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Bugs/scorpions Coming up Drains

We live in a mobile home that is about 20 years old. We moved in two months ago after it had sat relatively vacant for about a month. We have been having bugs and occasionally scorpions come up the bathtub and shower drains (but not any other drains). Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping these pests at bay?

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My husband sprayed outside (and in, I think) with Ortho Home Defense (or something like that). We also put drain strainer cups in the tub and shower drains. He also used a silicon sealant where the ceiling & wall meet, especially on the outside walls. We haven't seen too many bugs or spiders (and definitely no scorpions) since then.

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If it is a mobile home, you probably have a septic tank. If this is the case, they are probably in there. The shower pipes might be larger and make it easier for the pests to "hide" or cling to the upper part of the pipe as water drains down the lower part of the pipes.

I would definitely see about getting the septic tank drained. We usually only pay $75 for a 500 gallon tank to be drained, but it may be more or less where you are.

I hope it helps. :o)


P. <><

Pour straight bleach and let sit over night.

Or use a combination baking soda and vinegar.

Good luck.

Hi H., we have had LOTS of scorpions in our house this year. We did 2 things, first we removed all the wood piles and tree limbs from around the house and second we had the entire house and crawl space under the house sprayed by a professional. I'm not sure which one worked, but I've only seen 1 scorpion in the house since then. I've also been buying some BUG STOP from walmart and spraying it around all the pipes, doorways, and windows just for prevention. The professional said they come in to find water and usually come in gaps in doorways or up drain pipes. There's a possibility you have a gap or a small leak in your drain pipe allowing them to come in, maybe if you fix that spot they won't have a highway into the bathroom. Also, you can't drown them... if you wash them down the drain with hot water they will still find their way back up, I figured that out the hard way.

My house is built into a canyon, split-level so I have seen every kind of creepy crawly creature in my house from scorpions to centepedes. They don't bother me as bad as they bother my husband. We use Orkin Pest Control and they not only spray the inside of our house, but a 20-ft radius outside as well. They come once a month and are reasonably priced. We have lived here 4 months and it is worth every penny having professionals like Orkin come out and take care of it. Hope this helps. C.

If you can leave for a day or even two, then use Ortho Fire Ant Killer. It is a fine powder that smells like rotton eggs (the smell is awful) but works wonders! You sprinkle it in the sinks and bathtubs and anywhere that you see bugs. Leave for at least a day and when you come back be sure to clean up all the residue (wash, mop, etc) and you will be amazed at how all the bugs disappear. I do this about once a year and never have a problem. I have also used this when I lived in a townhouse that shared a wall with someone remodeling and all their bugs came over and it killed all the bugs and I never had a problem again. Like i said, it smells bad when you put it out - but it is worth it because it really works. (Oh, the smell doesn't linger in your house, it only lasts a day or two or until you clean it up.)

I have the best exterminator ever! His name is Bo Johnston with Big D Pest Control. He takes great care of us, even when I was highly paranoid of pest control with an infant in the house. I have used him for 3 years and my neighbors have used him for at least 5 years.

try pouring some bleach/water down your drain.

good luck

Not sure what to tell you other than spray the outside perimeter and inside your home. The critters are probably trying to get away from the new inhabitants..you..after they moved in for about a month :0)

You could call an exterminator and see what they recommend. I will be praying for you as I would so be out of that house with my fear of those things!!


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