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Bump on My 2 Yr Old Daughters Perineum

I sure hope someone has any insight into this. I have had her seen at the doctors 3 times for this lump/bump on her perineum (small space between the vagina and anus)and they have, i.m.o. dismissed my concerns. She complains about it every day, sometimes crying and saying ("bump...bump"), she is not constipated. She has normal bowel movements, with no strain. I do notice that it is more painful a couple of hours before she has a bowel movement. Last night she was up crying a couple of times about it. I am sick at the thought that something is wrong and no one is helping her.
Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Don't wait any longer go seek another opinion.....I would be very concerned and would not want to take any chances....

I don't really have any good advice but I would say definitely follow up with another doc if you need to. I would think there could be a cyst or something there that could cause some pain (and could also be dealt with pretty easily). Good luck, I hope you find some answers.

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I would take her to a pediatric urogynecologist. I had a rectocele, which was exactly that...a lump between the vagina and anus. FYI, a rectocele is when the rectum kind of "falls" into the backside of the vagina (hence the bump, which is stool that can't escape properly). I got mine from childbirth. I hope your daughter is okay.

Awww, the poor thing! I certainly would not go back to that Dr. again with anything that you cannot diagnose yourself. I would guess it to be a boil...very painful. A very warm wet cloth can releive it and/or a Dr. cutting or lancing it. In the diaper area, it can happen easily. My neice copntinues to get boils in her diaper area, and the Dr says to keep her out of her diaper as much as possible to let air get to it. I would call a few pediatrians (if possible, recommended by friends) and speak with the nurse practioner about it before making the appt. If the NP sounds like she has a clue...then make an appt....OR call you OBGYN and ask the NP there....That is where I would start....with someone familiar with the area.

Good luck to you and your poor sweet daughter.


Have you considered switching doctors (or at least getting another opinion)? I love my daughter's pediatrician, Dr. Natalie Lambajain-Drummond. You might want to call her office (in Aurora at Dreyer Medical Clinic) and see if she's taking new patients. ###-###-#### Good luck!

I don't know if you want to get a second opinion but if you do our ped. is FANTASTIC. His name is Dr. Sam Schwartz and he and his brother, Dr. Dave Schwartz, have offices in Schaumburg on Roselle Road and on Main Street in Bartlett. We had a problem with our old ped. who wasn't taking the time with my daughter and missed pneumonia and bronchitis. So we took her to Dr. Sam and we've been with him ever since. We always go to the Schaumburg location and the nurses there are great as well as the office staff. The number is ###-###-####.
I hope all works out for you and they figure out what is going on with your daughter. It's so hard to watch your child hurting. Good luck.

I would take her toa GI dr or even call your obgyn and ask them. Definitely a problem do not dismiss it at all despite the pedatricain. I can go on and on aobut things my drs said were ok with my 2 year olds and guess what they were wrong and it is not fixed becaseu i kept going. Also know that now a days it takes an aver of the 3dr specialist doc to find a diagnosis. So keep going until your insticnts feel it is right.
good luck
J. in vernon hills

Don't wait any longer go seek another opinion.....I would be very concerned and would not want to take any chances....

I agree with the prev post, seeing a different doctor would be the first thing I do. A cyst or abscess sounds like a likely cause. The bartholin glands are located on either side of the vaginal opening (in the 4-5 o'clock and 7-8 o'clock position when she is lying in her back) and can become blocked and form a cyst or abscess. If it is more midline and/or closer to the anus than the vagina it is probably not a bartholins cyst, not sure what it might be. Either way it sounds like you need to find a new doctor. Good Luck.

L.-My first question is do you need a referral for another doctor because of your insurance? In my opinion any doctor that dismisses a concern is not a doctor worthy of your money or your time. Have you seen a dermatologist or plastic surgeon?? Nothing is worse than when your child is in pain or ill. I would find another doctor. The bottom line is that your daughter is in pain and that is unacceptable. I have been studying herbology and homeopathy for years and have not heard of this.

My second question is maybe your daughter is also picking up on your anxiety. I had that happen when my son was ill. I do not know where you live but I have a wonderful doctor in Evanston thru St. Francis Hospital-Dr. Ettner. He does conventional and homeopathic but has a wonderful beside manner and maybe can give you some insight.


