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Butt Pimple???

My 2 year old daughter has a large red bump on her butt with a white head. When I wash it or put neosporin on it she pulls away and says it hurts. Of course I googled it and am now scared it is staph. The pimple isnt crusty or oozing anything, just red with a white head and obviously painful. She also has two little red bumps on her other butt cheek, but they have no white head, but she says they hurt, too. Im sure I will take her to her dr. tomorrow just to be on the safe side, but any other idea as to what this could be?!? Is it just a pimple and Im getting all spazzed out as usual? She is my first and only child, so I take EVERYTHING super seriously!!!

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Last night I put neosporin and a band aid on it before bed and this morning it had shrunk down to half the size. Its barely a little red dot now, so I assume that it is not staph...I would think staph would get worse and not just dissappear. Thanks for all of the answers!!

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More then likely, it is a boil.
Believe it or not, they are very painful.
The easiest & quickest remedy to to apply
TOMATO PASTE!!! Truely. the acidity draws out
the redness & puss & or puffiness. I used to get them all the time as a child & this worked everytime!!!
Good Luck!!

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It sounds like a boil. Not dangerous, but very painful. The doctor may drain it and/or give you an antibiotic. Nothing to worry about.

Soak her in a very clean tub in as warn water as she can take. Don't make it too hot. Do that about every 2 hrs. Use neosporin on it and keep her diaper dry.

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Hi S.,

I'll bet it hurts - the pus in the pimple causes pressure and it might be deep-seated. I would take her to the doctor because they have sterile conditions there and might want to open it up - please don't do that yourself. If they decide not to open it up, they'll give you advice on how to handle it so that it doesn't become a boil. Ouch!

Good luck! D.

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We went thru the same thing. Those "pimples" got bigger and more painful and eventually we had to use an antibiotic to clear them up. One thing that was a HUGE success and you might try is to get an ANITBACTERIAL SOAP. I think Dial is one of them. This helped a lot and prevented getting more on her bottom. I would not put it off. It never "went away" until we got serious about it and dealt with it.

Also, it you are going to put something on them buy a "triple antipbiotic gel" over the counter and this may help them come to a head and clear up. If all that does not work Keflex antibiotic works great but you need a prescription

PS Might want to make sure you are "washing her butt" in the morning with a wet rag and bathing regularly too if you are not already.

PSS I would put money on it our was MRSA/staph too. I would have taked her to the doctor but my husband is a pediatrician so we just treate4d it ourself. We did find out MRSA in carried in our nostrils (my husband and I work in the hospital) so we had to get an antibiotic gel for our noses to keep from spreading it to her over and over.

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More then likely, it is a boil.
Believe it or not, they are very painful.
The easiest & quickest remedy to to apply
TOMATO PASTE!!! Truely. the acidity draws out
the redness & puss & or puffiness. I used to get them all the time as a child & this worked everytime!!!
Good Luck!!

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I would definately take her to the doctor. I had something similar happen to me when I was 16 inside my elbow and it was staph. I didn't tend to it early enough and it developed a red streak. Had to go on antibiotics. Even if it is just a boil, it doesn't hurt to get it checked. MERSA is also out there and needs antibiotics so don't fool with it. I usually would try home remedies but, in this case, I recommend a doctor asap!

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It does sound like it MIGHT be impetigo - don't let that freak you out, though. My 4yo and 6yo both recently had it, and yes, it was on their backsides! The only thing I could guess was they picked it up from a public toilet or something? The doctor told me that at any given point if you took a random sample of people at the mall, 25% of them would have some staph bacteria. He did take a sample to confirm that it was indeed staph, prescribed an antibiotic, and the infection went away fairly quickly. It IS quite contagious (although my two contracted it about 6 weeks apart) so they recommend keeping the sores covered, no swimming, etc. Good luck!

Your daughter probably has molluscum contagiosum, which sounds scary but isn't really. It is an ugly nuisance, though. It's like a cousin of warts. There are websites with scary pictures, and pricy miracle cures, and a cream called Aldara (that was $50 for each of 2 tubes with my insurance) that you can try, but what worked for us was to use Compound W on the spots. The idea is that the molluscum virus is not being noticed by the immune system, so you have to do something to the bumps to irritate them and "wake up" the immune system so it fights them. Trying to get the white part out of the pimple seems like a good idea but isn't because you spread the virus around and get lots more bumps, and they will look nasty. Just leave them intact and use the Compound W (or whatever wart-remover you prefer) until they get really red and irritated. It will be messy and no fun, but it will make them go away. Without any treatment, they'll probably clear up in a few years on their own, but my husband and I didn't want to wait that long for our daughter. Incidentally, your daughter probably got them from sitting on a toilet seat or chair that somebody else who has them had sat on. It doesn't mean that she has been to "dirty" places, because these things are everywhere. This too shall pass.

