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Bumps on My Toddler's Belly...

My 3 yr old girl has tiny little bumps all over her torso- not on her legs, neck, arms, face, bum... just on her belly/chest and now starting onto her back. The bumps are not red, do not itch, do not hurt- they look like goosebumps- they just don't ever go away. I thought maybe it was just dry skin- but lotions/creams are not working. We do not have insurance- so I'm hoping to find some help here, before turning to the ped! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks mamas!!

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Thank you all for the suggestions! I love this forum! I just got back from the pharmacy- I think I bought at least one of everything that was mentioned :) I'll let you all know what happens!

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This sounds like a food allergy perhaps. Any new foods lately. Any high allergenic foods that she has been wanting to eat a lot of?

Has she been sick recently? I remember my daughter getting something similiar when she was younger and the doctor said it went along with a virus she had.

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I don't have any advice for the bumps but I do have some advice about the insurance. If you do not have insurance due to income you can go to Family Services in your area and apply for Medicaid for your children. I would strongly suggest you do this as it is not a good idea to not have insurance for your kids. Call the Dept of Family Services and they can tell you what documents you need to bring - it usually doesn't take very long and depending on your situation there might not even be a co-pay for a doctor visit.

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My kids had very dry skin. Neutragena has a product called Rain Bath that you put on after a bath before you dry them, it's oily so it keeps the moisture in. Baby oil will do the same thing, be careful getting in the bath afterward, it's usually slippery afterward. It might take a while for the bumps to go also drinking lots of water and less drying soap.

Baby Aquaphor works wonders. If these are not bothersome to her try this before you spend lots of extra money. Don't know if you have tried this but it works for all sorts of different rashes/bumps. You can get it by the bay items at the store. Good luck!

Has she been sick? My daughter used to get this sometimes after shes had a fever. Her doc said it was just a reaction to the fever. I hope you get health insurance soon! Thats scary! Good luck!

This sounds like a food allergy perhaps. Any new foods lately. Any high allergenic foods that she has been wanting to eat a lot of?

Hi M.-
Sounds like what my son has. The doctor told us it was exzema, and I've just been putting the over-the-counter exzema lotion (with Pooh on the label) on it morning and night. It's not necessarily helping, but I'm hoping it will go away once the warm weather gets here. You might also try oatmeal baths to help. Good luck!

Melissa did you ever try Renew it works wonders..many testimonies on how this has helped with your same request :)

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If your daughter has only had them a day or so, it could be Roseola. Did she have a runny nose for a day or so before? Did the rash appear about a day after the runny nose quit? If it is Roseola, don't worry. The doctor would diagnose it as Roseola and tell you have to wait it out. Luckily, it only lasts about 3 days.

Do you live near a Walgreens? If so, see if they have a Take Care Clinic. It is about 60 dollars to see a nurse practioner. Way cheaper than going to the doctor or urgent care. You can go to Walgreens.com and there is a link to Take Care. I believe in some locations, there are Schnucks and Walmarts who offer similar types of clinics.

my 2.5 year old son has what seems to be the same thing as you are describing, we took him to the Dr and she said to put 1% Hydrocortizone on it, it has seemed to work. You may give it a try?

Are the bumps whiteish looking pimple things?? If they are she could have a virus called Mollescum Contagiosum (sp??) It's pretty common among kids and has to run it's course. If it's not excema and it doesn't go away, try looking it up on the internet. It's not harmful in any way, just annoying to look at. I actually had it and the unfortunate part is that it could take anywhere from 1-5 years to go away. Because it's a virus there's really no medicine for it so you just have to deal. They do spread very quickly however and it's not unlikely to have her entire body covered! They also like warm, moist places, so if it spreads to her underarm and sides I would look it up for sure. My doc did tell me to go ahead and pop mine, which sounds odd, but it actually worked and they started going away. That is MUCH harder to do on a 3 year old, though. Anyway, I hope my very long response was all in vain, hopefully that's not it! :)

I've noticed little tiny bumps on my sons tummy and back that did not seem to bother him as well. I mentioned it to our Dr. at our last well visit and he said that its dry skin. He suggested that I lather him with lotion as often as he can stand it, at least twice a day and for sure right after bathing. He also mentioned that a little hydrocortizone cream on the bumpy patches for a few days will help also. At the time my son had dry cheeks too and the Dr. said only to use the hydrocortizone cream sparingly on his face and only for a few days. He said that a "gift" my son got for being fare skinned and fare haired is skin issues! Anyway, hope this helps. You can always check in with the pharmacist and see what sort of lotion they suggest.

1 - Take pictures of them and keep record....
2 - Definately go see a doctor about them.

The pictures were a life saver for us, as my son's rash came and went and we were sent to a dermatologist and of course it took 3 months to get in there and the rash of course was not there, but he was able to give us some prescription lotion for when it flared up again.... Which works like a charm!

Has she been sick recently? I remember my daughter getting something similiar when she was younger and the doctor said it went along with a virus she had.

Without seeing it...hard to say. But my son has bumps like that too. The doctor said it was eczema. I'd take pictures & watch it. The doctor told us to use Cetaphil soap and then Varicream lotion. The lotion is behind the counter (but not prescription) at Target. You can use Varicream throughout the day. if some spots are really bad then put hydrocortisone 1% on them and then the Varicream. You could call your ped. and ask w/o going in? Also, at Childrens mercy they have "care cards" in the waiting urgent care center at south location. There was a card for eczema & it gave lots of ideas. Maybe they have them on line too?

I would try to change your laundry soap it could be allergies to the soap use hyperallergenic. My kids both did this.

My son has bumps all over his torso as well and his is from eczema. He has a special prescpition strength lotion that I put on him occasionally, but have recently noticed with the cold weather, the prescription isn't working as good as it does in the warmer months. I asked the pediatrician about it and she suggested to lotion him up as soon as I pulled him from the tub, to not even towel dry before lotion, and to maybe try the Johnson's baby oil instead of the lotion but with the same proces of applying as soon as I pull him from the tub. That seems to be helping, it's not as bumpy as before, but they are still there. But, on the plus side for you, my son has severe eczema all year round, but worse in the winter and the baby oil is helping where your daughter seems to be more affected in cold weather where the baby oil may cure it completely. Good luck!

My son has the same thing, sometimes it flares up and sometimes hes fine, either way they dont bug him! I took him to the dr and they gave me cream it didnt work so I just do lotion and keep him dry and as long as hes acting ok Im fine with them there! They may just have sensitve skin!

You might try an anti-fungal cream. My son had a similar type of thing on top of his foot and that took care of it. Good Luck!

It sounds like an allergic reaction, or at least like my daughter's reaction. For her, it just goes away after a few days. For my daughter, she gets them here because it is more sensitive skin then her legs and arms. She had a burn on her belly over the summer and now she gets them just there becuase it is new, sensitive skin. I would keep trying the lotion but use a lotion with out any perfumes or dies. Melaleuca has a Renew lotion that is perfect and there is a brand you can find at Walmart that begins with a M...I can't think of it. I would do the same for her clothes. If you don't want to toss out your laundry detergent, just get a small bottle of one, I think ALL has one, there are a few to choose from. And just wash her clothes in it. This may not be a perminant thing either. I know me and my kids have more sensitive skin when our skin is dry like this and sometimes allergies come and go.

Aquaphor! Rub it on twice a day and then clothe her. Give it a few days and see what happens.

Good luck!

The hydrocortosone cream is a great suggestion, but also try using a different cleanser, like Aveeno or the Walmart equate brand. And try to bathe him only every other day in the winter. This works for my girls, both have very dry skin in winter.

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