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Bus Driver Gifts

Someone just brought up giving their child's teacher an end of year gift. What do you think about the bus drivers? My son goes to preschool at the public school, and I know that the drivers take a little time every trip to make sure that he is buckled in properly. And then at school, they make sure that he gets to his teacher. I know that they make a special effort for the younger kids. Is it appropriate & if so, what?

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When I worked in a preschool, the bus drivers always had to run by a fast food place to grab something quick to eat in between routes - and that can get expensive. Maybe get them a gift card to a fast food joint.

It's the thought that counts. Get her (or him) a box of assorted chocolates with a thank you card. Not too expensive but MUCH appreciated.

I am looking for a part time home daycare for a 4 month old and a 2.5 year old. Where are you located?

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I think a small gift is a wonderful idea. Bus drivers are overlooked alot of the time and deserve a pat on the back. May I suggest a personalized card made by your child a handprint card saying something about "my handprint when I was small but I will remember you when I am tall"...orsuch. Then maybe a simple inexpensive gift you help your child pick out (a keychain, a magnetic photo frame with a class picture or picture of your child in it. I know little things like that meant alot to so as a preschool Sunday School teacher. One little girl got a bear at the dollar store because she wanted me to have a bear just like she had at home. I still today have a card made on a paper placemat saying I will miss you Ms K.. Enclose a personal note of appreciatiom from you -the parent- for what a blessing they have been. Just an idea.

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I think this is a wonderful idea. Bus drivers I think are under appreciated in many cases. In years past, I have given small fruit baskets. Fruit fits into most diet restricts (diabetic, cardiac, weight loss) and most people enjoy it.

Absolutely! If you're appreciative of the "extra" care they provide for your son, then it would be a nice gesture to give a little something. A gift card to Starbucks, or to a fastfood place would be appreciated. Or, if you want to do something more personalized, you could have your son make a card for her.

I am looking for a part time home daycare for a 4 month old and a 2.5 year old. Where are you located?

I think that it is very appropriate to get them a gift. I dont think that they get thanks very often for all of the work that they do.
If it is a female, a single flower and maybe a gift card for Starbucks or Tim Hortons I think is great. If it is a male, substitute that flower for a coffee mug or a travel mug. You can get them for about four dollars at walmart.
Just an idea!

I think that a gift is a great idea. Our bus driver adores the kids, goes out of her way for them, and does an awsome job.

I usually do something small like a gift card. I think anything girly works (nails, pedicure) or books are always good.

At Christmad time we gave a gift to our bus drivers. I just went to lifeway and picked up some of the prepackaged bags of candy and trail mix and we gave those to our bus drivers. It was great and they seemed to like them. Good luck!

Dear K.,
I used to work with a Special Needs Child that needed someone to ride the school bus with him in the morning and evening because of his behavior on the bus. He was in the 1st grade at the time.
Let me just say, the bus driver's have a tough job...remembering all their stops and watching to make sure the children are all safe while it seems like ALL the children are talking loud or sometimes screaming on the bus.
Yes, they do also make sure the kids get off the bus and to the correct teacher.
I do know some of the kids would get him a gift for Christmas and at the end of the year and it really made his face light up.
I would also get him a gift certificate someplace.
I knew he and his wife couldn't always afford to go out to dinner etc... so I found out where they liked to go and got them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
One year, the mother of the child I rode the bus with got me a school bus ornament for Christmas...it is the cutest thing. I still hang it on my Christmas tree every year and it makes me think of him and the very nice bus driver.
So, I would definitley have to say yes, I think it's a great idea to get the bus driver something. You wouldn't just want anyone driving your child to school. I'm sure he/she does a great job and would like to know that. Even if it's just a special note with a chocolate bar etc...
I hope this helps! :)

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