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Buzzing in the Ears

I had a c-section 10 days ago. At my doctors check up they said my blood pressure was kinda high. I woke up today with a really annoying buzzing in the ears all day long. I feel like there is an engine running in my ears! Has anyone had this or know if its serious?

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First of all thank you all for the comments! Last night after reading some I decided to call the doctor she suggested I go to the store and get my blood pressure taken. I did and it was 118/74 which is actually on the low side. Today the noise I was hearing is a lot better and its just off and on. Thanks again! Cant take any chances when you have two little ones!

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I agree with the other 2 ladies, call the Dr. you need to lower the BP, that happens to me as well. Very Bad headaches too.

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I had pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with my twins a few years back. My blood pressure would go up and up - this is when I experienced the rushing/buzzing sound in my ears. I found it was a very good indicator of when my blood pressure was very high. You should get it checked out soon - they can treat it with medication and get it under control before it becomes serious. I used a home blood pressure monitoring machine just to do quick checks so I wasn't running in and out of the doctor so much but you can also use the ones at the pharmacies (CVS/Walgreen's) for a quick check, too.
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

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I have chronic HBP and was monitored all through my pregnancy cause I chose to control with diet and exercise. Ringing in the ears is a pretty standard symptom that signals your BP is elevated and as others have suggested, I would call your doctor. Make sure that until you can get your BP checked, you do whatever it takes to keep your stress level at a minimum. HBP is not something to mess around with cause it can be caused or lead to many other problems.

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First of all... Congrats on your new baby! You are in for a fun ride! :) Enjoy it even when it doesn't seem enjoyable. Regarding the ringing, call the doctor and let him know. Also, are you on any kind of medication or do you take any herbal supplements? Always tell your healthcare provider about any herbal supplements that you might be taking. Even if you think they are harmless, (which they probably are) they may not be compatible with a prescription medication. I'm all for taking herbal supplements when I can, but I always check first.

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I had the same thing while I was pregnant. The doctor told me that it could be related to my blood pressure being up (it wasn't) or just the excess blood/water retention in the body while pregnant. He told me to make sure I rested and drank plenty of water. He also said that if I had a stuffed up head it could cause this too. Mine did go away after resting and drinking a lot of water. Hang in there. I too had a c-section and the IV and pain medicine makes you retain water.

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Don't take a chance on this--call your doctor and tell her or him your new symptom. YOu can never be too careful!

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I had a c-section last year with a similar problem and my doctor wanted to see me immediately. You should call right now!! It all turned out fine, but I think you need to look into this so you're able to take good care of your new baby.

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Hi Molly,
I think that may be serious. The anesthesiologist always asks me if I hear a ringing in my ears when I'm getting an epidural, so I would guess it is srious. I'd call your doctor and ask.

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Congrats on your new baby boy!! What a gift from God. I also ended up with high blood pressure when I had my son, I do recommend you call your dr/ob back today and let them know about the buzzing. The worst case scenario is they may have to put you on a bp med for a small period of time, to lower your bp. This is common with some women after childbirth I would not worry. Mine was back to normal after about two months.

Good luck and God bless!!

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