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Bugs in Cereal and Bisquick!

The past week I have had little black bugs about the size of ants, non flying in bisquick and cereal. Do you know what I can do to get rid of them? I cleaned the cubbard and used pinesol on inside of cubbard. Put all food in airtight containers but still see couple each day. What chemical would be safe to use around food?

What can I do next?

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Hi V.- Simple Green, is safe to use around food. It is non-toxic and is very affective. Give it a try, hope it works for you :) Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!

Dear V.,

Put the air tight containers into the refrigerator for a while. Just starve the little devils. C. N.

Ya, if they're what I had then they get into everything - spices chocolate as well as grains. Lots of cleaning and throwing stuff out. Ziplocs work well, but the ones we had did eat through cardboard (got into the pasta boxes) and even plastic sometimes. They've come back almost every year for us. Good luck.

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Put whole "bayleaves" on the shelves in your cupboard and one or two in the boxes of cereal and bisquick. (Be sure and remove them if they end up in your bowl) Bugs don't like bayleaves.

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Size of an ant it's probably a sawtooth beetle. They are commonly brought home in flour in egg or larvae stage. I find it best to just put all new purchases in the freezer where the bugs cant develop any further. Freezing usually kills the eggs and larvae. Here's a website on how to deal with pantry bugs. http://www.pantrypest.com/

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Dear V.,
Don't know if this will work but is worth a try. Use
bay leaves, some critters can't stand them. Fresh large
bay leaves.

C. C.

I had the same problem 2 weeks ago, so I did some research- everyone's ideas here are good, but I wanted to add one note. Someone mentioned spearmint to keep them away, but I heard that that actually attracts them (in order to bait them). So stick with the bay leaves!

Freezing & refrigerating is good, and with things like cold cereal, you can usually eat it right from the freezer with no need to warm it up- it's just a little bit colder. :)

I well remember this scenario. Yuch. Unfortunately the only solution I know is to completely eradicate any possible food for these critters. Once they infest you can find them in many dried foods, cereals and grains. Look at it as an opportunity for some serious cupboard cleaning. You'll need to inspect EVERYTHING and when in doubt toss it, especially if it has been opened. Once you've cleaned every last crumb, they should be gone.

My mom has had these..and there is virtually no way to get rid of them. She has something she plugs into the wall that helps a bit..and little sticky paper all throughout the cabinet..but she's had to pretty much buy tupperware containers or seal everything in plastic bags(they cant seem to eat through plastic to get in).

Good luck!!

Try puttin a bay leaf in the flour and cereal. It doesn't change the taste. I was born in Hawaii and my dad was a chef. He had us put a bay leaf in our flour, cereal and rice. It kept the bugs away.

Don't use pinesol in your house, supposed to be quite toxic! Bugs probably won't hurt anything, so pick them out, or throw away. All natural cleaning products can be found, for a high price at Woodlands market. P.

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