Sounds to me like boils. Boils are typically staph infections, but for the most part are not dangerous. My stepdaughter had some on her bottom about 2 years ago and the doctor kind of cut them open a little to let them drain and gave her some antibiotics. You can also just apply hot compresses to them to bring them to a head and they will begin draining on their own, but will still require antibiotics.

I would get it checked out. My 4th child has something similar but it appeared as an infant. It would not go away despite rx cream/med from doctor and kept getting infected. It turned out that it was a pore that had never opened on the outside and thus was just continuing to get infected from the inside. He had to have surgery to remove it and it never came back. We had to do this b/c the drs. were afraid of the infection spreading into his intestines.
Also, a good friend of mine's son was bitten by a poisonous spider last year. She didn't know about it until he started complaining and she found a big red bump similar to what you are describing on his bottom b/c that's where he was bitten. He developed a staph infection that they had a hard time treating with antibiotics. He was hospitalized for about a week b/c they couldn't get the infection to stop spreading.
So not to scare you but I'd get it checked out. It's probably nothing but you'll feel better about getting it looked at!

im sure as you know zits can hurt im sure thats all it is but if you are worried dont feel silly about taking her to the doctor better safe than sorry!

Sometimes brown mouthwash (like Listerine, but it can be an off brand) helps to disinfect those and you don't have to pop them. I put the mouthwash on it and then also put it on the cloth part of a bandaid and put that on the boil also. It has just melted it away for my kids sometimes. Going to the doctor is a good idea though.

It sounds like a boil. Not dangerous, but very painful. The doctor may drain it and/or give you an antibiotic. Nothing to worry about.

Sounds like it might be an in-grown hair. Trying putting some compresses of Domeboro's soap on it. Your local drug store might keep it behind the counter, but you don't need a script for it.


My daugther used to get them every year from the heat. I used to put neosporin and a bandaid on them. Sometimes if they were a rather large white head, I would pop it first, wash it and then put the neosporin and bandaid on. Make sure the bandaid is the ouchless kind that wont hurt her when you take it off though. The doctor may tell you something different but usually if they are just a few like that, neosporin works well. They usually went away within a day or two after that.


My 2 year old had what I assumed was a butt pimple too. After a day or so I noticed two other spots develop. Then I assumed it was diaper rash. A couple of days later, I noticed more spots on legs and chest. Turns out it was Hand, Foot, and Mouth. The spots are actually little blisters. Of course, I was in a panic. After much research I found out it is a harmless, highly contagious, often uncomfortable illness. If this is what it turns out to be, just keep her comfortable and wash your hands thoroughly after every diaper change/bathroom break. Also remember not to share food, drinks, and utensils.

sweetie if its really big, red, enflammed then its most likely a boil and yes, they are very painful. I get them and alot of people I know get them but I am not sure if they run in families or not, I think so. Usually I just take a nice long hot bath as hot as I can stand, let it fester up into a white head and pop it with a clean needle. It will hurt really bad and it will probably need squeezing and usually a bit of blood and greenish yellow pus will come out. But to be safe get it checked out cuz it could be a bug or spider bite too. Better safe than sorry. I really would like to know whether they have medicine for boils I always get mine in the exact same areas caused by my shorts, pants, or underwear constantly rubbing that one area and I'm pretty sure sweat and dirt doesn't help the problem. Keep it clean and dry and usually they even go away on their own but if you pop it it will feel alot better honestly. Its the pressure that hurts so much. I also recommend using a heating pad personally but not too hot if it hasn't turned into a whitehead yet. It helps the release the pressure much like a volcano or hot spring. But hot baths and massaging helps too. Let me know how it goes. God Bless.

ive had the same thing when i was about 12/13 years old except mine pimple was on my elbow and it was very sore and swollen we tried to pop it nothing would come out and we put neo. on it and it didnt help a coulpe of days later my arm was so swollen i couldnt move my arm my mom took me to the er and i was running a fever of 105.9 they ammitted right away got my fever down and then got my arm taken care of it was blood poison /staff ifection the head of pimple was growing into my arm and into my blood stream instead of coming out into a full head to where it would pop..everything turned out good for me ive still got both arms and no permintment brain damage......i really hop0e all gose well for you and your chid god bless

Pimples are usually caused by secretions that increase the closer a child gets to puberty. So, probably not a pimple. It could be an infected hair follicle, and ingrown hair or a sundry of other benign things. However, I am pleased to hear you're taking her to the doctor. It could also be staph which CAN be serious...I highlight that because there's many forms of staph, it's normally on our skin anyway, if she has staph it's not necessarily MRSA which is the one that makes it into the news... Keep us posted!

