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Cable Vs. Satellite

We are trying to save money anywhere possible. We currently have Charter cable w/internet. My husband thinks we should try a satellite but I think cable would be more reliable but I can't say that I have any experience with satellite (and we need high speed internet through them also.) Please let me know if you have tried anything other than cable and what the service was like. If you liked the service, who did you use? Thank you!

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Thank you for the many responses. My husband was pleasantly surprised and couldn't believe that women I don't know shared their opinions. I told him this is the wonderful thing about the bond/network that women share with each other. Our neighborhood doesn't have AT&T internet lines run yet and we can only get cable from Charter. We have decided to keep Charter rather than risking losing service at bad weather times. From what I looked at for satellite providers, the costs for our internet and cable wouldn't save any money. Thanks for all the great thoughts.

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We just recently switched from cable to Dish Network for that exact reason. We absolutely love the satelitte, I don't know how we ever lived without DVR. We have satellite, internet and phone through AT&T.

i now use suddenlink for digital cable and my internet access and i love it, when it rains i can actually still watch tv... i was with direct tv and every time it rains you lose service sometimes it doesn't even have to be raining the wind can be blowing and it will go out until it slacks up and what else is there to do inside when it's raining or the wind is kicking up but watch tv... my advice is stick with what you have now b/c satellite is a DRAG

I do not have any advice on this but I say you picked a fine time to inquire! My fiance just told me (about 30 minutes ago) that was may get satellite instead of cable and I was wondering the pros and cons of them all!

So thanks and good luck to you!

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Stick with cable. I have had Dish and DirecTV and they both STINK!!! Especially DirecTV. They are awful.

I had cable for years until we moved to a small town with horrible cable service, so we had no choice but to go satellite. Overall, I really enjoy it, especially if you go with the DVR (similar to TIVO)- we have DISH, 4 rooms, and we opted for the DVR for only 2 TV's. BUT, there are problems when the weather gets rough. I can honestly say that I never lost cable when we had severe weather, but the slightest thunderstorm, and the satellite is gone, BUT you can still watch the programs you recorded on your DVR!

My parents had satellite TV several years ago, before cable was available in their area (they live outside city limits). We hated it because every time the wind blew too hard or if it rained, we lost the picture. So once Charter offered cable in their area, they got the TV/Internet service from them. MUCH better!!

Now, I suppose satellites may have improved since they had one, but that was our experience.

We just recently switched from cable to Dish Network for that exact reason. We absolutely love the satelitte, I don't know how we ever lived without DVR. We have satellite, internet and phone through AT&T.

Hi LA. I worked in the cable television industry for 10 years. Until I moved here I never had satellite. I absolutely love satellite. I like the fact that I know longer have to deal with the rate increases, crappy customer service and junk mail I was getting. I have had satellite for over 2 years now and haven't been subjected to a rate increase. The only issue my family has is when the weather is bad, our satellite box usually needs to be reset. I am a true convert.

we have had both, stick with cable, everytime the wind blew wrong we lost our signal w/ satellite! Why paying for something that is always going out??? Good luck w/ whatever you choose.

We looked into this just like you--we were thinking about satallite but needed our high speed internet and when it came down to it we couldn't beat the bundled price of Charter high speed and cable. To have a comparable internet source and then satallite was going to cost more. Of course this could be different it different locations.

We use Dishnetwork, and we love it. We had Directv but they did not offer local channels in our area like Dishnetwork. So we switched.

The only time our satellite goes out is when the clouds are extremly thick, and then it is only out for a few minutes.

I do not know if they offer internet service.
You can check their website is www.dishnetwork.com

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