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C-section Tomorrow and NO NAME!?!

Hi there-
I was on the site a few years ago when I was pg with my 4th and decided to make my way back :)

I have a scheduled c-section tmrw and cannot for the life of me even THINK of any names for this little girl. With all my other children their names were picked out, pretty much within the first trimester. This will be my last baby and I am totally blank on names. Hoping some other moms can inspire me! (pretty please? :))

I have 3 daughters- Elena (Elle or Lainey), Hallie and Sasha & 2 sons- Conor and Wesley (Wes)

absolutely no names are the on the table for daughter #4 so i'd love any ideas!

Thank you!

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Thank you for everyones input. We got ourselves a little miss Jade Olivia :)

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Addison and call her Addie. I LOVE that name! And it would be cute with Ellie, Laniney and Hallie. Good luck!

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Wow ive been there except mine was a boy named 2 days after he was born Hehe ok I like Sonyalita or Anjelita but ethnic names are my thing. Ew and Sophia

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My cousin named her baby Charisma and they call her Charm. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Good luck tomorrow!

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Take a book with you to the hospital and wait until you meet her. There's no rule that you can't take your time naming her! The hospital will tell you that you can't take her home without a name, but you can. They just don't want to have to go back and do the paperwork later.

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You have 5 kids and are very pregnant - your brain is fried! It's okay! When you see her, something will come to you! Just spell out the initials to make sure you don't create a negative word or something that she will be teased about. OR, let your husband do the honors (with you getting veto power) but honestly, you've done plenty of work up to this point!

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www.nymbler.com (with your kids names entered) came up with this list



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Addison and call her Addie. I LOVE that name! And it would be cute with Ellie, Laniney and Hallie. Good luck!

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Our baby #2 was "Claire"...until the ultrasound! When I read your list of names, I thought it would fit right in. :) Good luck with the C-Section and the name seach!

Two more: Maya and Alyse...or Maya Alyse?

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What do your other children like? Sophie, Abigail, Brooke, Paige. I loved the name Justine.

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Vivianne (Vivi)
Adelaide (Addy)

Congrats and best wishes for tomorrow!

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Everything old is new again. How about a traditional name? Here are some which come to mind-
Gretchen, Prudence, Mildred, Marlena, Leslie, AnneMarie, Wendy, Abigail, Bonnie, Beatrice, Claire, Christina, Carmine, Donna, Diana, Doris, Evelyn, Frederika, Iris, Joanne, Kelly, Louisa, Nora, Opal, Rebecca, Rachel, Samantha, Tracy, Victoria, Vanessa, Violet.

Good luck to you and yours,
and best wishes for your new addition.
F. B.

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We were in the same boat and named our daughter on day 4 at 1030 after voting on face book and having our nurses and doctors to help us! We settled on naming our daughter after the magazine and movie Legally Blond. Good luck and congrats!

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If I were to have another girl her name would be Piper. I love that name! But my husband hates it as much as I love it :(

I think a very pretty name is Analicia Marie. Could also be shortened to Ana or Anna.

Congrats on your little addition, I bet everyone is super excited :)

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My cousin named her baby Charisma and they call her Charm. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Good luck tomorrow!

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Wow ive been there except mine was a boy named 2 days after he was born Hehe ok I like Sonyalita or Anjelita but ethnic names are my thing. Ew and Sophia

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Lydia, Mallory, Aida, Daphne, Lizzie, Cassie, Allison, Roselyn.

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I once had the pleasure of attending a speech by First Lady Barbara Bush. This was after her husband had left office and before her son took office, and so her 'talk' was more dedicated to role as wife and mother. There she stood, in her pearls and silver hair, and someone asked her about naming her children. Her quote "I never named a single one of my children until I saw the whites of their eyes. Then, I just knew." She was such a lady.

Don't fret it. You will know when the time is right. Good luck!

I almost forgot, the only rule I followed when naming my children was to pick a name that had a significant historical meaning to me. And if it's a famous person, make sure that person's legacy is 'final', if you know what I mean. My son was named Corbett, after James Corbett, my husbands favorite childhood author. He was the famous tiger hunter who was guarding Queen Elizabeth the night her father the king died, and was the first to tell her of the news. Plus, he was all around awesome. His namesake has earned us a lifetime long intivation to the James Corbett national park in India. They just could not believe someone in America had heard of him, much less names their child after him. A pretty cool story to tell as he grows up!

