, egg, soy, peanut, wheat, and about 25 other things that are commonly found in ingredients. right now we're sticking to whole and raw foods, so we know what we're putting into our bodies. this site has been helpful.

When my daughter was a baby (now 26) they told me she was allergic to milk.......I used "powdered milk", like carnation or other brands that you mix with water and she was fine!! You can use it for most things if you get them started on it early. When I told my dr that she seemed fine on the instant milk he was surprised!! I don't know how much help this is but I think it's worth a try!! It's an inexpensive way to deal with a milk allergy if it works!!!

I just counseled someone whose little boy has the same issues. There are some great boxed mixes that are dairy free and encourage one to use rice or almond milk. Soy is still a bean and is not easy for everyone to digest, actually most cannot digest soy unless it is in its fermentated state.

You can make homemade frosting using rice milk, powdered sugar and shortening, you have to mix it until you get the right taste and consistency and I use pureed blueberries to get some natural blue color (I made a cookie monster cake using the pureed blueberries, wasn't exactly the blue color, but it worked). Rose's Wheat Free Bakery up in Evanston does gluten free and dairy free cakes, it is costly and not bad.

Good Luck and have fun!

Maternal and Child Health Educator
Chicago Examiner Family Health Expert

Try searching this site for 'cake' and/or 'frosting': glutenfreegoddess .blogspot .com She makes several dairy free desserts that have frosting on them. Whole Foods' site also has recipes along with vegetariantimes magazine's site and you can search for 'dairy free' on both. I hope you find something that works out.

Hi A.,

I am sorry to hear of your son's milk allergy; my six year old daughter suffers from ten different food allergies - four that are life threatening. She too is allergic to milk and I have found to cake options that are allergen free and delicious. The first and easiest are the cherrybrook kitchen mixes. They are a Godsend! They call for melted margerine, so use mother's brand or earth balance; they are the only two milk free margerines I have found.

Secondly, I was given a recipe for "Betty Crocker's chocolate snack cake" by a friend. It's truly delicious and you would never guess that it lacked milk and eggs! It's way more economical to prepare (it only has nine ingredients) than the cherrybrook mixes if you have a few extra minutes to bake. I am on vacation and do not have the recipe on hand. I will be home on the 23rd so please email me (____@____.com). I also have many recipes for allergy free baked goods that I can share with you.

Oh, as for frosting, we use pillsbury canned and cherrybrook has mixes and Cannes frostongs (we've not tried as they are cheaper alternatives). We also make our own with the following recipe: blend half cup margerine, half cup crisco and then slowly add 4 cups powdered sugar. The add 1 tablespoon vanilla and a tablespoon of rice or soy milk. Add additional soy/rice milk if it's too stiff.

Good luck to you and I hope to hear from you soon. A.

For going to other parties and playdates, try Divvies.com. They are an online store that has allergy free cupcakes, cookies and popcorn. We first found them at Disneyworld in the snack area. They have been a life saver for my son - almost 10 years old and anaphylactic to peanuts, eggs and milk proteins. Good luck! I also really recommend the FAAN website - foodallergy.org - it is the best source of online info available. Also, try to find a friend that has an older child that has gone through this too - she can be the best supoort you have.

I made a traditional cake and frosting but substituted rice milk. For recipes calling for whole milk, hemp milk works best, but otherwise rice or soy milk will substitute just fine. Once you rule out nut allergies, you can also use almond milk.


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