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Burn Calories While Pumping

Hi, Does anyone know if you burn calories when you pump similar to breast feeding? A friend of mine just had a baby and is unable to breast feed but is having success with pumping. She has been unable to locate any information on this via the web. She is just more curious than anything!!!

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You don't burn calories breast feeding or pumping. Your body burns calories by making milk! So, yes, if her body is making milk, then the calorie burn is the same no matter what method she used to get the milk out.

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I had to pump with both my boys. I lost weight with both off them. I was able to loose more than just the weight I put on during the pregnancy. BUT, as soon as I slowed down on the pumping the weight came back (and then some!) So if your friend wants to keep off the weight she'll need to change her eating as she starts to slow the pumping down.
Tell her good luck and good for her on giving her baby the best milk, hers!

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it's not the action of breastfeeding that burns calories, its the fact that your body is producing milk that causes you need to more calories, so either way the net calorie loss/gain is the same whether you are pumping or breastfeeding.

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Of course. It's the production of breastmilk that consumes calories, not the way it leaves your body.

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The calories "burned" is the same for breastfeeding and pumping. Each ounce of breastmilk contains approx. 20 calories which is made from calories consumed by the mother. I never did well with breastfeeding (it was always painful) so I exclusively pumped with both my daughters. My youngest daughter never tolerated formula (I tried) so I pumped for her for 10 months then weaned her onto whole milk, as recommended by the pediatrician. Once I established my milk supply, I was able to pump 6 times a day around the clock and maintained a perfect supply for my baby. It was more work, but worth it for me because we both got the benefits of the breastmilk.

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I had the same problem with my daughter and I pumped for 5 months. Yes you burn calories the same as breastfeeding because it is the milk production process that uses up the calories, not the act of breastfeeding. Hope this helps. And good luck to her!

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pumping excludively instead of breast feeding directly is doable. It is hard though. To be successful, you must pump at least 12-15 times per 24 hour period for the first 3 months. Truely. It sounds daunting, and it is. There is a great support group/message board for this at http://pumpingmoms.org/

I pumped exclusively for my first child for 14 months. I had 3 more children who either succesfully breastfed or I pumped for for up to 4 months before transitioning to formula.

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The act of breast feeding burns very few calories. It's the making of the milk that "burns the calories." Actually one can eat more calories because making milk uses calories from the food we eat.

Pumping will burn the calories it takes to move the lever to pump which like the act of breast feeding is actually very few. If one uses an electric pump fewer calories will be burned. If one hand pumps, it's my guess that one would burn more calories than holding the baby to the breast. It's all based on the amount of physical activity you do.

Calories are burned thru physical activity. Calories are used in making milk.

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Is she feeding the breast milk to her kid? or is she just doing it to burn calories? If only to burn calories then honestly I don't see why she'd want to do that.

Remind her 9 months on 9 months off - so it took you 9 months to get all that weight on it will take 9 months to get it off so not to be discouraged.

I have read on the net that you burn an average of 500 Calories producing milk if you are breastfeeding or pumping. My baby is a good eater and I was down to my pre preg weight at 3 months and I am 5 pounds lighter now at 4 months. I have also changed my eating habits in the last month to eat mostly healthy foods and not so much junk! Good Luck everyone!

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