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Bugs Coming up from the Drain?

This is a weird request, but it appears like the little bugs that we've found in our bathroom and kitchen are coming up from the drain. They're pretty small and do jump a few inches. Could they be some sort of flea? The previous owners had pets, but they had died a while before they put their house on the market and this is a new issue about a year after we moved in. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions about what to do to get rid of them?

EDIT: Chrissy's response reminded me about a thought I had: This has just happened since the large amount of rain we received earlier in the month - could it be weather- or seasonal-related?

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All kinds of bugs come through the drains. When i was growing up we had a house right next door that became a hud house and the neighbors that moved in brought all their disgusting roach friends with them from the progects they lived in before. (YUCK) The only way we stopped them from coming in the house was to plug all the drains when not in use including bathtubs,utility sink in the basement, any drain! We also invested in lots of different sprays that did not work. We found something that did work though, it was a plug you put in an outlet that was sopposed to make them go away by making some noise. It was silent to us, But it GOT RID OF THEM!!! Not sure what its called it was so long ago. I hope this helps. If it is fleas, Bomb your house, wash everything (clothes blankets, toys,) after you bomb the house, and do it again a couple weeks later. I know it sounds like a pain in the butt, but it will eventually make them go away. I hope your bugs quit bugging you very soon.Good luck.

This is gross, but common!! We used to pour bleach down the drain and then run lots of hot, hot water. It sort of worked.

My desk partner at work got them in his new house, and swears by this stuff called bio-clean. (http://www.masterplumber.net/bio-clean.htm#about) It is a bacteria/enzyme blend that clears up all the gunk in your drains that the bugs feed on. He says it works, but you have to stop using anti-bacterial hand soaps for it to do its job.

Very tiny bugs coming up the drain that hop a little are probably springtales...I goggled "tiny little bugs that hop" when I first encountered them and that's what came up. Bleach should take care of them, and so far it's all that I've found that does, which irks me because I really want to be bleach free...but really what are you going to do? Good luck!

We get the same problem, usually in fall & spring. I notice it worse if the drain is starting to clog up a little, so if I pour a little drano down the drain it helps some (not completely, but noticably better!).

Forget the bleach, it doesn't work long term. I got the BEST tip from the HEALTH DEPARTMENT and it WORKS!!!! Pour about a half cup of vegetable oil down the drain. It stays on top of the water in the drain but the water can still get down. However, nothing can get up!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Are you by farmland? Newer home (less than 10 years?) We're a newer home in a subdivision, by farmland. We get these tiny, jumping bugs every now and then, just in the one bathroom. You are right, lots of rain may be spawning these. I questioned my neighbors last year and a few had seen these. I was told that they had something to do with the farmland and maybe were attracted to the crop that was growing. Just realized that we really haven't had any this year but last year we did....last year there was corn in the fields; this year it's beans. Don't know if there is any connection with that but...they were pretty easy to get rid of, using drano, at times or just really hot water. Good luck.

I have no idea if this will work as I have no experience w/ this, but how about dumping a bunch of Drano down the drains to poison them? If that doesn't work, I'd get advice from a plumber.

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