I'm not sure if this is what it is, but my daughter has been developing "pimples" in the oddest places over the last couple of months. They tend to get large and it doesn't annoy her, but it made me nervous enough to finally take her in last week Monday. She did have this "pimple" by her perineum, too, which is what prompted me to take her in. Turns out it's a staph infection and we're treating it with antibiotics. I didn't know what a staph infection looked like, but apparently it looks like very large pimples (hers were the size of a dime but the one in her perineum was a little larger than a regular pimple most teenagers get on their face).

I'd imagine a dr would have realized it was a staph infection if it indeed was - but that's what we just went through this week if that helps?

Good luck!


My son had a similar bump on his rear around the same spot that you are describing, when he was 6 months. He didn't obviously didn't speak, but when I would change his diaper he would wince, when I wiped him. He didn't have a rash, and then I noticed the bump. I took him to the doctor and they said it was a boil under his skin. I'm not sure how he got it. But it went away. They said it was really small, and that only if it got bigger would they have to remove it. It went away fine, but maybe your daughter has that. Hope this helps, Good Luck.

I agree 100% with Denise, a pediatric urogynologist or even your every day GYN could probably look. And the nice thing about the GYN is that you generally (depending on insurance) don't need a referral. You might because of her age though, but I would go and just finaggle with the insurance company later. Just sounds odd, something they should really get a specialist to look at. And if you need the referral, just be very blunt with the doctor and tell him you respect that he has an opinion but you want to hear someone elses.

Hands down, find another doctor, simple as that. If the second one agrees with the first ask them what YOU can do to aleviate your child's discomfort. *HUG* You are her best advocate, don't be afraid to be one. =)

Dear L..
I'm a 32 year old mom of two and I have a home daycare. My girl is now 3 years old and when she was younger she had one of these "bumps". She stil has it, but it's very little. The only thing is that she has never said it hurts.
I had a girl in my daycare that had it to, and she had no problems with it. My doctor has never said anything about it and I have seen it on other girls. Sorry I can't give you a better answer. Good luck.

Hi L......
You as a mother are the only one that knows what is best for your child and when something isnt right.....You have a right to get a second opinion, just call your insurance company and tell them you need to get a second opinion and find another dr in your area......You are the only one that can help your daughter.....I hope all works out for you

I have no ideal what it could be but my advise is to tell the doctor he will find out what the problem is or you will get a new doctor as soon as possible. Some times you have to make them listen because we realize something is not right. My best friend almost lost her daughter (breathing problems so very different from your situation) because the doctors kept telling her it was normal. Thank God she didn't listen to them because it was not normal and she ended up having several surgeries to correct the problem. Make her doctor listen or find another one.

Since she feels pain before a bowel movement it could be a blockage in her colon too so bring that up to her doctor. Of course she is able to have a bowel movement but you don't want her to get to the point where she refuses or can not have one because of the pain.

I agree with others...if there is something paining your child and her doc dismisses, find a new doc. There is no reason for a 2-yr old to be in pain every day and if your current doc won't take the time to really listen after more than 2 visits, it's time to find a new doc!
Good Luck:)

if it's really bothering her, I'd get a second opinion.

I have no knowledge of this issue, but it sounds like you definitely need to get it checked out by someone. Insist to your pediatrician that he refer you to a specialist - a Urologist I think? If he won't refer you, then maybe you need to switch pediatricians??? I love my pediatrician who is located in Wheaton and associated with Loyola University Hospital in Maywood - so let me know if you need more info. Good luck - K.

I don't really have any good advice but I would say definitely follow up with another doc if you need to. I would think there could be a cyst or something there that could cause some pain (and could also be dealt with pretty easily). Good luck, I hope you find some answers.

I am sorry to hear that she is in pain. My only suggestion is to try a different Doctor and my solution to problems of these kinds are go to the best in the city. We use Northwestern Childrens Practice http://www.sweetbabies.com Dr. Weissbluth author of Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. Dr Weissbluth only takes certain insurance companies but the other Doctors in the practice are fantastic. We primarily see Dr. Rebecca Unger. Another option is Chicago Magazine just came out with the Top Doctor List. Which I always find helpful. Good Luck!

I agree with everyone's suggestions about 2nd opinions. In the meantime, though, have you tried any home remedies to help her out until you can get into another doctor's office? Sometimes, a good soak with a hot wash cloth, or a good soak in the tub, can help bring an infection up to the surface. You could also consider putting a little anti-biotic ointment on it (can't hurt, right?) and, if it is hurting her, maybe some numbing cream to help until you can see someone. You could try any of the 1st aid creams with pain reliever in them. Good luck!

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