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Bump on Gums

My 6 month old has cut two bottom teeth already. Tonight I saw a bump on her lower gums that is not from another tooth coming through. It looks like a pimple on the gums. She is eating well. I thought she was a little extra sleepy today, but nothing too unusual. No fever, cold symptoms, or emotional differences. Has anyone seen this before?

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Wow! Thank you for all the terrific information. After reading everyone's responses, I am going to take her to doctor just to be sure there is no infection. Thanks again!

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My daughter had this same thing. I took her to the doctor thinking it was Thrush. But it wasn't, it was a thing called an Epstein Pearl. The doctor told me that it is harmless and not contagious. They didn't think it was even painful. It should go away on it's own, within a couple weeks.

My younger son had the same thing on his top gum in front. Looked kind of like the milk bumps that had been on his newborn nose. I was concerned at first too, and asked at a routine ped visit. Dr. said it was fine and would go away on its own. It did. At 13 months he's got 12 pearly whites and eye teeth on the way.

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My daughter had something similar to these also about a year ago. It ended up being an abscess. Had we not done anything about it there could have been damage done to her permanent teeth. I would encourage you to have your doctor or dentist look at it just in case.

If you'd like, talk to her pediatrician about the exact name, but my 4-mo. old had one and he called it a something-"pearl" and said it was totally normal and would go away by itself and it did. It didn't seem to bother him at all either.
Best of luck.

my daughter had that a few times too while teething. Went away and was no big deal. Only lasted a day or 2. If it lasts longer or makes you or your daughter uncomfortable, I'd take her in then

If it's a shiny small bump, it may be something called an Epstein pearl, which is normal and will go away. You may want to check with your pediatrician to be sure though.

This could be a small abcess or nothing at all but you'd better have her pediatrician check it out just in case. Good luck!


Is it a canker sore type thing?? How long has it been there? I would call her dentist and talk to either the dentist or a hygenist and ask them what they think. Then you're getting a professional opinion - if they think it's something to be concerned about, they will want to see her. Don't worry - I think my husband gets somthing like that every once in awhile - they go away on there own. Good luck!

Are they white? My daughter had several white bumps on the sides of her gums when she was 7 months old. The doctor said they were normal and they went away by the time she was 9/10 months old.


It sounds a lot like what happened with my daughter. Her's looked like a little blood blister on her gums. Our pediatrician said that it was a tooth trying to get threw a blood vesel. Her opinion was that it was best to leave it alone. In the past lancing it open was the practice but that only gives an opporunity for infection. The bump seemed to bother me but not my daughter and eventually the tooth came threw. Good luck.

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