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Bumbo Vs. Bebe Pod

Help Moms..... I am trying to find out what the difference is in the Bumbo and the Bebe Pod. Which one is better? Has anyone tried both? I need to get one ASAP and I cannot do a side by side comparison b/c no store carries both brands. I would really like to know which to get so I can get one today. My child is 4 mo and tall and kinda thin, so he doesn't have chunky legs(which is something someone made a comment about to me re: the Bumbo) Help!!!!!

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Bumbo is the better of the 2. The bebe is hard and has no give. the bumbo is foamy and cushy and and accomodates chubbier thighs

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I have sold both, but since Target can sell them for so much less I have discontinued my line. However I can share with you what I found with my moms and babies at The Nestingplace.
The Bumbo was invented by an orthopedic pediatric surgeon in South Africa. It was designed to give babies post op the support they needed to protect thier spine while developing upper body strength. It is meant to "keyhole" thier legs while leaning them slightly back to keep them from getting out. It really is a superior product.
The Bebe pod is a knockoff that doesn't support the babies properly and they can slide from side to side in it. I seems too wide and the leg holes too large. I was not impressed and sent them back right away after a few demonstrations with babies.
I hope this helps you. For my grandson I am getting the Bumbo and it now has a tray available for snacks and toys.
Have fun,
K. @ The Nestingplace

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Hi E., neither was around when I had my first but I suggest you email ____@____.com have an event featuring the "best and hottest" products and may have looked into this.


I 100% agree with Kay! Bumbo is by far a better product...it seemed so much more secure to me than the Bebe Pod was. I LOVE MY BUMBO! My 19 month old, still asks to sit in it...she loved it!

We bought the Bumbo seat and we love it! My son like to move around a lot but I still put him in it. He likes it.

Hey E.. I disagree. I used both~ I have twins and I actually prefer the Bebe Pod. It may be a cheaper (price wise) option, but it is in no way a worse product. I actually found that my boys were very well supported with the pod and they actually started in them at 4 months. They were both sitting up very well by 5 months and I believe it is due in full to this product. They also make a really neat tray that you can use as the child gets older that attaches to the Pod and it was very useful. I actually took the Bumbo back and got both boys pods. Hope this helps.

Bumbo is the better of the 2. The bebe is hard and has no give. the bumbo is foamy and cushy and and accomodates chubbier thighs

Babies R Us does sell both. I would highly recommend trying both out BEFORE you buy it! I bought the Bumbo because I talked to several people that had issues with their Bebe Pod. Both of them sell trays now. I am about to sell Bumbo as my son didn't like it - he likes to move around and it just didn't work for him. I think we used it for all of 15 minutes total! If you are interested in buying a used one let me know! I am going to put it on Craig's List this weekend. Good luck with whatever you decide. I think they are a wonderful invention!

We got a Bumbo when my daughter was about 4 months old and she loved it (she's two and if she sees it, she will still try to sit in it). I especially loved it for traveling/taking to restaurants because you can place it on a chair and not worry about it falling off (it's completely non-skid) or having to use a nasty public high chair. The only problem we ever had was when she got bigger and started reaching for toys on the floor, the seat won't lean forward so when she would reach for something there was no way she was going to get it.

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