Could it be like a boil ... is it that large?

If you have insurance or other coverage, I would take it to the Pediatrician just to make sure but probably the hot soak, sterile pop, some tea tree or lavender oil and a good band-aid followed up by a quick prayer would do it! The only thing about oils is there is no standard set by the government so you need to make sure you buy them from a quality source. I had a bad experience with some lemon oil purchased from a health food store called Aura Cacia. I had an emergency and didn't have time to wait a week for my usual shipment from Arizona and the lemon oil I got locally must have had alcohol in it because it really set me on FIRE! The bottle said 100% pure oil, of course and when I called the company, they said it was pure. I told them it was pure all right, pure BS! ;-)

Anyway, New Vision's oils are 100% pure and nothing else is added to cut or extend the oil. If it's pure, it won't burn or cause your daughter any discomfort at all and it's healing properties are mega-powerful without the negative effects anti-biotics have on the flora in the intestines. If you go the anti-biotic route, be sure you give her some pro-biotics to get her flora in the intestines back up to healthy levels. Yeast will take over if all that gets killed off...remember antibiotics means anti-life! I think the most important oil to keep on hand is Lavender because it is good for so many things kids get into like cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc...however in research, lemon oil looked to be the best for what you have going on.

Read this:
Lemon-Citrus Limon Oil
Indigenous to China; traditionally used for its “yang” (action) energy.
Rational oil; helps restore emotional balance, stimulates the left brain, clears thought processes and aids concentration.
Strengthens epidermis function, thin hair and nails; balances sebum/oil production, acne; soothes dry skin, athlete’s foot, boils, corns, and warts. Tightens smooth muscles, smooth and varicose veins; cellulite, strengthens connective tissues. Useful for phlebitis and thrombosis.
Enhances immune system by stimulating white blood cells; colds, flu, fever, respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, and sinusitis; antibacterial properties cleanse and neutralize to help prevent spread of contagious infections; effective room disinfectant to clear airborne bacteria.
Aids development of acid mantle, balances stomach acidity, reduces blood sugar; detoxifying, relieves constipation, stimulates and cleanses liver; stimulates pancreas.
Inhale as needed to stimulate concentration and memorization.
Diffuse to help protect from air-borne germs. Add 1- 2 drops to purified water in a spray bottle to help cleanse high traffic areas.
Apply 1-2 drops neat to skin irritations, such as insect bites, for itch relief.
Agitate 4-5 drops in water for an invigorating shower or bath.

We use many oils combined with prayer to achieve optimum health in our home and my daughter is a true believer too. If you would like a copy of my Essential Oils Benefits chart, send me an email address where I can send you the attachment and I will send it to you. I hope this helps and your daughter's healing comes speedily! God Bless!

Soak her in a very clean tub in as warn water as she can take. Don't make it too hot. Do that about every 2 hrs. Use neosporin on it and keep her diaper dry.

Please if it is bothering you take her to the doctor. Dont let some other person talk you out of how you feel about your child. I learned with my first child that it is better safe then sorry to do what you feel and what your instincts are then to listen to someone tell you that you dont need to take her.

That being said........Boil it probably is. I had a terrible time with my little girl with boils. I even took her to the doctor for them and all they did is lance the boil and take a sample of the puss. Very painful for her and me. The best thing you can do is put her in a tub of very warm water. As warm as she can stand. Let her sit in it as long as possible. The warm heat will help it come to head. Do not squeeze this boil as it can push the infection in further and cause you worse problems. What you want to do is push and and kinda of pull out lightly when it starts to come out. It should happen if you use the warm sitz baths. My daughter would always be in the bath when the white head of the boil would start to come out. I would manipulate it a little to help it a long. For a few days after it would seep out a reddish blood colored drainage. Once it came to head she had so much relief. They are very painful and it is best not to mess with them. Anyway I found out that they were caused by her diapers. Some kids have reactions to them and some dont. When she was in diapers we were making a lot of trips from KY to OH. All the sitting in the car in a diaper caused them. When we stopped making the trips they stopped appearing.