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God bless you for having 6 children :)

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I thought I was having a boy, so I never even considered girl names. But alas, my "son" turned out to be my daughter and she was 2 days old before she got a first name and didn't get the middle name until the next day. Something will come to you. And sometimes, I really believe, that the babies let you know in their psychic baby way, what their name is. I have several friends who had names ready to go and took one look at the baby and changed their minds on the spot.

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I think Nora (or Norah, if you prefer) would be perfect with your kids' names. I also love the name Phoebe, but I've gotten mixed reviews on that one. Or ... Molly? Aurora (Rory)?

I also have to laugh at myself -- I was all set to suggest the name G., and then I realized it was your name!

Good luck with everything! Please let us what you choose.

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Cheyenne Nicole (Chey pronounced "shy" for short).


Just some options! Wishing you a healthy, happy delivery! :) Keep us updated on what name you decide!!

Penelope (or Penny)
Clementine (I've always loved that name)

Good luck! Here's to a safe birth and a happy, quick to latch on, sleeps through the night in a week healthy baby!

Greta. A couple of the other names I was going to suggest have already been suggested. Best wishes!


Here are some girl names that were on our list that we didn't use:
Audrey / Aubrey
Vivienne or Vivian
Miranda (Hubby didn't like this one, but I did!)

We went with Charlotte (turning out to be quite popular ... there are 3 in her grade) and Fiona.

Good luck to you! And, as the others have said, you don't HAVE to have a name yet. :-)

I love the name Catherine but couldn't use it for my girls bc it's my hubby's ex girlfriend's name LOL!

I also love

Our daughter's name is Selana Andraya. Selana is Greek,Andraya,(Andrea) is Latin,but we aren't either of those.I spelled it different so it would get pronounced right. Why not chose a name that is linked to your nationalities?

My last dd had no name either. She got her name on the second day of our hospital stay. My favorite show at the time ,Legend of a Seeker, was on and she is now Kailyn. My 4th oldest got to pick her middle name.

Don't rush and give it some time. It will come to you once you see her. Maybe have each kid come up with a name and then draw one and see how it goes. thats how #7 got his lol

I always loved Mehgan. That was going to be my baby's name, until it was a boy!
Taylor and Hanah and Brooke are good names too.

We just had twins in April and named the girl Gwen (Gwendolyn) everyone we meet just loves it (or so they say). In the running were Norah, Naomi and Penny. We liked all of these because they are not super popular and I think they go with your other kids names. Of course I loved Celeste but my husband put his foot down on that one .
Good luck tomorrow!

I haven't read through all the answers yet....we had 2 girls and couldn't come with any names! So we went to the boys list....our girls are named Emerson Leigh & Camryn Ruby. We also liked Harper, but that was our good friends' last name. We also liked Masyn (Macyn, Macin).
Good luck....I'm sure once she's born, her name will come to you. Congrats!

This is a fun question--you'll definitely find just the right name for your little girl! Do you have any favorite books? Any characters who have qualities you'd like to encourage in your daughter? I've always found novels and plays great places to look for classic, yet different, names. I'm a fan of Shakespeare's King Lear, and our daughter is named Cordelia. Wishing you a quick recovery from your c-section, a happy, healthy baby who is also the most amazing sleeper ever, and a solution to your name dilemma by tomorrow morning! Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful family!

It seems you like names that are not quiet traditional, easy to spell, and can be shortened.

Here are my favorites - all names in our family:

Rebecca (Becky or Becca - my daughters name)
Beatrice (Bea for short)
Eliza (Liz for short)
Katherine (Katie or Kate)

Good luck!

Go with something different. Everyone is using what is considered "old fashion names," but they are all now very popular. Go with a different generation of names (50's-70's) and your daughter won't have to share her name with all her classmates. Name her Kimberly, Jackie, Sharon, Jennifer, Cathy, Lisa, Beverly, Judy, brenda, or Kelly and your child will have a unique name for this decade.

