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Caffeinated Replacement for Soda?

Hi there,

I hate coffee, but...I need a little caffeine in the late morning / early afternoon to give me a little jump. I know, I know - it's terrible to do, but...talk to me again when my kids are consistently sleeping through the night! ;) So, I have been having one diet soda over lunch. I know how terrible it is for me, and my 3-yr-old son is asking me about what I'm drinking, so I'm wondering if you knowledgeable mamas out there might have suggestions for me to change to something healthier - for both my benefit and my son's - Goodness knows I don't want him to pick up my habit, years down the road!

I don't want asparatame or high fructose corn syrup. I do need a little kick, and something bubbly. Any suggestions?

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! After my husband & I finish the case of Coke Zero in the fridge, I'll make sure we don't bring another one into the house. My son won't see mommy & daddy drinking something that they know isn't healthy for them any more. Now to get my husband on board.... ;)

But again, thanks!! - all of your advice was very appreciated!

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How about chocolate? :-)
Also, you can try coffee/tea with some chocolate for a double boost. They taste much better together.
It is hard for me to imagine how it is possible for someone not to like coffee.. Maybe you have not yet found the way you like coffee? I would try freshly brewing some freshly ground non-acidic coffee and have it with something sweet (like chocolate) :-) There are so many options and flavors out there, and they are all different. Maybe you don't like Starbucks-type coffee (too bitter and too strong for me).
You can try to make it weaker or stronger, add sweeteners or flavors, milk, cream and see what you like...
If you really think coffee is hopeless no matter what, I would go with tea.

I use MPB made by BioGreen. I am not a sales person, i just use the product. It has a nice shot of B12 in it and does contain caffeine. It works well for me when I am falling asleep at my desk!

Steaz has flavored iced teas available in cans, and sparkling teas available in bottles. They are lightly flavored and very good. There have also been lots of good coupons for it online, and I've been able to find it at Target.

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its not bubbly but very good for you....black tea has about the same caffeine as a can of pop but also tons of anti-oxidents to boost your immune system. there's all kinds of flavors and you could even brew some up and cool it down for iced tea.

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Green tea. It has caffeine in it and loads of antioxidants. It's one of the best drinks for you. While the old-fashioned hot and steeped type is best, there are cold products available, but you'd have to check to make sure about sweeteners and such. Try drinking a glass of warm tea followed by a bottle of plain old seltzer water if you need bubbles.

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My sister-in-law wanted to offer a response, but was unable to log into her account, so this is from her. She is a Mom of 6 kids, ages 1-15.

Stop felling guilty for needing a little pick me up. if you need 1 or 2 caffeinated drinks to be able to keep up with your kids, and be an active Mom to them, that's better for your kids than you being a bump on the log, and not being involved with your kids because you are too tired. Drinking caffeine is the lesser of 2 evils here! It's all about choices and balance. You can set a good example for your kids by showing them that almost anything, in moderation, is not bad for you. If you avoid the things you like, or want, you are more prone to binge on them at some point, and that is not a good example.

Some suggestions: 1. A multi-B complex vitamin in the morning. It's a natural pick-me-up, and you can get a month's supply of the generic at Walgreens for about $3

2. Power Edge Energy Drink mix (water drop ins, sold near the water bottles, or by the Powerade, or Gatorade), they have a little bit of caffeine, a mix of energy vitamins, and they are sugar free, and corn syrup free. They come in a verity of fruit flavors. I recommend the Wild-berry...I think it tastes the best! (www.sturmfoods.com 1-866-596-2736, I got the information off the box I have.)

3. Sweet Tea...it comes in many flavors, and you can add as much, or as little sugar as you want. If you brew it yourself, you can control the sugar and it's corn syrup free! It is easy to brew in a coffee pot, if you have one, and then you can mix it with ice in a pitcher.

4. If you really like your soda, but you don't want your son to see it, you can pour it into a cup, even one with a lid. You can tell him that it's Mom sippy cup! Just remember that you can't hide the existence of soda from him forever. Showing him that drinking it in moderation isn't such a bad thing, so he can learn from your example as he grows up.

5. Any other form of caffeine, or boost, as long as you watch the labels. You can get half-caf coffee that tastes the same as coffee, but has half the caffeine. Now they even have sugar-free energy drinks. If you watch the labels, you can find ones with very little corn syrup, and a high juice content, so you are getting the natural vitamins that can help boost energy.

