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Caffeinated Replacement for Soda?

Hi there,

I hate coffee, but...I need a little caffeine in the late morning / early afternoon to give me a little jump. I know, I know - it's terrible to do, but...talk to me again when my kids are consistently sleeping through the night! ;) So, I have been having one diet soda over lunch. I know how terrible it is for me, and my 3-yr-old son is asking me about what I'm drinking, so I'm wondering if you knowledgeable mamas out there might have suggestions for me to change to something healthier - for both my benefit and my son's - Goodness knows I don't want him to pick up my habit, years down the road!

I don't want asparatame or high fructose corn syrup. I do need a little kick, and something bubbly. Any suggestions?

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! After my husband & I finish the case of Coke Zero in the fridge, I'll make sure we don't bring another one into the house. My son won't see mommy & daddy drinking something that they know isn't healthy for them any more. Now to get my husband on board.... ;)

But again, thanks!! - all of your advice was very appreciated!

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How about chocolate? :-)
Also, you can try coffee/tea with some chocolate for a double boost. They taste much better together.
It is hard for me to imagine how it is possible for someone not to like coffee.. Maybe you have not yet found the way you like coffee? I would try freshly brewing some freshly ground non-acidic coffee and have it with something sweet (like chocolate) :-) There are so many options and flavors out there, and they are all different. Maybe you don't like Starbucks-type coffee (too bitter and too strong for me).
You can try to make it weaker or stronger, add sweeteners or flavors, milk, cream and see what you like...
If you really think coffee is hopeless no matter what, I would go with tea.

I use MPB made by BioGreen. I am not a sales person, i just use the product. It has a nice shot of B12 in it and does contain caffeine. It works well for me when I am falling asleep at my desk!

Steaz has flavored iced teas available in cans, and sparkling teas available in bottles. They are lightly flavored and very good. There have also been lots of good coupons for it online, and I've been able to find it at Target.

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its not bubbly but very good for you....black tea has about the same caffeine as a can of pop but also tons of anti-oxidents to boost your immune system. there's all kinds of flavors and you could even brew some up and cool it down for iced tea.

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Green tea. It has caffeine in it and loads of antioxidants. It's one of the best drinks for you. While the old-fashioned hot and steeped type is best, there are cold products available, but you'd have to check to make sure about sweeteners and such. Try drinking a glass of warm tea followed by a bottle of plain old seltzer water if you need bubbles.

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My sister-in-law wanted to offer a response, but was unable to log into her account, so this is from her. She is a Mom of 6 kids, ages 1-15.

Stop felling guilty for needing a little pick me up. if you need 1 or 2 caffeinated drinks to be able to keep up with your kids, and be an active Mom to them, that's better for your kids than you being a bump on the log, and not being involved with your kids because you are too tired. Drinking caffeine is the lesser of 2 evils here! It's all about choices and balance. You can set a good example for your kids by showing them that almost anything, in moderation, is not bad for you. If you avoid the things you like, or want, you are more prone to binge on them at some point, and that is not a good example.

Some suggestions: 1. A multi-B complex vitamin in the morning. It's a natural pick-me-up, and you can get a month's supply of the generic at Walgreens for about $3

2. Power Edge Energy Drink mix (water drop ins, sold near the water bottles, or by the Powerade, or Gatorade), they have a little bit of caffeine, a mix of energy vitamins, and they are sugar free, and corn syrup free. They come in a verity of fruit flavors. I recommend the Wild-berry...I think it tastes the best! (www.sturmfoods.com 1-866-596-2736, I got the information off the box I have.)

3. Sweet Tea...it comes in many flavors, and you can add as much, or as little sugar as you want. If you brew it yourself, you can control the sugar and it's corn syrup free! It is easy to brew in a coffee pot, if you have one, and then you can mix it with ice in a pitcher.

4. If you really like your soda, but you don't want your son to see it, you can pour it into a cup, even one with a lid. You can tell him that it's Mom sippy cup! Just remember that you can't hide the existence of soda from him forever. Showing him that drinking it in moderation isn't such a bad thing, so he can learn from your example as he grows up.

5. Any other form of caffeine, or boost, as long as you watch the labels. You can get half-caf coffee that tastes the same as coffee, but has half the caffeine. Now they even have sugar-free energy drinks. If you watch the labels, you can find ones with very little corn syrup, and a high juice content, so you are getting the natural vitamins that can help boost energy.

Realistically, your kids are not going to make it through life without trying caffeine. The best thing you can do for them is set an example of how to enjoy things in moderation. I'm sure you've taught them to enjoy things like cake and cookies and candy in moderation. This is just another thing that a person can enjoy, in small amounts. Teaching them to read labels, and pick healthy things is a very important lesson for kids, but so is understanding that enjoying things in moderation can prevent bingeing.

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The bubbly is bad for your teeth as well, if I am not mistaken.
Have you considered drinking a Vitamin Water? They come in "lo-cal" varieties (25 calories in the entire bottle, hence the name "Vitamin 10", as in 10 cals per serving) and 'regular' (which only have 50 cal per serving, i.e., 125 cals per entire bottle). They are not carbonated, have no high fructose corn syrup, lots of B vitamins and no caffeine. I LOVE the orange ones.. and the "diet" ones don't have artificial sweeteners either...

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Sounds like you already got the suggestion but I always like green tea or regular iced tea if I need a little kick. Plus it's healthier.

I survive on a constant stream of tea. All kinds. Just enough caffiene to keep me going. My mom started her own business selling tea. Www.birdsandteas.com. Great stuff, variety and great prices.

Well, there's no fizz, but I like Shaklee's Energy CHEWS. 2 small Starburst-like chews and you're good to go! US Ski/Snowboard Team uses them! No aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup.


Haven't read all the other posts... but I'm a big tea drinker .. you can drink it hot or cold and save money by brewing (cold) it yourself.

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