My friend's daughter is named Adaline. You could also do Adeline, or any variation. Nick name would be Addie or Addy. Love it!

Have a movie marathon tonight, watching all your favorite movies. Watch through the credits and all, paying attention to the names and see if any jump out at you.
This is how we got all of our kids' names, although we did it earlier than the day before ;)
All my kids' names are after characters or people from movies/TV shows and/or Books that have attributes we admire. There is a strong reason for each name we picked.
Try looking at important female influences in your life, real and fictiional, and see if any of those names strike a cord.

We knew our son's name half way through. With our daughter we figured it out the night before she was born after I was already having contractions. We came up with Allison Marie. Funny enough her initials are AMR (American Medical Response, Ambulance company). I thought it would be great to nick name her Ali although I found out after the name was official that hubby doesn't like the nickname. Im sure it'll happen eventually. Ali would go nicely with the other names. It could come to you as soon as you see her precious face too. Good luck tomorrow. It will all work out. =)

I love the name Claudette. I don't know why, it's old school but I love it!

My daughter got her name from a movie, when I was 12! I loved it and knew when I had children that would be my daughter's name :)

My son, I wanted to pay homage to my grandfather, but thought his name was too old sounding so I used the Italian version.

Maybe take an average American name and find its equivalent in another language.

Good Luck!!!

I have 8 children, 4 of each sex, and I always took a list and when I saw the baby I knew if it 'fit' that child or not somehow.
I like Alexandra, Natalie, Julianne, Elizabeth, Anastasia, and many more suggested already. Make a long list of names you even like at all and take it with you. You'll find one that fits.

Get a baby book and see what jumps out at you~ We didn't have a name for our son when he was born. We only had a couple of names that we liked. But when we saw him we knew what his name should be. It was the same with our daughter. I needed to meet her before I chose between the two names we had picked.

Good luck!

Emma, Anna, G. like mommy, Brylee, Echo (my Step sisters name), Clary (clarissa), Hannah, Sophie, Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah... I personally will name my little girl Emma.

O Jayden. She is a cute little girl across the street from us. Thats all I got right now. But like someone else said. Wait until you see her. It might just "happen"!

Paige, Charlette or Claire

Our boy would have benn Maesey.

We didn't have a name until 2 days after we left the hospital. We signed the birth certificate and they filled in everything but the first name. We had to call a few days later and make a decision. It will come to you. Good luck!

How about N.?

Ok, I'll try to inspire you with what comes to mind...These are names of some girls we know: Isabelle, Suzanna, Mabel, Moira, Kaitlyn, Cecily, Willow, Camaya, Sophia, Silvia, Natalie, Alexis, Electra, Claire, Emma, Adelie, Madeline, Maddie, Imari, Katarina, Lilly, Devin, Ava, June, Gretchen, Kori, Giana, Jessie, Azure, Malin, Bethany, Cassie. I like the idea someone gave you of bringing a name book to the hospital and picking a name once you meet your daughter.

Some of my favorite girl names are:

Lucia / Luciana / Lucilia (light)
Aria (song)
Annabel (lovable)
Jean (god is gracious)
Natasha / Natalia (birthday)
Nadia (hope)
Alexandria (defender of mankind)


I have always loved the name G., but if that is your name, i guess that will not work.

Lillian Lily
Kathrine Kate

I have always liked Dawn or Summer.or name her after your mom or hubbys mom..

Amelia, Alicia, Addison, Allison, Adeline, Adrienne, Avery, Annie, Bailey, Brooke, Brooklyn, Cameron, Charlotte, Clara, Delia, Delaney, Eliza, Elisha, Elise/Elyse, Ellington, Ellison, Emerson, G., Hadley, Harper, Jaclyn, Jillian, Jocelyn, Kinley, Lindsey, Lucy, Lexie/Alexandra/Alexa, Madeline, Macy, Naomi, Olivia, Peyton/Payton, Piper Quinn, Reagan, Rachelle, Sadie, Sophia/Sofie, Taryn, Victoria, Veronica, Vivienne.

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