Realistically, your kids are not going to make it through life without trying caffeine. The best thing you can do for them is set an example of how to enjoy things in moderation. I'm sure you've taught them to enjoy things like cake and cookies and candy in moderation. This is just another thing that a person can enjoy, in small amounts. Teaching them to read labels, and pick healthy things is a very important lesson for kids, but so is understanding that enjoying things in moderation can prevent bingeing.

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The bubbly is bad for your teeth as well, if I am not mistaken.
Have you considered drinking a Vitamin Water? They come in "lo-cal" varieties (25 calories in the entire bottle, hence the name "Vitamin 10", as in 10 cals per serving) and 'regular' (which only have 50 cal per serving, i.e., 125 cals per entire bottle). They are not carbonated, have no high fructose corn syrup, lots of B vitamins and no caffeine. I LOVE the orange ones.. and the "diet" ones don't have artificial sweeteners either...

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Sounds like you already got the suggestion but I always like green tea or regular iced tea if I need a little kick. Plus it's healthier.

I survive on a constant stream of tea. All kinds. Just enough caffiene to keep me going. My mom started her own business selling tea. Www.birdsandteas.com. Great stuff, variety and great prices.

Well, there's no fizz, but I like Shaklee's Energy CHEWS. 2 small Starburst-like chews and you're good to go! US Ski/Snowboard Team uses them! No aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup.


Haven't read all the other posts... but I'm a big tea drinker .. you can drink it hot or cold and save money by brewing (cold) it yourself.

I'm a mom of six and I have found that tea cold or hot does the trick and there are so many to choose from. You should give it a try.

The best bet for caffeine and health benefits is drinking green or black tea with a little honey for taste. When I want something bubbly, I drink Talking Rain sparkling water either alone or with a little juice. Good luck to you!

I stopped drinking diet pop in Aug 2008--"miraculously," my daily headaches disappeared. Then I switched to regular pop. Sigh. That's almost as hard to stop drinking as the diet, and Lord knows, I don't need the HFCS and empty calories. So, on the advice of my naturopathic doctor, I switched to drinking Japanese Matcha Green Tea. It's one of the best teas for you. You get your caffeine--which is a lot less that what you get from a cup of coffee or a soda--plus there's a compound in green tea that negates the caffeine effect. That means, you get your little caffeine boost, but the caffeine won't hurt your body because of this protective compound that green tea has.

I've been buying a box of 100 tea bags from COSTCO--it's their own Kirkland brand, and it's (Japanese) Matcha Green Tea Blend. Wonderful tea. I drink it straight--no milk or sugar--and I can usually get two cups out of one tea bag if I don't steep the first bag too long. And the box only costs $15.99.

Also, this is the REAL green tea; that is, when you make it, the tea in your cup is really a green color. If you make a cup of green tea and the tea in your cup is a brown color--that means the tea has been oxidized, and you're not going to be getting very many healthful benefits from that cup of tea.

I also want to point out that I make my tea with Reverse-Osmosis water that comes from a well. If you are on town water, which has a lot of chlorine and flouride and other things that have been added to it, you might only be able to get one cup of good tea out of the bags. When I go to visit my parents, who have city water, only the first use of the tea bag will give me green tea; if I try to get a second cup out of the same tea bag, then that tea will be brown/oxidized.

I love green tea. Do some research--green tea has A LOT of healthy properties. It's one of the first things naturopathic doctors tell their patients to drink.

Tea is my answer.

There are some types of teas that have MORE caffiene than coffee or soda. You can go to whole foods or wild oats and get them. They are usually called tea shots but I can't think of their names right now. Sorry.

after that black teas & Oolongs have the most, then green, then white has a little.. herbal teas typically have none so if you want caffiene steer clear of those.

But I'd don't suggest that. Otherwise alot of medicines contain caffiene like excedrine or even pamprin but I don't recommend really getting caffiene from those.

Aside from that chocolate has caffiene. Hot chocolate has some as well. So that is an option but that usually has sugar in it. But at least it isn't HFCS. So that is better.

But good luck!

I love my iced tea! If I am out and about, I always swing by Sonic to buy a Rt 44 unsweet tea and it will last me most of the day (love the ice)! :) I also make it at home and don't feel bad about letting my kids "taste" my beverage if they ask. I still have my soda (1 a day) but that is usually in the evenings. I just let them know that it is for big people and when they get older, I will let them taste it.