My son has very sensitive skin and gets these pimples occasionally. For him, I put a little dab of hydrocortisone on the spot a couple of times a day and that seems to help with the swelling. Popping it can open it up to a larger infection, so if you want to go that route, better see the ped.

I wrote in about the same thing a few weeks ago but only one person responded, thinking it was some serious disease. I looked it up and the pimples were very different looking so I know it wasn't that.
Although I know the correct word might not be pimple that is exactally what it looked like.

Anyways it's been a few weeks and they don't seem to bother her. She has had staph once before it looked just like pimples too but it was on her back and there were lots.
Right now she has two. They are small and aren't infected. They seem to come and go. Let me know what you find out.

A friend of mine noticed a pimple on her grandson's butt and watched it for a few days, doctoring it with various things. When it did not get any better she took him to the doc and found out it was a staph infection. They ended up having to do surgery to remove it but because it had gotten bigger and gone deeper they also had to do skin grafting. He stayed in the hospital for a few days. He is doing well now but the advice from his grandmom is see a pimple go directly to the doctor. Good luck and hope things haven't reached a point that the action above has to be taken.


I'm glad it looks like it is going away, just keep a close eye on it in case it flares again.

Just a little info for future reference:
It is probably still staph causing the infection. Staph is a bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus) that lives on the skin of even HEALTHY individuals. When there is a break in the skin (often too small for us to see), Staph can invade the cut and it can become infected. Pus is the result of the immune system battling the bacteria. Something simple like an ingrown hair can become very serious when staph is involved. There are multiple strains of Staph, though the only one in the news is MSRA. That strain is particularly dangerous because it is resistant the the antibiotics that are commonly used to treat skin infections. But other strains of staph can be just as dangerous.

As I said in my original reply, I had a boil at 19 and didn't think much of it. The Staph invaded my blood stream and I'm not exaggerating when I say I nearly died. the doctors told my mother there was nothing else they could do and that I might survive another 24 hours. It's a miracle that I'm still here. I was in the ICU at two hospitals (one was the University of Chicago Hospital) for three weeks and then in a regular room for amother week. I had lung surgery, five chest tubes, seven blood transfusions, high doses of antibiotics in the hospital... and three months of IV antibiotic therapy at home. I racked up a HALF MILLION $$ in hospitals bills - that's just what the insurance did not cover!! I couldn't work for three months. I lost 1/3 of my body weight in less than a week because of the Staph. My hair fell out and my skin peeled because I was so sick. My muscles atrophied. All because of a small boil that I didn't think was that serious.

Now, I know some remedies to self-treat (witch hazel is one of my favorites and it's cheap!), and I will do that with any cut or skin lesion - but after a day or so if it's not getting better, I go to the doctor because Staph is nothing to mess around with.

Better safe than sorry!!

It sounds like a boil.

Take her to the doctor, do not wait.

I had a boil when I was 19 and didn't think it was a big deal, that I'd just let it do it's thing and it would heal on it's own.

I was wrong. Now, I waited a little over a week before I sought medical treatment and by then, the Staph was in my bloodstream - and I had Toxic Shock and nearly died.

I'm not trying to scare you - but Staph is nothing to play around with. And whatever you do... do NOT squeeze the boil!

Please take her to the doctor this morning, do not wait. They will most likely give her an antibiotic, and depending on the boil... they may lance it. (They will make a small cut and drain the pus and gunk out)

could be a boil, oil build up, could be a bite of some sort. also, heard that chicken pox looked like that, never had it before so not too sure.


Sounds like a boil to me. Keep it clean and let it run its course. I feel for your daughter, they are paiful. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boil

molluscum contagiosum, google it. It's a virus that kids pass back and forth not a hazard just ugly. Do not pop the head that is how they spread hard with toddlers. The DR gave my son a prescription for Mupirocin ointment. Hope that helps By the way my son's didn't look like all the pictures on the internet it started out more like a skin tag. It also seems to get worse when wet (in the tub). I do not know if a toilet seat would pass them the DR said scratching would so if your child is around alot of other kids. The DR did say they could hang around for a couple of years.. That's the yucky part he said there were other treatments but not for young children.

My son gets those all the time and once it got particularly bad so I had it checked by the doctor and it turned out it is MRSA. What you are describing sounds exactly like what he has, but before you get too worried about the bad name MRSA has made for itself, the doctor explained to me there is nothing to be scared of. Definitely make sure you wash thoroughly after every time you change her diaper and definitely go have it checked by the doctor so they can give you the proper treatment and precautions.

Good luck!

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