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Busted Lip

how to treat busted lip on 14 month old.

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My 14 month old son, fell down, and busted his lip for the first time on Friday evening. I took all the advice, and as of today, it is healing very nicely, with no sign of infection. Everything is good so far. Thank you ladies for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer my concern. Great advice.

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Honey is a great natural antibiotic, just dab it liberally on the cut after you clean it.

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Keep it clean and put antibiotic ointment on it a couple times a day. If it becomes more red and more swollen, then it could be a sign of infection. That is when you'll need to take him to a doctor. Just wash your hands and his hands a lot. Actually, washing hands is the BEST way to prevent ANY infection.

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When my kids were toddlers I kept those Pop Ice things, you know, Kool Aid in a plastic tube, in the freezer. When they had any kind of mouth hurt I gave them one, this kept ice (Pop Ice) on it, and they liked the flavor. I am not sure by your post, is it infected or you are wanting to avoid infection? I don't think you have anything to worry about, putting antibiotic ointment on a lip, I wouldn't, the child is likely to ingest it.

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I used neosporin when my son busted his lip.

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Not much you can do other than keep it clean. I don't know how old your baby is, if you're trying to prevent, or if he already has an infection so it is hard to give specific advice. But, salt water can help. Grapeseed extract or vinegar are both antimicrobial. But, doctors just usually say to keep it clean. If he already has an infection, then I would try the vinegar route, probably diluted. It shouldn't hurt, it isn't harmful, and it does disinfect both bacteria and fungus.

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My 2 yo missed the last step on our stairs and busted her lip (on the inside of her mouth) about 2 months ago... Here's what I did and learned:

1.) Tylonal for pain
2.) Dilute hydoregn peroxide with water, about 60% water, 40% Hydrogen peroxide. It is safe as a oral rinse, even if a small bit gets ingested (This is even mentioned on the lable of the bottle). Use a q-tip to rub the diluted HP on the infected area.. Yes, I got thumbs up for doing this from her pedi dentist (because her fall knocked her teeth out of place too.)

You don't mention when the busted lip happened... I am assuming it is not recent, but that the infection is. Otherwise, if the busted lip happened recently, message me and I'll tell you what I learned from my daughter's fall, etc.

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oh my gosh. my 4 year old daughter is notorious for busted lips. she once busted her lips 3X in the same place in the same day! i thought for sure it needed stitches but it didnt. and it looked like it was hanging open it was aweful. unless its already been diagnosed as infected id keep witchhazel on it, and it should heal in no time. mouth injuries can be scary because they bleed so much. my same daughter nearly bit her tongoue off once, and you could entirely through her tongues she bit through it and too my surpirse the docotor told us to gome , that motuh injuries heal really wee and rarely get infected.

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Hydrogen peroxide might be good diluted on a cotton ball or towel/wash cloth - not to swallow though. I use that stuff for all sorts of things. Ask your pediatrician what he/she thinks is best...

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