Not sure how to make it bubbly, but I do know that if you drink the correct amount of the right water, you won't need the caffine. Check out the website: www.drinkthreesixty.com to learn more about the water.

Unsweetened iced tea is totally fine. I saw a nutritionist once and she said that unsweet tea and black coffee are "free" foods, with none of the bad stuff like corn syrup, fat, carbonation, etc. A lot of people don't like unsweet tea, but if you can drink that, it is fine for you. Caffeine in moderation is fine for you too. Everyone needs a vice. One thing you can do to make it taste better is brew it with mint in it, or other flavorings. Something to keep in mind- HERBAL tea is not tea. It has no caffeine. It is actually dried fruit or herbs. Regular tea is what you need for caffeine. I will add a bag of the flavored herbal stuff to regular tea, or buy flavored teas and I don't think they need sugar. Sorry I can't help with the bubbly part. Sometimes you do just want something bubbly.

I use MPB made by BioGreen. I am not a sales person, i just use the product. It has a nice shot of B12 in it and does contain caffeine. It works well for me when I am falling asleep at my desk!

I love iced tea. I am not good at making it myself so I will pick up a cup while I am out OR. I've recently found the single servie packs you get on the koolaid aisle at eht grocery and I like them with my bottle of water.

Like you, I'm no coffee drinker and I rarely have a soda unless I crave "bubbly". When I crave the "bubbly" I either have a sprite or something like that OR have some tonic water or club soda with lemon.

I also LOVE Lemon water.......NO sugar added.

Hope this helps.

Drink tea!

The antioxidants are great for you and you get the caffeine too.

You could also get decaf teas to let your son drink if he's wanting to drink what you do.

And if tea is too bitter for you, add a little honey. Yum.

Shaklee has a great energy tea that comes in regular or pomgranite flavor. Or you might be interested in their new Energy chews. These are being used by the US Ski and Snowboard teams. The caffiene they use is natural so there's no jitters.
You can find it at http://www.shaklee.net/healthforlife

I don't like coffee either but I like to have tea (Black Tea with Peach-Good Earth is good). It has caffeine and you can sweeten it with splenda. I also make a mocha with swiss miss cocoa and coffee in the morning. Either drink gets me going and the cocoa has calcium so it is healthier than diet soda.

tea is always a best option. it gives you caffeine, but at a much slower rate so you won't "crash and burn".
Green tea, black tea- both have anti oxidents too. Good for the skin! :)

Iced tea. All the way. You can make a big batch in your coffee maker.

I'm a tea freak and a tea purist--no herbals or green teas for me. Earl Grey hot or iced is awesome!

Instead of going for soda, why not eat a banana? A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. And a new fact I just learned about banana's is just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 minute workout. :-)

aside from tea which has already been suggested how about Vitamin D? I do drink coffee at times and tea as well for the occasional boost (I have 4 kids and can totally relate to the need!) but I have also noticed that lately I've been needing more and more to get the same kick and drinking so much caffeine makes me perspire which is horribly annoying. It was suggested to me that my fatigue may be due to lack of Vitamin D (particularly during the winter) and I started taking a Vit. D pill each day for 2 weeks now and it is really working...I still feel the need for caffeine once in awhile but the Vit. D has really helped me to cut down. The B vitamins and iron can also help a lot with fatigue.
Also eating for energy is important...and trust me, I realize how difficult this can be with little ones under foot...but leafy greens, oatmeal (not instant), eating less fine carbs like sugar, have all helped me lately with my energy level. If you are truly more fatigued than you think you should be, even with being a mother of small children, go see your doctor. Many women suffer from things like thyroid problems and vitamin/iron deficiencies for way too long thinking they are just tired and need some caffeine...that's what I had been doing to myself.
Take care

I don't like the pure taste of coffee either.. i use a LOT of coffeemate!
I prefer Vanilla... it comes in sugar free too. (although i like the stuff with the sugar better. My coworkers laugh at me and say "you want some coffee with your creamer there?!" If it is still to strong, I will ad some hot water too.

try a quick cat nap...caffeine is really not that bad for you...try ice tea...


try a quick cat nap...caffeine is really not that bad for you...try ice tea...

It's not bubbly but what works for me is a quick short burst exercise...lunges w/ child, push ups, jumping jacks, child deadlifts...incorporating the children keeps them entertained while you do it and teaches them exercise is imp

Okay, I am three weeks and one day into my coca-cola detox. I drank diet coke for about 15 years (I know that's a lot of chemicals). And then switched to coke for about a year and after gaining wait, I decided to kick coke to the curb, too.

I still need something, so I have been drinking IZZE (clementine flavor). It's carbonated fuit juice. It's got some sugar in it, but its sugar from fruit and not high fructose corn syrup. I did a side by side of coke and IZZE on my blog www.themommyhood.com if you are interested.

One other thing, instead of the bottle of IZZE I got the cans - they are only an 8 oz serving so that's better for me - less sugar. I could never finish a coke and when it gets warm...yuck. As for Caffiene, IZZE doesn't have it, but one of the comments on my IZZE post said to try Steaz - some kind of green tea soda. Haven't tried it myself, but since it is tea I am guessing it is caffienated, so that might be an option. Good luck!

Hi M.,

I see you have a lot of great response... I don't have time to read them all so I'm not sure if someone already listed healthy foods that will give you enery. Here are some in case they haven't been listed:
•Brown pasta
•Brown rice
•Peanut butter
•Low fat yogurt
•Whole grain foods

And as far as bubbly goes... I drink a bubbly fruit juice that's called Izze. It comes in bottles usually but I've seen it in cans. It's pricey that pop, but I don't have them all too often- only when I really crave a bubbly type drink. There is no added sugar in Izze... just from the fruit. My favorite flavor is grapefruit (and my kids fav. too) yet none of us are crazy about the actual fruit:-) Go figure! Oh... Izze has a website that will tell you where to purchase it. I crave pop still.... I just don't have it all too often. I know the sugar content is so high and it's empty calories. I like diet pop, too but I know all those artificial sweetners are not good at all for our bodies.

Have a great day!

I see that you have recieved some GREAT advice. I too tried to wean off MY soda for the sake of my kiddos and I was unsuccessful. During pregnancy I did drink root beer that is ALL non caffinated and caffine free coke( they do make this in ht e non-diet version it is red and gold packaged). I say this only because I too NEED caffine, so we buy our regular soda and pick up some non-caffinated version for my son. He likes the bull dog root beer. My daughter simply prefers water. Just a suggestion. I lknow it is not what you were looking for but should you decide to give your little one some caffine -free soda for special occasion these may be options for you. I

Zevia. Hands down the best "healthy" soda there is. Fruitful Yield and Whole Foods carries it, as do some other little local health food shops. It's made w/stevia instead of chemical sweetners. but has no caffeine. so I guess that is out....

how about spritzers made w/tea and bubbly water, like Pellegrino or Club Soda.

Yerba Mate has just a little less caffeine than coffee, Green tea has less than coffee too, but also has lots of antioxidants, White Tea has caffeine. regular black tea of course has caffeine.

I think Steaz brand teas are bubbly--yup, they are. Here's their site: http://www.steaz.com/
hmmm I know there are others...just cruise the tea and soda aisle at Whole Foods or if you don't have a Whole Foods, maybe Woodmans if you have those up in Milw.

How about chocolate? :-)
Also, you can try coffee/tea with some chocolate for a double boost. They taste much better together.
It is hard for me to imagine how it is possible for someone not to like coffee.. Maybe you have not yet found the way you like coffee? I would try freshly brewing some freshly ground non-acidic coffee and have it with something sweet (like chocolate) :-) There are so many options and flavors out there, and they are all different. Maybe you don't like Starbucks-type coffee (too bitter and too strong for me).
You can try to make it weaker or stronger, add sweeteners or flavors, milk, cream and see what you like...
If you really think coffee is hopeless no matter what, I would go with tea.

I really like pop and I am trying to cut out caffeine because of breastfeeding, but anyways, I really like tea or iced tea as a replacement. It is not bubbly but iced tea for me is really good with lunch

Oh also I think that Jones sodas are all natural or something like that and they are sooo good.

I always want something bubbly, but it is really bad for your kindeys. We have cut out soda, and started keeping iced tea made. The regular has plenty of caffeine for the jump you need. Then, I still do a diet ginger ale or club soda with lime for my bubbles :)

Tea, iced or hot! It my beverage of choice!

My sister's college store had a caffeinated water - it's called Water Joe. I haven't tried it yet, but am planning on it soon, as I don't like coffee either! She made it sound like it is literally just water with "natural" caffeine - the website is waterjoe.com.

Steaz has flavored iced teas available in cans, and sparkling teas available in bottles. They are lightly flavored and very good. There have also been lots of good coupons for it online, and I've been able to find it at Target.

Have you tried caffinated water? Another suggestion is to drink tea. We stopped buying any pop about three years ago. I started brewing tea and keeping a pitcher of it handy. I do drink coffee every morning; however, when I was pregnant last (I'm holding my 6 week old now), I couldn't handle the bitter taste of coffee. So, I started having hot tea in the a.m. I like my hot tea sweet so I put a little honey in it.

I have 5 children and personally, after the birth of our 3rd child I decided that God made caffeine for medicinal purposes. I try not to drink caffeine past noon, but sometimes its just necessary!

EmergenC has a ton of B vitamins and that helps give a kick. My husband was looking for a non-high fructose corn syrup soda to mix in cocktails and found Blue Sky soda. It's made with real sugar and he loves it. However, I understand that this may still send those same messages to your son. I love coffee and am totally addicted but I've decided that I'll face this in a couple years when it won't adversely affect my kids as much! ;) I love that you're caring so much about how your actions affect your son- way to go mom!

Have you ever tried XS? It is an energy drink that is safe. It comes in 12 different flavors, no sugar, no carbs and only 8 calories. You get the energy source from B12 vitamins. They are awesome!! I bought some because I was so tired after my daughter was born and concerned about the caffeine when I was nursing. I am not a coffee drinker either. Can't handle the taste or the shakes. The XS has half the amount of caffeine and 3 flavors are caffeine free. I had one a day, and the cool thing was that by the time my daughter was 4 months old, I lost my baby weight and was a size 6 again. The biggest thing about my weight is that I cut out the pop and sodas. Here is the website I get it from. www.figglesfit.com These are the safest energy drinks out there. All of the others are loaded up with caffeine and sugar, and the reason for the crashes. I have enough energy to get through a regular day. These will not give you a rush feeling, your body knows what to do with the B12 vitamins and naturally releases adrenaline. Thought these might help. 12 cans come in a case, you can get a variety case, or a single flavor. I think I get free shipping when I buy 3 cases. My suggestions would be try one variety, the cranberry grape, and wildberry. Oh I love the rootbeer too. It is a very dark rootbeer and goes great as a rootbeer float.
PS you are right about the diet sodas. If i am at a pizza place and I don't have a energy drink with me. I always go for a regular soda. People think because its diet, its better for you.

M. - you're right about not drinking soda. You may have seen the recent study that came out saying that drinking as few as 2 sodas a week can increase your chance for pancreatic cancer by 87%. Now you might say, I'm drinking diet soda but there are many people and studies that show diet soda is dangerous as well because of the chemicals that are used for sweetners.

I personally haven't used any caffeine in my life for 15 years due to health issues and yes, that was when my children were young too. But that's my choice and not everyone can do that.

I don't usually market my product line on this site but we do carry an "energy" drink that is safer, cleaner, smarter. I actually allow my teenager to drink one before hockey games. I will not purchase the Red Bulls and Monsters because they are dangerous and many kids are ending up in the hospital. I also don't have soda in our house.

If you want to see more about this "energy" drink check out www.drinkrev3.com. If you want more information, please contact me.


There are now energy sodas on the market. Try the fortified 7-UP .

Look into vitamin B12 liquid drops and a carbonated fruit water of some sort. B12 is the energy vitamin, but look for a good one. I think sucralose in diet soda is just as bad as aspartame.

Monavie makes an all natural energy drink called EMV ENergy. It is awesome! It is made with 80% fruit juice and all natural boosters (Green Tea, Yerba Matte and Guarana) with Palatinose (long lasting natural energy). These taste great (like a lightly carbonated grape juice) and provide about 5 hours of long lasting energy. The best part is that it is healthy energy. No sweeteners, no artificial colors or flavors...just good stuff. I drink one in the late morning and I am good all day. Check it out at www.monavie-emv.com or you can order it from my site at www.idrink4health.com.

Hot tea in the morning and iced tea in the afternoon! And I like the suggestion of a little cat nap. That was the only thing that got me through the early stages.

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